Complaints and adoration (good idea, incidentally :)))

Complaints and adoration When Anton and Marina got married, they decided that their home will be no scandals. Instead, proceedings, clarified and accusations they brought a book of complaints - to anyone who is not like something, he could bring it to the attention of all members of the family.
They lived well and in unison, so the book was renamed simply a complaint to the Complaints and adoration: in love with each other they are also explained in writing.
 Then the children were born, and quickly learned to write. And a lot of years in a row to any dissatisfaction with family members talking to each other the same thing: something you do not like? Go and write in a book of complaints. And they really were, and wrote. All. All.

Who is blown light bulb in the bathroom? You can not wash! Pope
 Why is it impossible? You can burn the toilet paper roll. There is a lot of light. Kirill, Sasha
 Who yesterday set fire to a roll of toilet paper?!? All the kill! Mom
 Will not see. They do it at night. Lyusha
 Lyushka, you want ears - keep up the good work! Kirill, Sasha
 Mother father! It is necessary to fix the cabinet in the boys' room. For some reason he fell on his left side himself. Children
 Himself? Hmm. Overripe, or what? Lyusha
 Mother father! It is necessary to fix the Lyusha ears. They have it too. Kirill, Sasha
 Children! First, stop all the time to fight. Wardrobe in your room, we fix it, but if he falls again myself, I'll fix the ears of all the person who's, of course, completely innocent.
Secondly, meatballs in a refrigerator - to a week! On the week, I emphasize. If you eat them again, one day before the end of the week there will be guilty of over-ripeness remains of the fallen cabinet.
 Third, the light in the bathroom is not lit again. You can not wash! Mom
 Marina, do not worry, I hid all the rolls of toilet paper. Anton
 Dad is better to leave at least one in the toilet. Sasha
 Dad, you'd better light bulb screwed! Lyusha
 I'll point out what to do - is screwed in the bathroom instead of bulbs. Pope
 Who lit loofah ??? Mom
 And whose fault is that Dad hid all the toilet paper? (unsigned)
 If the one who yesterday set fire last loofah not screw in a new bulb in the bathroom and do not buy a new loofah on their pocket money, all children will be deprived of pocket money a week. Pope
 And I somehow with ??? Lyusha
 Dad, I changed a light bulb in the bathroom. Sasha
 Dad, I changed a light bulb in the bathroom. Kirill
 Hell, so it was a new light? Sasha
 And you did not notice? Kirill
 He was busy - it zhёg a new loofah. (unsigned)
 Children! Another burnt sponge - and I can not answer for themselves. Mom
 Mom, today I bought five pads. Sasha
 It is not true, eight, three but for some reason left the boys in the room. Burn, or what? Lyusha
 Mom, the boys poured water my bed! Lyusha
 Serves. I sneak in the house do not need. By the way, who cracked the sink in the kitchen? Pope
 Pick! Once again, unscrewed my microscope on their idiotic optical experiments - choke! Sasha
 Sanya, brother! Here are the cross - not taking !!! Kirill, angered
 I do not take it? And who then took? Sasha, puzzled
 And you believe him more cackle. Lyusha Multi wise
 Marina, please, tie my tie tomorrow. I Love. Anton
 Anton, his tie hanging in the closet on the right. Take one out. Adore. Marina
 Marisha, the cabinet is not to tie a tie! Do not understand. Anton
 Marisha, in a case there are no longer any ties !!! Most oborzeli. Anton
 Anton, do not worry. I'll deal. Marina
 Mom, we will not! Kirill, Sasha
 Mother, however, we will no longer true! Kirill, Sasha
 Mom, I do not anymore ... Lyusha
 Anton, I bought you a new tie. I Love. Marina
 Marina, it is blue !!! Outraged. Anton
 Dad, you are very blue goes, honestly! Lyusha
 Lyudmila, bear a conscience! Give my father's maroon tie! Kirill
 Please give him his three brown. A burgundy too comfortable cut out, but it has not. Lyusha
 Brown I need. They are just the right length. Kirill
 Marina, please make me tomorrow potvёrzhe belt. So you can not live. Anton
 Anton, I bought you three new tie. Two brown and burgundy. Sorry. Marina
 Dad, I twist in the new bulb bathtub. Wash up on health. Kirill
 Dad, I repaired the toilet door handle and shined his potatoes. Sasha
 Dad, I love you! Lyusha
 Anton, today's dinner will be roast. Your favorite. Marina
 Alexander! I solemnly warn you! One rat in the fridge - and you're moving to live in a zoo! Pope
 Pope, but the room rat perishable! Sasha
 Alexander! I do not care how fast spoiled rat !!! Pope
 Dad, you're wrong. Sasha
 Dad, you do not have the slightest respect for science. You renegad. Kirill
 Kirill! You do not have any respect for his father! Pope
 Anton, but no cooler rats. Marina
 And thank God. Stop talk about this. Anton
 Mom, the boys again played badminton in the hallway. Now it is necessary to fix the lamp shade, and the boys in the head - the brain. Lyusha
 Sneak. Sasha
 Brains do not have to fix it, and replace, and not us, but Lyushka. Kirill
 You can not replace what is not. Sasha
 Mom, I'll go home !!! Lyusha
 Lyushenka, honey, do not go anywhere. All my life I dreamed that I have a daughter. Mom
 Helped? Sasha
 And how do we ??? Kirill
 You - better luck next time. Lyusha
 Children who do not quarrel. Mom
 Whoever somewhere Affairs of my winter slippers, will be responsible to the full extent. Pope
 Anton, I wore them to the dry cleaners. They are already in place, and are waiting for you. Marina
 And what to wear sneakers to the cleaners ??? Do not understand. Anton
