A kitchen with a stove the unique design in the interior of your home

Oven in the kitchen is a return to the past, but in a modern "wrapper"

The arrangement of the kitchen with the stove, its design and layout is not easy, because the wide range of choices of finishing materials is significantly narrowed due to the combustion furnace. To make comfortable and cozy kitchen with stove needs the right approach and competent selection of materials.

The kitchen is the top place in the house. Her whole family gathers after a busy day not only for eating, but also to share his experiences of the day events. The kitchen of a private home is significantly different from the kitchen in the apartment, first of all, a special atmosphere. Live fire in the Russian stove in the kitchen creates a warm atmosphere and crackling in her wood give elegance kitchen decor and give the room a mysterious feel.


Kitchen design with the ovenFor cooking the kitchen is one of the most important areas, which is why the repair of the premises paying particular attention to its design. The interior of the kitchen with the stove, can be quite varied – it all depends on the size of the kitchen, its layout and location, style of interior in the other rooms and preferences of the owners. To all the house reigned a pleasant atmosphere, it needs to be completed and have a unified direction in interior design.



The use of the stove in the kitchen — a pretty bold decision, because in addition to aesthetic beauty, it requires proper care

Kitchen with a stove most typical rustic style, as it fits more harmoniously oven.

The kitchen is in rustic style create a unique atmosphere of warmth and coziness throughout the house and will also help residents return to childhood and recall her grandmother's house.

Rustic Provence or country style in the kitchen will immerse in the magical atmosphere of childhood, the only difference is that the kitchen is equipped with modern appliances for maximum convenience of operation.


Design of a small kitchen with oven


Contrary to opinions, even in a small kitchen stove would be appropriate, the important thing is to place all competent. In a private house a small kitchen is not a rarity, more likely on the contrary – is much more common. And it entails a lot of difficulties, especially if this kitchen with the stove. In a small area it is very important to rationally plan the placement of furniture and equipment. With the right approach it is possible even a small kitchen space to arrange cozy and comfortable.


  • Color. For small kitchens very important to select colors. To visually the kitchen felt very cramped, should choose a neutral, calm tone, where the Foundation should be lighter shade. This applies both to the color of the furnace and the walls and furniture colors. You can add a few bright spots, for example, by highlighting in a different color facades of furniture, curtains, apron.
Will visually reduce the look of the kitchen too a large number of different drawings and ornaments, so don't get carried away with the variety.

  • Lighting. Even in a small kitchen with an oven should be a Central illumination and illumination of the working area. If the room is a passage room and a working area placed at the wall with the window is out hanging lights.
In the kitchen a small area is recommended to use lamps cold glow, as yellow light is visually reduces the space.

  • Efficient use of space. Furniture for small kitchens should be chosen not too bulky. The ideal solution will be shallow cabinets that expand the already large area of the room. The possibility of acquiring built-in appliances will also be essential in a small kitchen with oven.

As a rule, in the kitchens of private houses heating stove is cooking. On such a plate is to place the backlight is not recommended.

 Kitchen with oven in a wooden housea House of wood certainly has a certain energy that create a favourable atmosphere.

The kitchen is one of the main places in the house, so should be cosy, comfortable and as functional as possible. The specificity of the kitchen that it is subject to frequent contamination due to the regular cooking, furnaces and humidity. All this may subsequently lead to the formation of indelible stains on the interior. Therefore, in terms of finishing the kitchen in a wooden house should be planned thoroughly.


A wooden house and the oven just made for each other

  • The ceiling. Kitchen with a stove it is better to use a suspended ceiling structure or to leave the ceiling natural, having covered log cabins a protective layer of lacquer. Stretch ceilings or wall are not practical, because the high temperature, and a pair of coming from the oven the heat will not favorably affect these materials.
  • Wall. If the exterior and interior of the house to stand in a single ensemble, the best material for the walls will be block-house or siding. Finishing of natural wood is environmentally safe for the health of others and fit harmoniously into the interior of the wooden house. To extend the life of the wooden walls require treatment with antiseptic compositions and protective coating every few years.
In order to keep intact the walls of the kitchen work area – it is better to use a protective apron. With wooden walls will blend apron made of natural materials or MDF with any suitable texture.

  • Paul. Kitchen in a wooden house often has a large square, and divide it into zones is possible by means of different floor coverings. Durable and resistant ceramic tiles, for example, will become essential floor covering of the working area and zone of the furnace. Laminate flooring, which is considered the ideal floor covering for a wooden house, it is better to use for a recreation area or dining area.

Rustic style kitchenWhen you are creating a rustic style using environmentally friendly construction and finishing materials, this is a major distinguishing trait. The most commonly used wood, stone, metal and ceramics.

For the kitchen, designed in a rustic style typical of comfort and ease.




Even in this seemingly contemporary style as modern or high-tech stove can perfectly fit into the interior




Oven in the kitchen does not have to be white — it can impose stone, tile and other finishing materials

Rustic style, depending on national preferences, can be divided into:

  • Russian;
  • Olive;
  • African;
  • Country etc.
Interior images may differ national accessories, having a General direction in the design. Accessories will help to arrange the necessary accents in the interior.

In the Russian house furnace has always occupied a Central place. This trend continued until now when creating a rustic style in the kitchen. For a kitchen required the presence of the Russian stove, which determines the tone for future design.

When creating a rustic kitchen in an apartment is better to use imitation or a modern stove.




Oven in the kitchen can even serve as the main element around which will "build" the interior of the kitchen. The entire interior is "rustic" dishes may be subject to only one detail – the Russian stove. Its presence creates a unique atmosphere and cosiness in the house.

In addition to having the main accessory – the Russian stove and natural materials for kitchen in country style are very important colors, which will be executed interior design. Rustic style is characterized by calm, light colors, accents are placed with the help of bright spots, whose number is very important to observe a measure. Most of the interior is dominated by shades of brown, the wooden furniture is selected with a pattern of antique.

  • The design of the walls. The color of the walls should harmonize with the facades of furniture. For the apron you can use ceramic tiles or stone, and for walls of relief plaster.
  • Floors in rustic kitchen. The most suitable material for floor covering is ceramic or porcelain tile. It can be used in combination with parquet or laminate.
  • The design of the ceiling. The material for the ceiling must be moisture resistant, durable and easy to clean, the Veda is not a secret that on the kitchen ceiling just accumulate more grease and dirt.
  • Decor and accessories. For kitchen in country style is very suitable embroidered tablecloths, woven curtains, animal figures, antique jars for storing groceries. To create intimate atmosphere and to complement rustic comfort to help hung bundles of drying onions and spices.

If you want to bring the interior to the classic, the furnace must be either white or made of bricks


ConclusionFor the kitchen with the stove a traditional design in rustic style design, perfectly complements the full flavor of Russian log hut that holds warmth, comfort and is contained within a special atmosphere. published




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