The sound through the bones. Overview SoundAround headset

I recently wrote about the device, which can act as external speakers for the tablet or smartphone. Then it was on to listen to music now. I decided to see what is new in the field of private listening.

For the first time with an unusual sound transfer technology, I met 7 years. Then the first time I saw an army radio and learned that a throat microphone. It seemed like something incredible: we can speak in a whisper, and you will be perfectly audible
. Passed some couple of decades and I felt deja vu, I met again with a new sound transmission technology: the music can be listened to individually and with open ears. Sound vibrations are transmitted through the bones and audibility is the same as when using conventional headphones. I decided to study in detail the capabilities of these headphones and week wore them, taking off only at night. His observations will describe below.

Headphones sound through bone conduction as commercial products have entered the market recently. But in the military industry, they applied a little bit longer, and I have mentioned there laringophones gained popularity. Although, if you pay attention to the Russian military equipment "Warrior", we can see that now use normal headphones. I believe this is done to ensure that in the din of battle by at least one ear to hear the commands transmitted by radio.

Well, we live in a peaceful environment, so we have slightly different requirements for sound transmission. According to his observations, I would divide all people using headphones in everyday life (street, work, gym) into two categories:
1. I want to withdraw into himself, so that nobody distracted
2. I need rhythm, music and talks on the phone hands-free

And if the first category of people choose earplugs or full closed headphones, the latter tends to minimalism, to be able to remove them in the shortest possible time, to hear what is happening around. Just for a second category of users and is designed SoundAround headset (or Aftershokz Bluez 2).

Packaging equipment
Headphones come in a pretty large box, which would put a few pairs. That is, the packaging manufacturer has not stinted. But and they look presentable, so the headset can serve as an impressive gift.

By deploying the box, it's hard to miss the first instruction on the use of headphones. The picture clearly shows that it is not required to close the ears.

The package includes the headset itself, clip-gum to reduce the rim, fabric cover, USB-microUSB cable to charge the device, the original instruction and translation of instructions from the company Dadzhet. In principle, more is needed.

First look
The headset is sold in three different colors: black, neon green and red. The inner part, which is in contact with the head, just painted in neon colors, and the coating itself is pleasant to the touch -. Soft touch

If you look at the bottom of the headset, the controls are visible and the connector microUSB, which is covered by a rubber plug for charging the internal battery.

And even if it is not completely waterproof solution, but the rain drops will help to protect the connector. Nearby are the volume buttons and the power button \ off the device. There is a LED charge indicator and work.

The inner surface of the points adjacent to the temporal region, and has a rubberized pronounced ridges. Volume up button has a bulge to recognize the values ​​buttons tactile sensations on the similarity of Braille. On the button, lower the volume of this "volume rocker" bulge ... not at first feel a bit unusual open ears, but after a few hours of use it goes.

First run
For the first turn you must press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds. Then, in addition to greeting you will hear a pleasant female voice «Pairing». This means that the device is available for retrieval. At this point, with a smartphone, a phone or a computer run a search for Bluetooth devices and select AfterShokz BLUEZ 2. The connection is without entering a pin-code, other devices can not connect after connection. When you turn the headset will automatically connect to the last device.
The headset rests on the nape of his bail, but if that's not enough, you can use the rubber strap included in the package that forms the handle of smaller size. Thus, the device can be adjusted by any user.

We use! B>
Hooked, is conveniently located, included on your smartphone music. Incredibly, the sound is almost the same as when using conventional headphones. Yes, this headset has a small hole, and sound is partially perceived eardrums, but enough to cover my ears from outside noise as it becomes clear that the sound is really transmitted differently. When closed the ears, by the way, the sound of the bass becomes chic.
No wonder I keep saying "headset", because this gadget is equipped with microphones. They are located on the right "ear" and is located on the left multi-function button. It is responsible for answering calls, pause music playback, and double-click switches to the next tune on the list. Microphone sensitivity is sufficient to have a conversation in normal mode, but it is necessary to understand that the microphone is located at the ear requires a certain volume of the conversation. Voice somewhat distorted in comparison with the usual telephone conversation. Due to the presence of wireless microphones in nashuniki introduced active noise cancellation technology. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the external noise perceived by the microphone, albeit in the form of a sound in opposite phase in the transmission to the headphones. Most applicable to closed headphones, to create the highest quality sound with minimum influence of external noise.

