Why girls prefer bad guys

A lot of offense happens to the good boys (of different ages), when the girls, one after another sends them in the friend zone, preferring the bad guys.

Well is it true?

To be honest, yeah, fair enough. And while the good boys do not realize that this is true, they won't be able to change. They will hurt to sit with an external locus and blame the girls in perverted tastes in the female logic, and will blame mom girls that their properly raised, dramas romantisized images are scum, well, the bad boys will also be to blame for the fact that they are lying and fooling the girls so that those sending them, the good guys in the friend zone.

And nothing will change in your personal life good boys until they agree to recognize that, Yes, all true and begin to find his own flaw. Do not ask yourself: maybe I'm not all that good? Or for example: in many ways I'm good, but I need something that is for girls the main!


If this is not done, will not help and my post. It seems just hurtful. But if the locus is still inside to draw boundaries and seek the cause of your chronic bad luck in his wrong behavior (not only in nature, it is also — external locus internal — this is something you can control, what you can change, not what is given and the period) here is my post useful. Just for this case I will write.

What is lacking in the good boys, which are constantly sending in the friend zone? Not all the good boys sent there, but many, it's true. And send from there, not out of meanness, but because they're BORING. Good boys follow the rules and hope that follows the rules, they deserve candy in the form of love girls. But no! Love girls — pure element, she doesn't care about the rules. Especially do not care about their sexual attraction. Because humanly she can love the right bore, and her mother can say "well, look what a nice guy", but her heart may go on strike and is particularly active in protesting the fact that below the heart. Well, you know what I mean, right? This is hell bribe some rules. There girls have chaos.

Here to years to thirty, and then, girls are sometimes able to negotiate with chaos and they begin to avoid the bad boys, and good to get out of the friend zone and shake off dust from them, smiling coquettishly. This is because at this age the girls themselves often boring, and responsible, well, scared a terrible experience with the bad guys, not his friends. So many girls their thirties begin to not love the fact that below the heart, and that above. But! This is a rather peculiar love. Passion in her is not enough, calculating a lot, so it is safe to say that the good boys in love this time just as bad, impossible. To say that neither good nor bad don't love, poor shun away from sin, and the good ones as boring, but I prefer the last or anyone.

It's not everyone, of course. There is a very good boys who have all the advantages bad, but don't have their flaws, and only for them I write about it. Don't need to become bad, so the girls loved, you just need to reconsider their views on their own goodness. And to take something from the bad guys, and for this to cease to despise them, to remove his white coat. Otherwise nothing will happen.

The main thing is to say goodbye with the expectation that fulfilling some standards, can thrill a girl's heart. Breaking all row norms, to thrill the heart easier, but it's too dangerous, so a sensible girl will stay away from you. In addition law enforcement agencies may be interested in you before will become interested in girls. Therefore, this path is extremely risky. Better to just understand — to be a robot or programmed machine — the right way in the friend zone. To live in fear, afraid to make any extra step, fearing to make their own decisions, worrying that something might suddenly come — way there. Not good for sending in the friend zone good boys and bad times, although bad is often very difficult to separate from the good. But I'll try.

Look, young girls, and Mature too, if we are talking about their sexuality (Mature sometimes suppress it for the sake of more important goals, as it seems, and the young windier and spontaneous) light up courage men. Power is a relative concept, in the legal community especially. The strongest is the one who has more money, who knows how to stay in the legal field, then there is a sense of security rather give a good boy than bad, and that's important. But the desire for the security of girls in conflict with their spontaneity (and not only girls). If the fear is very strong, not to the spontaneity, but if it's relatively safe, the girl will seek to promote a spontaneity to flow, their own and the partner thread, because a thread can infect another thread and reinforce. Mature and responsible girl, under forty years, so loaded with obligations, anxieties, fears she may be sneezing on spontaneity. But the ability to fall in love so loses, and if it suddenly falls, it is again the energy of chaos.

