As filming "The Adventures of Electronics"

Even in 1964, the writer Eugene Veltistov wrote the first book about electronics. At that time it was trendy topic - and a fantastic story about a miracle robot won the hearts of readers. Later Veltistov invented continuing adventures of Electronics and created new characters. All of them were so original, that a request for the silver screen.
In 1979, director Konstantin Bromberg decided to withdraw at the Odessa film studio movie on this book and show the young audience the story of an amazing robot, an ordinary boy Sergei Syroezhkina and their many friends.

As a writer he was invited to Eugene Veltistov. While he created a new version of the adventures of Electronics, the director was concerned about the problem - where to take the lead actors - Syroezhkina and Electronics.
In early 1979, the Odessa Film Studio announced the All-Union wanted. They were looking for two twin boys.

They were able to literally everything. Starting with guitar and finishing with driving a moped. We tried hundreds of pairs. Search all: the very Odessa, Kiev, the republics and regions of the USSR. And finally - a godsend. The Moscow school №23 learned brothers Vladimir and Yuri Torsuevy who sang and danced and played guitar and drove a moped. The film "The Adventures of Electronics" was saved. It premiered on March 23, 1980 in the theater of Odessa sanatorium "Ukraine". A month later, May 2, 1980, the film went on television to the expanses of our once infinitely vast country.
"One was a frost below 40 degrees, and also brothers Torsuevyh, the meeting no one came, - says the second director of the film Julia Konstantinova. - Mom brought them. They have something to read, played the guitar, sang. Although the main roles we planned younger boys, but nevertheless approved the 12-year-old Torsuevyh. Jura on the samples became electronics and Volodya - Syroezhkin, but something did not succeed. Then the director swapped - and the shooting went like clockwork. For the film, the brothers hair dyed in a light red color, and so they went to school. The boys begged to allow them to get a haircut, but then got used to ".

With the advent of Torsuevyh suddenly there was a problem, - said Julia Konstantinova. - When we were in Odessa, we put them in a frame next to Gusev, the role of the bully-bruiser turned them on the shoulder! It was a state of emergency. It is necessary to take, but we do not Guseva! The last decisive day I looked in Odessa boarding. Just I came in, and at me, rolled down from the railing, fell funny long freckled boy, Bob Humble. He became our inimitable Gusev "

During filming, the children grew quickly. We had to constantly alter their costumes. The girl smiled at the double in one mouthful of teeth, and in the next scene she had no front teeth! "I had that class had fun looking as electronics prove the Pythagorean theorem - says director Konstantin Bromberg. - The children were tired and did not want to laugh. I go to the board, not even knowing what to do now and say, "Guys, I'll show you the radio call sign of Australia's laughing bird ku-ki-Burr". And begins to laugh at crazy. The whole class was lying with laughter! "

Scenery school built in the Odessa Film Studio. On the shooting came from a dozen sullen fire and demanded to demolish the scenery. The next morning they again opened the pavilion and were stunned. The entire crew - in front of more than a hundred children, followed by adults - was a ring. Grinko came forward and said: "Only over our dead bodies!" - And firefighters retreated

After 26 years, the creators of the film "The Adventures of Electronics" received appreciation letters from around the world. But critics, solving the riddle of the popularity of Electronics, already defended 12 theses! In particular, in scientific works and the phenomenon referred Ressam. In the life of this Airedale named Genghis. The film directed by Konstantin Bromberg recalled: "Episode: Urry races on a motorcycle, Genghis chases after him. We're going to the machine operator parallel highway, shoot. And suddenly all of Genghis ahead, stops abruptly and somehow raises a warning foreleg. Our driver slows down, and we understand that Genghis saved us - right in the course (and the driver kept looking in the rear window of the dog) in front of us open manhole! Another time we Apryatinym operator terribly misused, deciding how the lens to shoot the scene. In the midst of our argument runs Genghis ... and carries teeth lens that we arranged and make up! "

