Fucking design books

These works of art among the books that will never lose its znacheniya.Ezhednevno people are faced with the books. Today, more and more electronic. However, among the publications are such masterpieces of printing, which is difficult to pass. Read them, collect collection, give, the more good book has always been considered the best gift.

They say that you can not judge a book by its cover, and it's a true statement. However, below we will look at the most amazing design of the book that will change your idea of ​​the covers, and about books in general.

Making a cult book "Fahrenheit 451" by Ray Bredberi

Read - burned.
451 ° F - is the temperature at which paper ignites. And the book itself - about banned books that burn at the behest of the government.

The book is 360 ° 16,020,166

Three-dimensional tale of Snow White in the design of the Japanese artist Yusuke Oono. Such books attract readers not only the content but also the form.

Cook Book, which is necessary before reading zapech

In order to prepare some dish prescription from it, it is necessary to bake the first book. After warming up, its pages will be text. The idea of ​​Croatian publishers.

Book Cigarette Snoop Doga

I tore out the page - smoked. Pocket-sized book is called "Word-cigarettes» (Rolling Words). Inside it is made of ordinary sheet Cigarette that are harmless ink applied to the lyrics. All sheets are separated by the dotted line and come off easily. Cover made of hemp , and the root is in the form of sulfuric strip that is usually applied to board matchboxes.

A hundred thousand billion stihov

In the book, Raymond Kwinana only 10 sonnets, but each of them cut into thin strips in one line long. The reader can combine strips in any order - the rhythmic pattern of this does not change, and the picture will become very meaningful unexpected shades. If the reader wants to combine all the possible combinations and will read them out loud clock, it it will take about 200 000 years.

The bulk of the book Gerschreven Portretten

Books-volume biography made. That is, each book takes the form of the head of a famous person, whose fate it is dedicated. Such unusual biography was awarded to only four. This Jewish girl Anne Frank, famous for her diary, telling about the horrors of fascism, an Iranian-Dutch writer, poet and publicist Abdol Qader, a famous Dutch football player and coach Louis van Gaal, and the greatest impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh.


Nicknamed Brian Dettmer - "book Ripper." It is engaged in "book-carving", carved on the books. He needs a scalpel, tweezers, scissors and books, and the result is a work of modern art.

The biggest book in the mire

«The Codex Gigas» original title of this book, but it is still known as the "Bible of the Devil." Who and why it was written is still unknown. Legend has it that it was written by a monk, who was locked up for the violation of religious principles, and he vowed to only one night to write the largest manuscript in the world. When he realized that he could not fulfill his vow that he prayed to the devil, and he heard his prayer.

The smallest book in the mire

Tiny "Almanac of flowers and plants" in size 0, 75 mm. It is given the name of the book "Flowers of the four seasons" - it is a guide to all the flowers and plants in Japan. It was created for eight months.


It consists of three books, which act as external clock. Figures 3 and 9 to help navigate in time.

The book is a manual raboty

The book lay flowers from the garden of the artist, as well as the revised pages of magazines on gardening.

Leaky kniga

Writer DS Foer on the example of his creation has shown that a hypertext.

Suicide kniga

Pierre Mendell - Swiss graphic designer before his death, published a book in which were listed the important moments of his biography, and at the end of the book the author has set the date of his death.

Book light Takeshi Isiguro

This book is a lamp that can be powered by a simple low voltage adapter.


The book, stylized lamp night light. It looks very stylish, not only being on the shelf, but also on the table.

Wikipedia on bumage

Everyone knows that the number of articles in Wikipedia is greater than the number of articles, even in the most complete encyclopedia, so it seemed unreal edition. Designer Rob Matthews created a book, 5000 pages which are the most visited pages of the English Wikipedia.

The Book spotted kofe

This unusual book by Martha Heden talks about the benefits of coffee for health.


One turns "Book of Hours" of the 15th century, written by Nicole Blair. Folded book takes the form of almonds, in expanded form is transformed into a form of "heart».

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