Top 10 best movies based on real events

Top 10 best movies based on real events


Among the number of high-profile films noteworthy films based on real events. Directors need not only to please the audience with special effects and a vivid setting, but also to adhere to the historical truth. A significant proportion of the best historical films covers the events of the Second world war.

To the selection of movies was less biased, you can refer to the list of "top 250 movies according to IMDb". Here people from around the world can vote for any film, regardless of country of origin and year of release.

On 7-th place among all in the world ranking films is an American film, based on real events — "Schindler's List". A film by Stephen Spielberg was released in 1993, the action of the story begins in Poland in 1939 the Jews herded into the ghetto, and an enterprising businessman Oskar Schindler uses the incident to their advantage. He enjoys the work of the Jews for production. Later the inhabitants of the ghetto planning to transfer to a concentration camp, but Schindler persuaded an SS officer to send to their employees. It saves the life of Jews trapped in the list of skilled workers.


The film "Schindler's List" Director Steven Spielberg. Photo: Kinopoisk


70th place in the list was the movie "Submarine" (Germany). The film came to the screen in 1981 Directed by Wolfgang Pettersen tried to show in detail the military campaign of the German submarine U-96.


The movie "Submarine", directed by Wolfgang Pettersen. Photo: Kinopoisk


The film is directed by Oliver Hirshbigel "Bunker" located on 116 th place in the list of best films. A joint production of Germany, Italy and Austria describes the last days of the Third Reich.


The film "Bunker", directed by Oliver Hirshbigel. Photo: Kinopoisk


American movie "the Great escape" Director John Sturges that was released in 1963, tells of the escape of allied POWs from German camps. In the General list of the movies "the Great escape" is located on the 117-th place.


The film "the Great escape" Director John Sturges. Photo: Kinopoisk


158 th place in the list of best films according to IMDb the film is a 1961 release — "the Nuremberg trials". The film by American Director Stanley Kramer tells the story of the trial of the judges who served the Nazi regime.


The film "the Nuremberg trials", directed by Stanley Kramer. Photo: Kinopoisk


At the 160th place the movie"Hotel Rwanda 2004 In the film by American Director Terry George action not connected with the Second world war and are far away from Europe. In the center of events of the African country Rwanda in the run-up to the civil war, and then entered the most difficult period in its history.


The film "Hotel Rwanda, directed by Terry George. Photo: Kinopoisk


American film "12 years a slave" Director Steve McQueen was released in 2013 Action film begins in 1841 in the United States. The film's protagonist — a free black man who by chance falls into unconsciousness and wakes up being chained. The fact is that he was taken for a runaway slave, and he has 12 years to wait for freedom.


The film "12 years a slave" Director Steve McQueen. Photo: Kinopoisk


Partly based on real events American film 1939 release of"gone with the wind". In the movie shows the events of the civil war in the United States. Film Victor Fleming was the first color feature-length motion picture in the history of world cinema.


The film gone with the wind directed by Victor Fleming. Photo: Kinopoisk


As for the best domestic films, which were based on real events, these include paintings by Sergei Eisenstein — Alexander Nevsky (1938) and "Ivan the terrible" (1944). In the film "Alexander Nevsky" is the story of the battle of the ice 1242 motion Picture "Ivan the terrible" describes the events associated with the reign of Tsar Ivan IV, the consolidation of the autocracy, the capture of Kazan and times of the oprichnina.published


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