"Electronics" filmed 8 months to work in the film the brothers received 120 rubles a month. The money they spend on food, things, attractions and cigarettes. According to the brothers, immediately after the film fans painted the entrance of the house where they lived, excited they threw tomatoes at the door, and in the courtyard of chalk wrote, "We love you!". Parents even had to change the home phone number to get rid of fans boys. Then the time came when they sostrigla white colored hair and no longer recognize. Twins Torsuevy starred in two films: "Brothers" and "Dunno from our yard." Vladimir worked in the administrative group Nikita Mikhalkov. But today, both doing business

The role of the girl's T-shirts offered already famous Red Riding Hood Jan Poplavsky, but the young star capricious and refused. No one knows when Oksana Fandera also claimed to Mike, she got a recurring role schoolgirl. Oxana Alekseeva herself came to the shooting and going to the operator of the film Constantine Apryatinu, naively asked, "And when am I going to shoot?". Apryatin made trial, the girl got into the picture. After shooting all the boys secretly told that was a little bit in love with her. Now "Mike" lives in America

On the role of Professor Gromov, who invented Electronics, have not been many. Professor Rostislav Plyatt, for example, show very impressively. Bruno Freundlich - actor fell ill immediately after the trial. Tried Leonid Armour, but after his quarrel with the operator, the director decided not to complicate the climate in the team. Hudsovet persuaded to approve of Vladimir Etush - he successfully starred as Karabas Barabas, but the director felt that Etush was too bright for the role. Nikolai Grinko just Tarkovsky starred in "Stalker" and he was not interested in children's film, but he was a regular actor studio, and ordered to appear in "Electronics". But then he willingly acted with this picture on the creative evenings

Offers to become an assistant professor Irina Muravyova, but she was too busy schedule; Leah Akhedzhakova was not included in the film because not too good-natured character. And Lisa appeared on the samples Nikischihina played so well together with Grinko, the director once it has approved

When the director asked what he sees as the chief of the bandits Stampa, he replied: "Louis de Funes," - then an assistant called Anatolia Papanova. But he was busy. Chef was Vladimir Basov. One shot nearly fell. Basov stitched suit three sizes too big, he was angry, and then ordered the terrified costume designer: "The girl takes off his pants!". Barely she got into her white jeans, found in the dressing room a black sweater and was satisfied with the dress

On the role of the mathematics teacher nicknamed Taratar Eugene chose the newsletter. Interestingly, the famous Taratara was a prototype. When Eugene Veltistov wrote his story, he frequented a real physical and mathematical school, where he worked as a teacher Tanatar, very fond of his students, and even publish a newspaper to "tanatarskom" language - the language of mathematical formulas ... And the Bulletin of Eugene said he gave his character features several people: a manner of speaking a little on the nose, he took from Samuel Marshak, and the famous jumping gait - a friend's doctor. The character to be so significant that children from all over the Soviet Union long Bulletin sent letters urging him to work their teacher ...

Members of the crew remembered that bike for Urry gave Karachentseva-resident rental Baltic states for a lot of money in those days. In addition, he received a salary as a member of the crew. And they took his bike, because it was fancy, and found it "Java" was difficult. At some point, the owner of the bike decided to put forward the condition that he raised the fee. The hope was that this is not a second search, and have half the picture captured it. He refused, then he ostentatiously went home, but the administrator group called the traffic cop that simply is not released from the Odessa region

It turns out, the brothers were Torsuevy in movies thanks to the head teacher of the school. One day she came to the lesson in class and in a stern voice said: "Torsuevy for change come to me." I must say that Volodya and Yuri were not present for the schools were carried out behind them mischievous habits so that you can expect from such a call just about anything. When the brothers came to her office, the director of studies reached their agenda in which it was pointed out when and where to appear for fotoproby. Then it turned out that the studio called in different schools: looking for twin brothers. Torsuevy were 386 pair

