20 popular foreign films in the USSR

During Soviet times, many people liked to go to the cinema. On the big screen, spinning a variety of movies: American, British, French and of course India. In a post for you kindly collected the top 20 films that were a particular success in theaters of the Soviet Union. Enjoy the nostalgia! The absolute leader of Soviet film distribution among the foreign films the film is "Yesenia" - Alfred B. Krevenny romance with Jacqueline Andere in the title role. In 1975, it looked 91, 4 million viewers, and is ahead of such films as "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" and "Pirates of the XX Century". Critics, assessing the reasons for the success of a modest Mexican ribbon with a predictable "serials" plot, indicate its exact hit in the plot, interesting Soviet audiences. It is distant realities of Mexico mid XIX century are very close and clear spirit. The theme of "his home among strangers," a happy ending, reminiscent of the spirit of the fairy tale "Cinderella" - all contributed to the outstanding success of the film rolling

The second place at the classic westerns of John Sturges 'The Magnificent Seven', an adaptation of Akira Kurosawa's philosophical drama "Seven Samurai." July 13, 1962, Nikita Khrushchev, in an interview with American journalists, quarreled film: "I saw a picture of" The Magnificent Seven. " Artists involved in it, a great game. We released it on the screen and get a lot of accusations. In our press were teachers. It was published a critical article called "two of the seven." The article states that the movie is bad effect on the education of youth. I agree with the teachers. You Americans, very often on the screens are such films where hit each other in the face, tortured, killed people in the film a lot of perverted. You have considered it interesting. We have the same preaching of such phenomena as harmful ... ". Naturally, the same view is shared by the Soviet press. And the audience does not. In 1967, the movie looked 67 million people

Third place goes to an Indian musical film "Tramp", filmed in 1951 by director and actor Raj Kapoor. One of the most famous films in his work. In this film, Raj Kapoor first appeared in the form of a tramp, subsequently developed in his painting "Shree 420" (1955), and became his most famous screen mask. In 1954, the film looked 63, 7 million viewers

Fourth place. "Mackenna's Gold" - the American feature film, 1969, delivered on the novel by writer Will Henry. The basis of the novel went to the legend of the lost gold Adams. In 1973, the painting was exhibited at the non-competition screenings VIII Moscow International Film Festival. In June-August 1974 he was released the USSR (63 million viewers). Besides the usual dubbing performed in the studio Mosfilm, rental option includes a new version of the song and Old Turkey Buzzard - «Old vulture vulture" (Russian text Leonid Derbenyov), who turned Valery Obodzinskii

Fifth place. "Spartacus" - an American film in the genre of peplum, filmed in 1960, directed by Stanley Kubrick on the novel by Howard Fast about the historical event - the revolt of Spartacus. The film won four awards "Oscar". 63 million viewers in 1967

Sixth place. "Bobby" - an Indian film made in 1973 directed by Raj Kapoor. Released on Soviet screens in September 1975 and it looked 62, 6 million viewers

Seventh place. "White dress". Sentimental and very touching story won the Soviet viewers in 1976 (61 million viewers). Directed by Hassan Ramzi

Eighth place. "Disco Dancer" - Indian musical film with Mithun Chakraborty in the title role, Babbar Subhash shot in Bollywood in 1982. Currently, the film is considered a classic of the genre and is best known for the songs «Goro ki na kalo ki», «I am a Disco Dancer» and «Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Aaja». Released on Soviet screens in June 1984 and immediately gained immense popularity - it looked 60, 9 million spectators

Ninth place. "The Avengers" - the Indian criminal melodrama 1976 director Pramod Chakravorty. In 1978, the Soviet Union 60 million watched the movie. Viewers

Tenth place. "The Four Musketeers" - historical-adventure eccentric comedy, directed. Andre Yunebel in which the immortal novel by Alexandre Dumas shamelessly shoveled, turning into a raging waterfall gags accompanying unusual adventures, no, not famous musketeers and their faithful squires. It turns out that in fact it was so. Four friends, the Musketeers, to come to grips with a group of guards of Cardinal, was doomed to inevitable destruction. If not for their servants - Planchet, Mousqueton, and Bazin Grimaud. Armed with rakes and shovels, they crippled the superior forces of the enemy. Inspired by the victory, in the future, they just did what they accomplished feats: wrested from the hands of the executioners charming girl Constance saved the Duke of Buckingham, rash went to the Louvre to a meeting with the Queen of France, and their hosts, the Musketeers they had disembarrass way from impregnable Bastille ... In 1978 Soviet movie looked 56, 6 million.

The eleventh place. "Taming of the Shrew" - a comedy in 1980 with Adriano Celentano and Ornella Muti in the lead roles. In 1983, with great success, the premiere of the film in theaters USSR (56 million. People). In the picture were cut or significantly reduced some episodes - such as the opening scene, a scene of hunting for hunters scene where telilas cow Elia, a fight in the restaurant between Lisa and her friend, erotic scene seduction Elia Lisa topless penultimate scene in the house of Elia after wedding scene with a pig. Cut and was one of the final scenes, which shows the shaking chandelier

Twelfth place. "Winnetou" - a film, the film adaptation of the novel "Winnetou" Karl May. The second film adaptation of the novels of odinnadtsatiseriynoy about Karl May Winnetou. In the USSR, the film was released as a two-part series first film "Winnetou - son Inchu-Chun" called "Predators of Rossvelya." In the US, the film is known as the "Gold of the Apaches." In the USSR, the film was first shown in 1975 with the third film of the series in a slightly abridged version. Screen time the two series was about 175 minutes. The film looked about 56 million viewers - a record 1975

Thirteenth place. "Zorro" - the Franco-Italian fencing Western director Ducho Tessari with Alain Delon in the leading role. In 1976, the Soviet Union watched the movie 55, 3 million.

Fourteenth place. Zita and Gita - the movie, filmed in Bollywood and released in rent in 1972 and won first place in the list of highest-grossing films of the year. The film was very popular in the Soviet Union (55, 2 million. People). The story of two sisters-twins separated in infancy

Fifteenth place. "King Kong Lives" - a film in 1986, the continuation of the movie "King Kong" in 1976. In 1986, the Soviet Union watched the movie 53, 6 million. Viewers. Despite the advertising campaign, the film has completely failed in worldwide box office, earning only 4, 7 million dollars. Actor Peter Michael Goetz on the basis of rental received a check for 3 cents. He pinned a check stapled to the poster of the film at his home and never cashed his

Sixteenth place. "Signor Robinson» - eccentric comedy adventure, dir. Sergio Corbucci. In 1979, the Soviet Union watched the film 52, 1 million.

Seventeenth place. "A mother's love" - ​​the Indian melodrama directed by Asit Sen, popular in the Soviet Union in 1969 (52, 1 million. Viewers)

Eighteenth place. "Recruits go to war" - eccentric comedy, directed by Claude Zidi. One of the leaders of hire in 1978 (50, 1 million. Viewers)

Nineteenth place. The legend of a monstrous dinosaurs and birds - Japanese film in the genre of kaizen eiga filmed in 1977 at the studio "Toei" director Junji Kurata, and released in theaters on April 29 of that year. He was released in 1979 by the Soviet Union under the name of "The Legend of the Dinosaurs" and was a huge success with audiences (48, 7 million viewers)

"Black Tulip» (La tulipe noire) - comedy-adventure motion picture of the famous French director Christian-Jacque (famed creator of "comedy Fanfan - Tulip") with Alain Delon starring loved by viewers around the world. In the Soviet film distribution film "Black Tulip" occupies twentieth place in popularity among the foreign films (47, 8 million viewers)

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