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Perhaps one of the most memorable tales of Soviet cinema this film "Jack Frost" by Alexander Rowe. Tale came back in 1965 and immediately won the hearts of many viewers. I propose to learn the history of film and some interesting facts about this good tale. Screen story masterpiece Alexander Rowe "Frost" began with the International Film Festival for Children and Youth Film in Venice, where he received the "Golden Lion of St. Mark." Then painting purchased for rental Hollywood. Steven Spielberg himself, admiring special effects tape called "Frost" the forerunner of many blockbusters American dream factory.

Alexander Rou
Directed by Zdenek Troshkov since childhood knows the movie "Frost" by heart - since I first saw him.

"I said to myself: when I grow up, I'll be the same director and I will do the same fairy tale" - recognized master.

Now he has released the seventh story in the tradition of Row: Folk basis fairy-tale world. Troshkov at home - in the Czech Republic - "Frost" is called "Mrazik." View "Mrazika" - a real ritual. Since 1965, this nail Christmas television programs. Once, in 1993, missed, but no longer at risk. Too outraged audience.

"Where is our favorite fairy tale? Where "Frost"? It's not Christmas! "- Says Zdenek Troshkov.

Sarah Rubenstein - a true editor Alexandra Rowe - says the director and he was like Jack Frost. Strict but fair. Quick-tempered, but easily appeased, and told jokes.

"" Everything in the world is: the rooster will lay an egg, and gore bug "- it was his favorite saying," - says Sarah Rubenstein.

Pribautochno-pogovorochny, fantastic, fabulous style "Frost" - the handiwork of the duo screenwriters Erdman and Volpin. In the 1920s, one fond imazhinstami, another Mayakovsky, then both moved on satire. As a result - 1930, camps, exile, deprivation of rights.

In the postwar years, this non-public, voice over work is a writer of children's cinema was to protect them. A director Rowe - defender.

"Alexander Rou was a member of the party, and Erdman and Volpin always remained with that of its past, to the fact that they were repressed" - continues to Sarah Rubenstein.

Successful director Rowe came to the author prohibited Erdmann plays in the house opposite the American Embassy to discuss the script. This also came and co Erdman - Volpin.

"Erdman wrote often in collaboration, but wrote something one. Co-authorship - it was such a thing to him, dialogue ", - says theater critic and translator John Friedman.

About what changes undergone in the hands of the writers plan energetic director, told the documents from the collection of the Museum of Cinema.

"This scenario Rowe, his work scenario in which the film was shot. Approved by the actors, filming locations. Changes phrase or removed, or edited, "- shows employee Cinema Museum Emma Small.

Rowe passion to change everything and edit later in the film "Barbara, beauty," has led to the fact that Erdman and Volpin withdrew their names from the credits.

"Written - Chuprin. Such a person was not, it is their collective pseudonym "- continues to Emma Small.

But at the time, "Jack Frost" was still good. Erdman and Volpin his words did not refuse. On the Edit Script colorized film crew went to the Kola Peninsula.

"The disease cine what? The sun! And here shines and shines - do not want to shoot, "- says assistant director Alexander Rowe Lyudmila Wheat.

Imaginatively filmed. Contact shooting, combined. Operator - Leonid Akimov, the artist - Yuri Milovsky. Animation, optical rudder - the handiwork of the unknown world of wizards Gorky Film Studio brothers Nikitchenko. Films about the film had not yet removed, and the filming process itself Rowe documented. After each painting he made albums for the films. All photos are translated and authenticated by his signature.

In another album - trophies positive reviews, a report on the awarding of the film "Golden Lion" at the Children's Film Festival in Venice. Unprecedented for the Soviet cinema worldwide success.

Alexander Rou won a special place in the Soviet cinema. His whole life was devoted entirely to kinoskazki. He created such films as "wave of the wand," "The Magic Weaver", "Kashchei Immortal", "Barbara, beauty, long braid", "Golden Horn," "Fire, water and copper pipes," "The Little Humpbacked Horse "and" Vasilisa the Beautiful ».

Perennial quest director found its best expression in the "Frost". Thirteenth movie Rowe unanimously adopted in our country, and abroad. About him, much has been written as a product of a harmonious, bright, highly artistic.
The film was entirely independent story and at the same time associated with folklore, especially with motifs of many options tale "Jack Frost" and fairy tales "about Ivan with a bear's head».

Nikolai Erdman and Mikhail Volpin - connoisseurs of Russian folklore, talented, experienced writers, comedians - produces brilliant literary basis filma.Na role Frost was once defined Khvylya Alexander, a favorite director. Ivan fabulous trust plays Edward Izotov and Nastya - from Leningrad schoolgirl Natasha Gray.

four years she engaged in figure skating. When Natasha entered the ballet school of the Bolshoi Theatre, the sport had to leave. However, the "crown" Grizzly Room, stunningly beautiful "The Dying Swan", remembered for a long time. Once persuaded her to come up with that number on a big New Year's celebration. Number fifteen Natasha saw on TV Aleksandr Rou.

