A selection of useful devices: 5 gadgets that are useful in the office

In Medgadgets recently arrived several interesting devices that can be very useful to the person who works in the office. Gadgets very different, but in general, they can significantly increase the level of comfort at work or leisure. Some allow you to monitor the level of its activity and general health, the other - to listen to music in comfort.

Well, one of the device provides safety wallet, keys or a beloved dog (though what a dog in the office, we restrict purse or keys). Today we will focus on wireless headphones Aftershokz, smart bracelet WME, monitor posture Lumo Lift, watches LG Urbane and Avantree with RFID tag NUT.

Wireless headphones bone Aftershokz
Headphones Aftershokz work, transferring sound through the skull bone directly to the inner ear. This pinna itself remains open, and a person hears everything that goes around. Useful if you do a report, and you need to hear the advice of colleagues. Well, or when you walk down the street and you're not afraid that now shot down as he heard the signal horn car.

Interestingly, earlier to transmit sound to the inner ear bone implanted a special pin. Now it is not necessary to drill the skull, Aftershokz earphones put on his head, and immediately you can listen to music.

Bracelet WME2
Smart bracelet WME2 very far away from the usual concept of fitness bracelet that measures calories, steps and, for example, the quality of sleep. WME2 - serious device that allows you to define a set of parameters of the body, plus the understanding, in general, well now your body, or you need something urgently to take on this matter.

Bracelet designed by the authors of the first iPhone, so everything here is at the height - and design, and opportunities. An interesting feature of the band is its ability to measure the age of the autonomic nervous system.

Briefly about the possibilities WME2:
  • ECG
  • variability (age VNS)
  • a constant pulse
  • krovyannoe pressure
  • breathing exercises
  • steps, calories, sleep timer, distance, vibrobudilnik, notification of incoming calls
  • Remote Monitoring (Rooti Care), team competition
     Now this bracelet is already can buy in Russia .

    Posture Corrector Lumo Lift
    In general, check the status of your body - that's good. It is known that sedentary work - is harmful to health. And worst of all - it's the wrong posture at work. It can help to have Lumo Lift , this posture corrector. When developing device company consulted with health professionals. The result is a gadget that helps to sit and stand as needed to maintain health, not as convenient.

    Lumo Lift optimal use while working at your computer (and, perhaps, in the subway, if you spend many hours in the subway).

    Smart watches LG Urbane
    We now turn to a purely practical gadgets. One of them can be called smart watches LG Urbane , which are positioned by the developer as a digital assistant. This watch can, if not all, then a lot: reminders, notices of upcoming events, a fitness function. And this device is classified as "premium": metal case, metal or leather strap is - all this stylish and attractive.

    Characteristics? Quite interesting:
    • Processor: 1, 2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400
    • Operating system: Android Wear
    • Screen: 1, 3-inch P-OLED screen (320 x 320, 245ppi )
    • Dimensions: 45, 5 x 52, 2 x 10, 9 mm
    • Memory: 4 GB eMMC / 512MB LPDDR2
    • Battery: 410 mAh < /
    • Sensors 9-axis (Gyro / Accelerometer / Compass) / Barometer / measurement sensor heart rate
    • Color: Gold / Silver
    • Other: Dust and Moisture resistance (IP67)
      The universal desktop charging station
      Not to worry too much about battery power, all their gadgets can be useful Avantree PowerHouse - desktop USB charging station. It is an excellent solution for both home and office.

      On the charging station at a time can be placed quickly and charge 4 devices, the station is automatically adapted to the iPad, iPhone, phones and tablets from Samsung and mobile devices from other manufacturers.

      RFID Nut
      And not to be deprived of their belongings (eg, charged in the preceding paragraph of the smartphone), is to buy radiolabeled Nut , with two-way detection system.

      What can such a label? Yes, a lot:
      • Smart tracking things
      • Two-way detection system tag and phone
      • Finding things at the touch
      • Ultra-low power consumption (technology Bluetooth 4.0)
      • Ability to use several tags to track items
      • Two-way signal the distance label from the phone
      • Location information
      • Search the Internet li >
      • The label can be attached to any thing, pet collar and can be worn on a keychain as a keyring.
         Actually, today - with a set of different devices, you can feel secure, all-knowing and healthy :) Yes, I almost forgot - readers Geektimes have discount code FP5X5I4 on all of the devices in the amount of 11 %.

        Source: geektimes.ru/company/medgadgets/blog/262582/


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