 Daddy, there are things you should not know. But the boys have vowed that they will no longer be. Lyusha
 Lyudmila, another bases, and you will live, instead of rats in the refrigerator! Dad will be delighted. Kirill, Sasha
 Marina, sneaker became hard and something smells. What was it? Anton
 Anton, I bought you a new sneaker. Same as the old, but is softer and odorless. The main thing - it is peace in the family. Marina
 Yesterday I was told at school that I was ugly. It's true? Lyusha.
 Lyushka you tell me who you told. We talk to him - and he immediately becomes still, you are beautiful or not. Sasha
 Lyusyandiya you - a copy of the mother. Mom have beauty, it is only a blind man could fail to notice. Kirill
 Lyusha you have learned to do? Pope
 Lyushenka, you will be very interesting woman. You will see. And the one who said you ugly, just nothing about female beauty. Mom Mom, can we clean his snout? Sasha
 Alexander, "snout" - a word unintelligent. Pope
 Anton, do you think Lyusha ugly? Marina
 Marisha, Lyushka - you poured in his youth. I'm not in front of the exterior ustaivayte. In my opinion, comment is superfluous. Anton
 Earnestly. (unsigned)
 Lyushenka when you're done using my lipstick, please put it in place. Thank you. Mom
 Mom, we need money. We are ready to work on the farm. Kirill, Sasha
 Marina, do not go! They spend it on rats. Anton
 This is not a rat, it is - the material for scientific experiments! Kirill
 Marina, I'm not willing to live in a laboratory. Anton
 Anton, do not worry. I checked, money is needed for other things. Marina
 Mom, I washed all the floors, put it in the closet and cleaned up the tub. Sasha
 Mom, I cleaned the balcony and repaired in the bathroom mirror. Kirill
 And what was to fix the mirror? It was the whole! Lyusha
 Lyushka it - the last warning! Kirill, Sasha
 Boys, money on the table, do not forget to wash the dishes. All whole. Mom
 Marina, what happened? Over the past three days in the house it is not broke! I looked in the fridge - it's full of food. I checked out the light bulb in the bathroom - it burns. Dust wiped, dishes washed. What's the matter? Confess, and it will be worse. Pope
 Anton, we simply beautiful children. Marina
 Dad, do not worry. Just today, for example, I accidentally broke your favorite cup. Lyusha
 It would be better if it accidentally broke your brother Cyril.
It would be easy - it would mean that it did not up to. Pope
 Nobody loves Me! Lyusha. Gone hit the cup.
 Lyudmila, stop beating the dishes! I take that back. Pope
 That's right. Look, it will be worse. (unsigned)
 MAAAAMA !!! PAAAAAPA !!! Under my bed RAT !!! A LOT OF!!! (unsigned)
 Lyushka, do not worry, they are frozen in a portable cooler. They do not deteriorate. Kirill, Sasha
 Marina, we also rat under the bed! Also, too frozen and refrigerated! What do we do? Anton
 What is there to do? You said the same - they are in the fridge, they do not spoil. Marina. Tired.
 Children! If until tomorrow in the house will be AT LEAST ONE FROZEN RAT, I personally strangle all to blame. Pope
 One definitely will. Lyushka something you give to throw. (unsigned)
 Do you want us to them thawed? Sasha
 Anton, do not worry, please. Rats are fresh, they do not smell. They want the boys to experiment in biology. The boys promise to throw everything immediately after the termination of the experiments. Marina
 Marina, they are allowed to emit. Experiments have been discontinued, I stop them.
 I hate dead rats. Anton
 Mommy, the house is no longer dead rats. The boys threw everything I saw. Lyusha
 Oh well. Pope
 Anton, we have wonderful children. Marina
 Marina, I was summoned to the school! Sasha beat classmate. Go? Anton
 Dad, the goat had called Kirk chmom smelly and stole his sneakers. Sasha
 Why is it then not beat Kirk? Pope
 They beat both of them. Marina
 The school will not go. Anton
 Well done. In life there are things far more interesting than to hang in the school. (unsigned)
 Marina! I walked down the hallway, and I crossed the road rat! Live! Anton
 Daddy, but you said you hate dead rats ... Kirill, Sasha
 Marina, I'll kill them. Honestly. Anton
 Leaving the resort for a month. More forces there can not. Do not miss. Mama Marina
 Marina, No! I hang myself! Anton
 Marina, I bought food and washed the balcony. Anton
 Marina, I have never in my life do not wear no tie. Anton
 Marina, I have never in my life did not raise his voice to children. Marina, I agree to a year to eat pasta. Marina, I love rats. Anton disconsolate
 Mom, do not go! We are back where they took all the rats. Kirill, Sasha
 Mom, I put mascara on your location, there are still many left. Lyusha
 Mom, I bought you a new lipstick instead of your old one. It is the same, only better, because it still has a lipstick. Lyusha
 Mom, I realized: you're right, your new blouse comes to you a lot more than me. Lyusha
 My mother, in a portable refrigerator can store burgers. A lot of. Kirill, Sasha Marina, we vacuumed the carpet and wash the windows. Anton, children
 Toady. Persuaded. But consider: one more trouble - any! - Month and I go skiing. No two months. Mama Marina
 Marina, I love you. Anton
 Mom, we adore you. Kirill, Sasha
 Mom, you have done. Lyusha
 Anton, you see, I told you - we have wonderful children. Marina
 Who again blown light bulb in the bathroom? You can not wash! Pope
 Why is it impossible? You can burn the toothbrush. Lights beautifully. Kirill, Sasha
 A roll of toilet paper still burns better. (unsigned)


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