Boys and girls: 11 differences

1. When the boys want to please the girls, they pretend to be smart. And the girls, when they want to please the boys pretend to be stupid.
Boys pretend to be smart, because they understand: ceteris paribus have a better chance of clever. And the girls - so that the boy had not so much strain, pretending that he was more intelligent.

2.Malchiki never put anything inconvenient for beauty. The girls never put anything ugly for the sake of convenience.
Among boys, with the exception of Hollywood movies heroes who love to climb onto the roof of trains in long cloaks and wallow in the mud in white shirts, as well as peppers, which are acquainted with my parents favorite girls. Among girls, there are no exceptions.
If a girl says that dressed so foolishly for convenience, so she flirts - again, it tastes bad - two.

3. In bed the boys are afraid that the girl did not finish. The girls are afraid that the boy finish too quickly.
 It just seems that the boy spoke of altruism, but Girls worry selfish interests.
Boys make girls finish in first place for my own pleasure - they then feel very cool. The girls worry about boys who have everything happens too quickly, because they know how the boys because of this upset.

4.U boys problems with induction. The girls from the deduction.
All laughing female logic. Yes, girls do happen problems with inferences from general to specific, so they seriously are the conclusions about that from what follows: whether he loves me, and so with me sleeping, or he with me sleeping, so do not like, - go figure it out, but the boys still worse - they are not capable of reasoning from the particular to the general, so the stronger sex can not understand that if he was asked not to be late for my birthday and to call at the time, what he promised, hence, on a date in the park, too, is trying to come vovremya.5.Malchiki be similar to the girls and the girls want to be like the boys. And it speaks well for the fact that the boy be better.
On the other hand, if it is good to think: as long as you - a girl, you can be proud of such things that the boy be proud of as stupid as the fact that he has a term (by the way, some of it is considered a sufficient reason for pride), for example, your financial independence.

6.Malchiki believe that the more they have a member, the better, and the girls do not think so, because they know, because it hurts.

7.Malchiki able to find common ground with the computer, and the girls know how to find common language with the boys, who are able to find a common language with computers.
No one knows why the boys with computers all turns out better than the girls. There is a suspicion that the girls simply have no incentive to develop their skills in this direction, if it so zealously engaged boys.
Ever since the first factories known: the division of labor increases its productivity, and why deprive the boys another opportunity to demonstrate its superiority?

8.Devochki overestimate the ability of the boys think the boys and girls underestimate similar ability.
Contrary to the stories about the weakness of the female intellect girls are able to build complex strategies to win, domestication, re boys. However, these strategies often fail. And all because they are based on a strong assumption - the boys are able to think: "And then he'll think I'm ..." He did not think, and not because a fool. And because he believes that the girls do not know how to think, so that it is possible and it does not strain.

9.Malchiki not as emotional as girls.
 Still, from an early age girls regret when they cry, and boys abused, girls are praised when they hang on her grandfather's neck in a fit of tenderness, and the boys call to be more restrained, so let the boys know that their iron character - not their merit and the girls are crybaby on parental mercy. So let no mutual claims.

10.Malchikov attracted to girls, and girls - the boys.
 Girls love to get together and criticize boys in general and in particular its.
The boys talk about girls not so often, but if you still do it, it can not help but to do without ironic remarks, however the boys run after the girls, and the girls - the boys. Strange but true.

11.Nauka states no evidence in favor of the fact that women's brains are fundamentally different way than men, it is not known, however it is clear that men and women differ not only in appearance.
 What is the reason for these differences - a moot point, there are many convincing arguments in favor of the various men and women makes society.
Anthropologists managed to find the families where male and female roles had nothing to do with accepted in our culture views on this subject: a such muscular women warriors and touching men anxious raising offspring.
 Or, for example, American feminists: they actually managed to ensure that the boundaries of gender roles become more blurred. At the same time they acted exclusively social media, so that the weak and defenseless woman and strong man winning - no more than a cultural cliches, we can not ignore the widespread (mostly men), the belief that men are smarter than women.
Statistics on this subject says the following: the average level of intelligence in the female population does not differ from the average level in the male, and the male as the very high level of intelligence and a very low, are more common than those of women.


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