Before fotoproby Natasha looked at photos of their potential competitors for "Frost" and thought, "What they are all beautiful, what to do here?". In the final two left: Natasha and Hope Rumyantsev, which by that time was already a famous actress. Natasha was sure that Hope will choose, so not particularly worried. But two months later she called and said that she could start shooting.

On my candidacy insisted he Rowe, although the vast majority of the members of the artistic council opposed: a little girl, not an actress, but still squeaks like a mouse (it is very high, I had a vote). But Alexander Arturovich was adamant: Natalia will be removed Grizzly! "Just do it with anything - he said make-up artists - make it look at least sixteen years" ».

Natasha cinematic experience at that time was. However, very small. Six years it took off for infomercial "Beware of fire", then she starred in an educational film in French. But with the shooting in "Frost" is, of course, does not compare. In the Ballet School of the pupil is not happy.

Was a terrible scandal. Because it is not picked up for a day or two, but for a few months. First, on the Kola Peninsula, where they filmed the winter nature, and then in Zvenigorod near Moscow. If it were not for the teacher Natasha, who vouched for the fact that she has passed an examination on one five, it never would have not released from school ...

Most on the set of "Frost" struck Natasha amazing nature of the Kola Peninsula: Northern stunted trees, huge firs and clean air ... Meshal enjoy this beauty cold. "Thank God, with me was my mamulechka. She did not give me warm - otpaivala hot tea, fed up, "- says the actress

Baba Yaga in "Frost" - the eighth version of this image by George Millyar. As in other paintings, Baba Yaga lives in a hut on chicken legs, flying in a mortar, goodie is going to roast in the oven - like a classic, so to speak, a witch, and at the same time, and somewhat different: older, podryahlela forces abated, sciatica old tortured. And in their voodoo magic lost faith.

Receiving role Millyar in his "pocherkushkah" painted a hero, not expecting sketches the artist. In fact, he often became the inventor of the costume and make-up of their characters. In work on the role he went on the external characteristic: "At first I see a figure, makeup, dress, walk, it comes later. The text being abused, filters it, getting rid of verbosity. The role of "erupt" in pieces, but not in the scene order. Oddly enough, as "mount" the role I have trained more in the theater, and it facilitated my work in the film ».

It Millyar practically saved "Frost". It was so. The film was shot near Zvenigorod, in the village of Gigirevo that filmmakers jokingly called GigiRou. The film footage was kept in the basement of a two-story brick house, where she lived crew. Filming all winter, the film packed in plastic bags and placed in the box.

In late February, the work was almost finished. Once the crew left dosnimali some minor frames. Suddenly see them running woman from the village, shouting: "Guys! Hurry! There pipe burst! Basement flooded with your films! ". Filmmakers rushed to the car, desperately thinking thus: "Everything! The end of the film! ».

But, arrived at the house, they saw the shocking picture: the snow piled boxes of film and Millyar, wet, in the family shorts, barefoot in the snow brings out the basement last box. When the pipe burst, he was awakened by the landlady, and he was out of bed than ran to save the film. Key to the cellar could not find, but puny Millyar knocked the door off its hinges. From the doorway gushing water. On the street 20 degrees below zero ... When Millyar got into the basement, water reached to his waist. He is terribly stiff, but saved the film.

Inna Churikova was still a schoolgirl when she first starred in the film "Clouds over Bor". The role was small - a few close-ups. In the film crew "Frost" hit accidentally. Inna told about why her student Theater School Shchepkin, chosen for the role Marfushenki-darling.

"We had a wonderful comedienne Tamara Nosov, and director Alexander Rou wanted to shoot her. I saw in the institute's assistant director and suggested that such a funny girl. We have tried with Tamara bow, I certainly would love to act, but to myself I thought I will choose Nosov.
But they chose me. On the samples we nibbled nuts, I nagged them very well, not sparing their teeth. Perhaps that is why Alexander Arturovich took me in ... "Jack Frost" I played a silly girl. When called to the dubbing and I saw myself on the screen ... so upset, even crying. What I'm scared ... I'm not so, said to herself. " After that, Inna decided not to act in films ...

"Filming" Jack Frost "lasted nearly a year, - says Vladimir perch. - The first shooting day fell on March 13. Leaving winter nature filmed on the Kola Peninsula near Murmansk, the Arctic Circle. There are beautiful forests! We even saw the northern lights! Summer nature shot near Zvenigorod ».
Actors who starred in Rowe usually fun, with full dedication, with the temperament to "play" in a fairy tale.
The film is full of fantastic miracles, made with great skill. In the eyes of the audience appears and disappears Old Man Mushroom, trees covered with hoarfrost instantly, batons, abandoned long ago hero fall on the heads of the robbers. A sled-scooters are worth! This trick was done by reverse shooting.

