7 things you need to know parents of boys

1. Favorite child. If parents keep giving my son the love, care and attention, this gives the child the feeling that he is loved and welcome in the world. Child not deprived of parental warmth of feeling, grows confident, cheerful, friendly and affectionate. Otherwise, the boy takes emotional coldness of parents for granted, and learning from them is indifference. It melts anxious, withdrawn, rude or uptight.

2. Harmonious personality.

Loving parents, willing in the future to find the joy in the eyes of his child and should instill in the boy a real Human being and a harmonious personality in all respects. It means: to cultivate kindness, compassion, ability to help and to benefit others unselfishly. The son should not only "object" of love that consumes and spends. We must accept it for what it is, to see and to take into account his personality, the true needs and abilities. It is important to develop emotion, curiosity and to improve their knowledge of the child. Talking, teaching, explaining, we prepare the child for successful cognition of the surrounding world. Help to develop communication skills: how to learn, to listen, to Express themselves.

3. The autonomy and independence.

We would like to say about giving the child autonomy and independence. Only independent and free man can be truly happy and successful. Give your son the opportunity to do what he wants to do himself, and what he already knows how to do. Step by step boy will reach new heights. From a very early age man's nature inherent desire for self-assertion and leadership. Even small boy must think, to have your view of things, to be able to make decisions, to take responsibility for their actions and to be an active Creator of your life. How to achieve this? Give your son the freedom of choice, connect it to the discussion of family issues, but if you want something to ask the son, speak not orders, but suggestions. Otherwise you can raise an obedient, quiet, modest, passive, irresponsible man who does not need anything and that nothing is committed.

4. Physical development.

For all boys requires physical activity and sports. Improvement of physical capabilities will help the children to feel strong, brave and so confident. Encourage active games and daily physical activity. Together make small activities. Start small — 1 push-UPS, 1 squat and 1 times the bending in the abdomen (the press), but must do every day. After a week, 2 times etc. to Make it simple enough.

5. Personal example.

Without a worthy personal example child education reduced to useless verbal sparring and forced to comply with parental commands. Children from birth, "absorbs" all of our "good" and "negative" actions. Successful parents are those who constantly improve their parental skills, I try to be interesting, fun, balanced and fair. Parental relationships are for boy the standard treatment of girls and later women and wife. The mother becomes for the boy the prototype of his future wife.

6. Mother and son.

It so happens that mostly the education of children carried out by women (mothers, grandmothers, caregivers, teachers) who once were girls... but not boys. Therefore, women's intuition should help us try to understand the world of boyish experiences. The main thing about your little man, and all men with respect, not belittling their status. The harmonious upbringing of the boy largely depends on the nature of maternal behavior. Mother nature is endowed with a special softness and tenderness, it tends to be weak, need protection and support. Son with the mother, Willy-nilly, to behave like men (just remember to extol his young assistant). It is noticed that most often, strong men grow weak mothers.

7. Dad and son.

Closer to 6 years boys begin to show interest in the male. They tend to spend more time with his father, uncle, grandfather, imitating them, and imitating their behavior. Preferably, the father from an early age was engaged in the son, and participated in its upbringing. In the family the father needs to be the guide of conduct. In any case, after 6 years the father must be an active teacher in the life of his son. Only through fellowship with the father and other men, the boy develops the basics of male behavior, the ways to solve "adult" problems, learn to Express their opinions and evaluate events. published

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