Paintings in the interior — the basic rules

Find a picture that adequately decorate the interior of your home is not an easy task as it might seem at first glance. It must be suitable to the style in which the room is decorated, the color scheme, to match the size, to create a good aura. Good paintings in the interior are quite expensive and to hurry up with their search, selection and purchase is not necessary.


How to choose the appropriate option

If you choose reproduction for room, decorated in a classic style and are confident in your competence in this issue, walk around museums, galleries, painting, view albums. This will help to understand what is the genre of painting technique you like and more suited to the interior.

If your home is decorated in a modern style and you are an Amateur in painting, finding the right picture is much more complicated. When you choose listen to your emotions. If the picture was painted by the master from the heart, it keeps a certain energy and when it is in tune with your feelings, you will not be able to feel. Works that do not cause any emotions, you will not do. If painting is fascinating, uplifting, encouraging, that most likely is what you searched for.

Modern paintings for interior can be found in galleries, at art exhibitions and in salons. Do not neglect the work of street artists, but before purchase it is better to consult with professionals to not purchase not the best made copy of the famous artist.

When choosing paintings both classic and contemporary painting can be guided by the following recommendations:

1. Choose the plot in the interior, matching the overall style of the room. The painting hanging on the wall, will focus on and define the mood. Some stories will evoke a sense of peace, some dipped in dreams and some, by contrast, will charge with energy and cheer.

So, images of seascapes: the boundless sea, swaying on the waves sailboats on a blue sky background, will cause peace, inevitably namechaetsya about travel and holiday at the seaside. Therefore, such work will fit perfectly into the interior of a room designed for rest, they will add freshness and spaciousness.

Tip: do not use in the recreation room of the sea the story of the raging sea, black clouds, the ship, struggling with the elements. This picture is unlikely to soothe rather will give you a sense of anxiety and even like, does not contribute to proper rest.2. Follow that pattern in the interior in harmony with the rest of the items: furniture, lamps, accessories.

3. An important factor is the color scheme of the picture. Before choosing, you should make an analysis of the design space. If the room is used vivid colors, then choose a picture better in neutral and soothing colors, where there is a small note tone, which is the main in the interior. In this case, the picture will emphasize the design and give the design a finished look.

If the design of the room, in contrast, used neutral, you could even say, boring tones, bright accents will put paintings in the interior with saturated colors.


The basic rule

Choosing the picture, we should not forget that light colors make the room visually larger, and dark, in contrast, collect the footage. Especially important is this factor when you select a picture in the room with a small square in order to make your room even smaller.


Determine the size

After the choice of subject and color palette, you must decide if you are suitable for the size of the paintings in the interior. All of your efforts on the design of the room may be lost if the dimensions of the image will not work, and you will gain too large or small canvas.

So, in the usual average apartment, with low ceilings, not suitable for large vertical paintings upright. Afford to hang them by the owners of spacious homes. If you are among them, stop your choice on the horizontal figure of medium size.

It is worth to observe the proportions of the room and surrounding objects. For example, the picture that will hang above the sofa should not exceed the size of half the width of his back. If you plan to hang at this place a few paintings, the total area they will occupy should not exceed 2/3 of the wall above the sofa.

Adherence to these proportions is important for several reasons:

  • First, images are perceived in full measure, when you are from them at a distance. For large canvases, this distance should amount to several meters.
  • Secondly, the room, the walls overloaded with pictures, it seems much smaller than it really is.
  • Third, the small paintings in the interior is simply lost and will not play in it any significant role.



Without a doubt, paintings, written by a professional – it is beautiful, very stylish, fashionable. But if you want to bring flavor to the interior, to breathe in the house, to spice up the design, make patterns for the interior with their own hands. All possible, is to find a source of inspiration and method of implementation.

The picture is not necessarily art. You may not be able to draw, but to be a master of embroidery, to be able to do glass painting or fabric appliques, enjoy quilling. You can create some abstract stories, strips, circles. This fashion trends for the performance of which, do not need a high level of skill, most importantly, imagination.

Tip: look at the pictures. Beautiful photo, framed, will look great on the walls of a modern interior.

Take your time to embody ideas into life, collect impressions, collect the necessary materials, try your hand at new genres, and you will be amazed at the masterpiece that will sooner or later create their own.

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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