On the functionality of the universal buttons mentioned above. Now let's say that the headset is equipped with four different sound settings - Equalizer. Switching between modes is done by simultaneously pressing the + and - volume. In complete silence, or tucked ears the sound difference is noticeable, but not on the street or in a noisy transport.
Another chip, I believe that the headset periodically talking. These her «Pairing, Battery low, Welcome to Bluez two, Device connected» and other phrases a pleasant surprise. That is about a dead battery, you will learn some not beeping or flashing LED somewhere behind the ear, and a pleasant female voice.

How to use it? B>
After three hours the operation I got tired ears unaccustomed. It was a once and for all the days that followed, I did not notice the headset so that the ergonomics level. I am glad that a single standard connectors (microUSB) did not pass the device, so look for an additional charging cable is not required. With daily use gadget I listened to music for several hours, and at other times it was in standby mode or was used for negotiations. In the last is worth looking more: headphones that let you enjoy music and chat, especially useful for those who are used to an active lifestyle, and communicate frequently. At the same time for the live call is not required to pull out the headset from your ear, because you continue to hear the surrounding space as before. It's passive safety: in sporting activities on a bicycle, roller skates or important to hear what is happening around. But the music helps to maintain a rhythm. Furthermore, such use is not sweat ears that inevitably occurs when using any other type of headphones.
As for the charging rate, it is worth noting the low power consumption of Bluetooth 3.0 technology. Regular listening to music and talking on the headset bluetoth, I charged the device is not more frequently than once every three or four days.
With this method of listening has disadvantages: on the subway this headset is useless, and with the active driving at speeds above 100 km \ h in a car with a standard sound insulation have to speak loudly to the interlocutor heard you. In the subway you can do funny feint ears: just use earplugs, and then the sound literally surrounds, due to good bone conduction. At the same time it lost the main advantage of these headphones - you almost can not hear all the ambient sounds

Oh, sports, you -. Life
! It should be noted that a compact and ergonomic design of wireless headphones, as well as the opportunity to hear the surrounding space, and pushes sports feats. This headset is well kept as bare head and a hat or helmet. Do not neglect the safety and abandon the helmet on training time, if you want to listen to music. But during the descent from the mountain on a snowboard, you can even answer the phone, only one hand is enough to touch multifunction button - it's fast, easy and safe


And if you look closely, you will see that wireless headphones AfterShokz did not interfere with the wearing of a helmet.

Excellent ergonomics, pleasant to the touch materials and high-quality assembly Using the Bluetooth 3.0 protocol, which has a lower power consumption than the previous revision A decent quality sound A high level of passive safety due to the fact that the ears remain open Easy to use The incredible feeling of listening to music, and all the surrounding area - a separate bonus li >
Useless in the underground and noisy environments Distort sound voice In practice, do not mix with hats Shifts the bow points from the usual place. It does not matter when using the sports glasses, but when using a conventional rim can become a problem
 In the video, the headset operates at maximum volume, so you can assess how to be heard around. From a distance of a meter in a quiet room to be heard.

During a week of using this headset I have traveled more than 500 km of driving, I spent 4:00 in the gym 40 hours spent in the office workplace, gave an example of a headset ten people listened list of favorite tracks several times and watched the movie in silence using only headphones . What can I say? I love gadgets!
Exactly! Let their price sometimes high, but new items, to open the way to new technologies, can not be cheap. This headset for a few moments brought me back to my childhood, and then transferred into a reality and allowed to communicate, to listen to music and hear the world around us. And it was comfortable.
The same headset can be purchased in the store Dadzhet.



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