Yura and Volodya have repeatedly asked why they chose the director. They believe that this happened because their parents brought up, as it is necessary to educate boys. The brothers played hockey and football, skated, rode a motorcycle, play sports. Jura played guitar, saxophone Volodya. Both played in the school theater. External similarity in the school they did not use ever. From the first day the brothers planted in different parts of the class and had neither teachers nor children to avoid confusion. And besides, the boys were not so similar. Even a mole only Yura and Volodya stuck it on the set. The similarity was used later twice. On admission to the Institute of Jura "entrusted" his brother to hand him the story and essay. And once the brothers had to get a medical certificate to travel on vacation. Jura did not exist in Moscow, Volodya with a difference of half an hour in different pants went to the same doctor. It was found that in 30 minutes became a patient above two centimeters and several kilos heavier

After the film the brothers learned that such fame. There were pleasant and unpleasant moments. Somewhere in half a year after the premiere, and by the time "The Adventures of Electronics" three times already shown on television, the twins went to the Bolshoi Theater. During the intermission, a woman came up to him and asked, "Are you playing? ..". Yura immediately replied: "No, it's not us." And she says: "Well, all the same. Even if it's not you give me an autograph. " Jura is usually dumped a book signing at Volodya. As soon as he signed her to a piece of paper, pressed it into one corner to the other Yura and Syroezhkin electronics disrupted the beginning of the second act twenty minutes

Letters from fans Torsuevy received bags. Now they say that you have read all the messages, but here to answer all could not. The day turned out to write 20-25 letters. Some impressionable "fans" live side by side. And they bring trouble. Remember Syroezhkin who was in the movie? Bullies! And we paid for it brothers. For a long time, if their neighborhood occurred any trouble, it has always been the old woman, who claimed the police did it Syroezhkin. And the police came to the apartment to Torsuevym

The phenomenal success of the film Twins explain that it was the first movie where the kids were playing on their own. They played themselves. The director did not press and allowed to argue with him. Volodya could tell him, for example: "How do you know how to talk to children under twelve years old? You also - fifty! I know it better. " And the director agreed with the twelve-year boy. And yet - it is very important that the adult actors, the stars, and talked with the children on an equal

The shooting lasted for eight months. The boys lived alone in a strange city - the film was shot in Odessa - in the hotel, worked and received wages. At first they did not understand why suddenly become so rich. But then accustomed: spending money on ice cream, lemonade, hiking in the park and ... went to school in a taxi. Then it is a pleasure worth a ruble. And do not buy a substantial

Another fact about the "electronics", when Ressi bites from the barrel of a gun. The shooting was fun. Children were bought in the world two pistols, one sawed off the barrel ahead of time to replace the dog after the jump to the viewer the impression that it is the dog bites the barrel. During rehearsals and shooting takes all group members take turns bad voices asked: "Chingiz, do you want chicken?" - What dog reacted dreamy whining - and then dubbing at this whining recorded speech. Finally we came to the scene with a gun nibbles. Chingiz on the second take jumps and actually bites from the barrel of a gun. Next Karachentsovu did not have to play a surprise: his eyes widened themselves, he said mechanically, his text: "You ate what weapons?", And then climbed into the jaws of Chingiz to pull splinters - God forbid, dog choke. The director Konstantin Bromberg huddled in hysterics: a double screwed! Members of the crew of his comforting that everything turned out well, but as Nick got into the dog's mouth, perfectly cut off during installation. In this survey turned, the more that is left of a gun - a sawed off, and the other ate. And it is this film went double

In 2005, Vladimir Torsuev, who plays Electronics, said that the film's director Konstantin Bromberg, who now lives in the US, wrote the continuation of history - the action it takes in our time, and Sergei and E are adults. The new 45-series film were interested both American and European companies were preparing, held talks with the First Channel - to participate in the filming and Russian TV. Unfortunately, this project still can not hear anything, but fans of all ages believe and hope to see again on the screens of their favorites, especially since none of the guys who starred in the film "The Adventures of Electronics", a professional actor did not. Irony of fate or whether it broke out of the crisis that destroyed our cinema so that in all the years after the restructuring is not removed so iconic and beloved films the whole of society as it was then photographed.



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