Sani tied on a long steel cable to a powerful truck. In this film a movie camera spinning in the opposite direction. For the first time this method of shooting Aleksandr Rou applied back in 1937 in the movie "In Pike».

In the episode, when Nastya touches staff Frost, the director used a method of superposition of shooting, with double exposure. Instead icy heroine filmed her reflection in a transparent mirror, behind which stood Frost (Alexander Khvylya) and Ivan (Eduard Izotov).
For Baba Yaga in the arctic forest built a wooden hut, which was set in motion with the help of special instruments. Second - dancing - made of foam rubber. A lot of efforts have been made and the director, the actors and the film to become a real fairy tale for children.

But few people know that in fact, there are two versions of the domestic Russian fairy tales. First "Frost" was removed in 1924. It was the first Soviet film, which made for just received from abroad, the new equipment. Even kinoprozhektory then were unusual. Nevertheless, "Frost" turned out good - thanks a truly fabulous, truly Russian and truly cinematic scenery and brilliant composition performers.

The new lighting technology has allowed, for example, to give the film the effect of the sunlight when taking pictures of scenery and a number of light angles. Old, long-known techniques, but successfully solved the problem of the display Claus to young viewers to believe that this is not disguised his grandfather, a really fantastic creature - a fabulous Santa Claus.

Were first shown great eating, hanging with them paws snow; long rush, and separated from them by a strange creature - a body like koryazhisty tree trunk, arms, like the branches, with clinging to them lumps of snow. Above all this stood a head in the form of a solid sphere of white hair sticking out, too, like snow coma; among them the bird stuck hooked nose and a pair of sparkling eyes.

At the sight of such a monster children is alarming: not such Claus as they had expected to see - not in the sheepskin coat and beaver hat, with a bag of gifts behind him, as he is usually portrayed our artists. But then he shook himself, stepping heavily, took a few steps and suddenly turned over in the air, a bird flew into the high pine branch - this was achieved thanks to the feedback survey. After that, none of the young viewers no doubt that this is the most vsamdelishny Claus.

In 1965, "Frost" received at the Venice Festival grand prize - "Golden Lion" in the children and youth films. Rowe was very proud of the honorary prize as the other awards won by the film. In the halls of Palazzo del Cinema and a half thousand Italian Bambino (children) excitedly applauded the Soviet fairy tale, and then in between scans acted out skits, funny copying the Russian Baba Yaga.

Came to the show (and someone came in a wheelchair) Russian emigrants. And after the end of the film, many of them cried and shouted, "Thank you for white birch. Thank you for the Russian dawn ».

"Frost" received from the Advisory Council on Film USA Award of Excellence award for best screenplay for family viewing. But in the late 90's there in America, "Frost" has caused a storm of emotions and entered the list of the 100 worst films of all time. Americans, most of them have little interest in movies produced in other countries, learn about Russian film 34 years ago by accident.

Of course, the audience is not interested in the film, and commentary from leading. Can you imagine what it is thus possible to turn "Frost" or «Father Frost», t. E., "Father Frost", as they called it in the US. Here are some reviews have watched the movie "What a silly fantasy about a boastful guy turned into a bear, an eleven autistic, he wants to seduce stupid house with legs dysfunctional family russophiles ugly, ugly long-bearded guy who freezes trees and kills birds, sled like a pig, gibonoobraznogo gnome .... ».
"Yes, this movie seems terrible. But it has a supernatural surreal ... ". "Acid Teletubbies!". "Worst of all, this film is called child! This is horrifying, schizophrenic, psihopatnaya hodgepodge! If I watched this movie as a child, I would have gone mad! ».

On occasion, be sure to review the "Frost". I think that in the New Year holidays it will be shown more than once. By the way, the tradition to put this Christmas tale in the air is not only in Russia. In Czechoslovakia or Poland, it is also shown on each New Year, however, he called it "Mrazek»

Interesting facts about the film Frost

In Czechoslovakia, the picture has become a truly iconic. Until now, the Czech Republic and Slovakia kinoskazki "Frost" is a fixture of the New Year, as well as in the USSR, and later in the Russian film Eldar Ryazanov, "Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!". In the Czech Republic is available even ice creams "Frost" (in Czech Mrazik). And the actress Inna Churikova for his role Marfushenki-Darling was awarded a silver medal of the Czech Masaryk.

Steven Spielberg (Steven Spielberg) called the film "Jack Frost" the forerunner of a number of Hollywood blockbusters: it is out of the picture Rowe drew ideas creators of spectacular special effects, decorate many American blockbusters.

For George Millyar film "Jack Frost" was the eight paintings in which he played a Baba Yaga. George Franzevich starred in the film, not only in the way the inmates hut on chicken legs, but in the tiny role of robber-clerk, and announced rooster, which in the beginning of the film Nastya asks not crow until it dovyazhet stocking.


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