Eclecticism in the interior of Your home

If you are a lover of warm colors and rustic motifs in the interior, but feel that the luxury of the Baroque style are also close and you would like to see it in your house, why not try to combine elements of each style and create something in common. The eclectic style in the interior can do it best, will bring pleasure to the work, will give the freedom of creativity and will reward a decent result.

Eclectic style interior design, usually people choose unconventional, eccentric, want to make your habitat unique. Despite the fact that this style as it implies the Union of immiscible, in fact it is not so. At the incarnation should be used more or less similar styles: Empire in combination with the classics, art Nouveau and Baroque and the like.

Not to be confused with the usual eclectic jumble of different elements from various styles. The interior is finalized in this manner if the implementation of the planned combined three styles, they share the same color scheme and texture.

Photo: children's room in eclectic style

The characteristics and features ofthe eclectic Style is characterized by the following features:

  • Vertical, straight lines and rounded corners;
  • Gilded picture frames and mirrors;
  • Bright pillows and covers for upholstered furniture, colourful rugs;
  • Parquet floors and beautiful glass or crystal chandelier;
  • The combination of historic style with modern .
  • The use of all sorts of small accessories that serve a unifying links of different styles.
The main feature which characterized the eclectic style in the interior is its compactness and functionality. These properties were inspired by the art Nouveau style, popular in the early twentieth century. Decorations play a very important role in the eclecticism. They differ the bent and twisted lines, interesting forms, ethnic motifs. For upholstered furniture a distinctive quilted upholstery and legs unusual chiseled form.


Tip: use furniture, carved wood, chairs with openwork backs and patterns.

Photo: gilded mirror frame

Photo: the chandelier, the black crystal in the interior of a bedroom

Photo: decorating the dining room bright pillows and rug

The design of surfaces, coloursFrom this style breathes comfort and warmth. For walls in the style of eclecticism is most often used silk Wallpaper and tile. Winning option in the eclectic style will be applied to wall art painting. Floor good use of flooring and carpeting with intricate patterns. Colours varied. The curtains, which are used in the decoration of Windows, different hard textures with non-traditional patterns on the fabrics. They are characterized by deep folds of drapery, the Golden cords. This is the element in the interior, where it is possible to realize the most daring and original ideas.

The eclectic style characteristic of two-level ceilings. In addition, this design looks very nice, it also adds space to the room. Not uncommon in the design of the ceilings and moldings and other decorative elements that add to the decoration of the room of luxury and nobility.

To save area in the interior of this design is often used built-in wardrobes and niches.

The eclecticism characteristic of pure natural palette of colors. It can be both bright and pastel, but certainly not needs to be dull and boring. Prerequisite: color must unite parts into one whole.


Tip: do not use very bright colors where you plan to spend most of the time, better if they are to flow smoothly from one to another.

Photo: bedroom in eclectic style at the loft

Photo: zoning multi-level ceiling

 Tips for registration
  • Collect. This style is perfect for those who loves collecting Antiques, attending auctions, constantly acquires something unusual at the flea markets, or travels a lot and brings home many Souvenirs. All these elements can be advantageous to enter the interior.
  • Trust your instincts, listen to your heart. Your personal feelings will be the best assistant in the selection of furniture and various accessories. If you feel that some part of the interior you really like, use it without hesitation, she will adorn the design.
  • Observe the proportions. You can combine different things, but that all looked harmoniously, they should be adjusted proportionally.
  • Change the interior. One of the most important advantages of this style is the ability to make changes to it at any time. Add paint, change the furniture, accessories, and any other details.
  • Follow the order. A chaotic arrangement of furnishings and accessories will lead to unbalanced mixing.
  • Focus on any one element. Given that embodiments of this kind of design, there are many, select the landmark, and around it to combine harmoniously the elements.

Tip: use the fireplace as a Central link or a picture on the wall.


The actual “morphed” designs are a reflection of our varied life, which is filled with fashion trends, different styles, different ideas. Thanks to them, apartment, house come to life, endowed with its special charm and originality. Also, this interior will help to reconcile the inhabitants of the house, if their tastes and preferences in styles are not the same. Eclecticism allows to arrange the room now, where everyone can find a corner of his soul. The only reason you must make sure that used items do not contradict one another. published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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