That is, the courage and audacity to be attractive, the boy needed. If he still manages to be good, to have not only one wind in the ass, but something in my head, it will be only a plus, always. But if he has something in his head, and even a lot, but the wind in the same place — zero, alas, the sexy girls he's not promoted, that is, it can be a real trouble and with romance, and with sex, which means he'll have then to sit in the friend zone now and then. Girl and she will worry, so why I don't like such a good boy! But alas, the heart wants what it wants. And the fact that lower even more. Heart can soften and shake sentimental paintings, like you this boy loves, as he longs for you and burns, but that below... alas. There need chaos. A bit of chaos at least. But it is not zero. You know?

So girls in the seventh grade at the horrified look on the bullies, but their horror is more concerned with the insight that the bully scares them, but also entails. If she tells mom about this, mom can yell at her. Mom is scared, do her daughter-horoshisty does not understand that losers and bully is the worst. What awaits her in life with such perverted tastes? But it's not perverted tastes, it tastes normal for this age (fear and desire — Yes, and the challenge to understand them). Just in the seventh grade good boys look very timid and scored (not always, but often), so girls like bullies that is 100% chaos, literally devils from the Suite of Hades (remember the myth of the Crust). But then many bullies do sink to the bottom (some nothing, rise), and many good boys, too, gain the keys to the chaos, in the form of confidence in his own right and strength, together with that are sexy and also you receive all that girls love so much, and now the girl can fall in love with a smart guy too, and law-abiding, and not just losers and loafers. And fall in love in this much stronger, because it now does not stop, and the bad guy was stopped and then the doubts and fears.

Unfortunately, much of the good boys and after the age of 18 stay too boring. They plan their lives, they perform with clear instructions, and they are looking for some books, how to meet girls, but one minute they are not looking for their own people, they despise chaos and avoid it, they hate everything that does not fit into the rules. And they can't understand why they don't like girls?

And it gets even worse. If a good guy complies with all the rules, but tries to be independent, he somehow gets some kind of rod and rod girls almost as attractive as courage, and stud, to be honest, without the courage not receive, that is, if the rod is, there are chaos as much as you need, no more, no less. These boys are attractive to girls, but become such good boys, only trampled a lot of iron shoes and negating a lot of the iron staves, as Ivan tsarevitch in the tale, that is having a lot of difficulties and having overcome lots of problems proactive and making personal choices, then develop your own self. Remaining passive by the rules, the terminal will not receive.

Those "good boys" who avoid the dragons and forest swamps never go because they are too lazy and anxious, all the time looking for some kind of guidelines to avoid problems, those stuck in frenzoo girls for life. Even if some girl, naterpevshis from the bad guys or just a child frightened, marrying that, their marriage still would like to friend zone.

And that's not a bad option.The worst is a good boy who doesn't just dobukvenno and carefully observes all the rules of society, but also the girl sees the source of the rules. He wants to carry out her instructions and get the reward in the form of her admiration and love. When she can't give him admiration, because she does not admire the poor, he is offended and angry, and sometimes even angry to afraid and just crying. Yes, some boys are afraid to Express resentment in the form of aggression, they should ban, they cry and beg. This leads to the fact that the girl and send it (as if he just cursed), but also to endure the nagging can't. And ripped apart girl ripped apart, until the beginning of this boy fiercely to hate, yet is not accepted to humiliate him, sometimes without knowing it, literally, in affect, since the irritation has accumulated.

Then such a good boy can not understand: for what? He tried to do all the others, he tried to follow the instructions and desires of girls, and even offended, suppressed his aggression and just cried. He was good on all sides, as it seems. Why didn't he received in response to the love, as he promised as a child?

But is there at least one children's fairy tale where love gets a whiner, a wimp, a coward and lazy? There is no such tale. Love only gets hero. And if you're not a hero and even vaguely not like him, sit in the friend zone. Even if you have a lot of good: kindness, money, education, this is not enough for passionate love. Wait, may be after the thirty women begin to be interested in you, when their choice is to control the mind and not the heart and not what is below. published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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