Elegant bedroom in shades of grey — inspired ideas

Bedrooms in grey tones – one of the latest newfangled trends because the interior cool shades looks very elegant. And he is gray has a beneficial effect on the nervous system of the townspeople, tired of the stress and excess emotions. It is believed that gray – no color and no color (the spectrum), but it's not quite fair. Good examples of gray bedrooms you can see how it is multifaceted.

Features of perception of gray

The human perception of the environment is largely determined by the peculiarities of the color palette and its impact on the emotional background. Depressed people do not make black and white bedroom decor. However, it is the perfect choice for those who have the processes of excitation of the nervous system predominate over the processes of inhibition, it is difficult to switch to sleep.

Quiet shades relieve General stress, harmonize emotions, giving inner peace. Balanced use of gray in interior design is beneficial for those people whose profession is associated with great emotional stress and nervous stress.

As you know, is the spectrum of cold and warm shades, but there are niespecjalnie tone color palette. Blurred and muted colors in the bedroom pushing the limits visually, and warm, saturated shades bring the ceiling or wall. Competent application of the gray color not only decorate the interior of a bedroom in any style, but will also create the right emotional background, setting up a dream.

Wrong choice of heavy shades, by contrast, contributes to a pleasant feeling from the situation, so you need to bet on the right choice of shades of grey, not to spoil the overall impression. For example, a bedroom in shades of gray photo.

Gray is quite interesting, has many of its own nuances, differing in saturation, but the most elegant is mixing gray palette with different saturation with a different color. Neutral colors have a beneficial effect not only on the nervous system, but also on the visual analyzers. These include intermediate tones of medium wave spectrum.

But the most appropriate for bedrooms gray color will remain gray-green, gray-purple and a bluish-gray tint. Their generosity carries a relaxed atmosphere, peace and General harmony. Soft pastel colors, including all shades of beige are wonderful companions gray. Silver and pearl shades are widely used for interior decoration of modern style interiors.

This color is born from the fusion of opposites black and white – with the rapid rotation of the symbol "Yin-Yang" goes grey. We can also get it by mixing these two colors, so it is considered a symbol of harmony, struggle and unity of opposites.

Gray has many shades and transition shades, but the most common in the interior:

  • pale-grey;
  • smoky;
  • gray-blue;
  • pearl-gray;
  • solid grey;
  • grey-beige;
  • gray-brown;
  • yellowish-gray;
  • granite;
  • gray-blue;
  • brown;
  • gray-green;
  • ash;
  • granite;
  • steel;
  • silver-grey;
  • deep dark grey;
  • light grey;
  • gray-purple;
  • grey-lilac;
  • pink and grey;
  • blurry gray.

About feelings – gray color is associated with the sense of stability and some certainty, predictable prospects. People who prefer gray shades in the interior, tend to balance. They do not show emotions, but love to reconcile the conflicting parties to stop diplomats, teachers, or lawyers. Restraint of the owner, is talking about a business suit of gray.

The grey color chosen for another reason – the bedroom is on the upper floors on the South side of the house. And if the room has no balcony and the loggia, it is difficult to escape from the scorching rays of the sun, and the light is all the colors quickly fade. Ideal – fully grey bedroom, because there is nothing to burn. Attack of the midday southern sun can be mitigated with air conditioning, but it's hard to tame the amount of light.

How to achieve color variation in the gray interior?

There are many examples of interior design house or apartment in the same style and overall color scheme. Experienced interior designer will be able to offer different options of living rooms and auxiliary rooms, where each will have its original appearance. For example:

  • the interior of bedrooms in grey tones – on the background of gray-purple walls with purple textile;

  • the modern kitchen is decorated in grey marble and orange accents;

  • teen bedroom with green plants, black equipment and painting graffiti on the walls;

  • black and white living room gray color as the main companion;

  • the delicate gray-pink girl's bedroom with lavender accessories will help to calm down after school;

  • granite grey as the main background of the hallway, complemented by large mirrors and original chrome fixtures;

  • grey blue bathroom with blue contrast trim tile.

The gray interior is not as important the choice of color, but more attention should be given to such methods as:

  • a game of patterns;

  • the overall proportions;

  • the combination of matte and glossy surface, crystal and metallic luster;

  • the proportions;

  • the contrast of light and dark shades;

  • the combination of basic background, blurred background, and diluted shades of other colors;

  • the use of color companion.

The most common methods of interior design bedroom in grey tones:

  • using a single hue with different saturation – from delicate mauve to deep gray-violet or taking the gradient with a gradual transition;

  • the use of multiple shades of gray;

  • the play of textures on surfaces of the same color – crystal, pearl, jacquard (plain, glossy designs on a matte background), metallic luster, etc.;

  • grey as a classic companion warm or cold color of varying intensity, for example, gray with caramel, red, emerald or turquoise;

  • the classic background of noble interior in black and white;

  • the contrast in the duet with black, white, purple, blue or cherry color;

  • the whole design of the bedroom is decorated in one color, where the basic rate – in the style of the interiors and the refinement of forms of furniture and accessories.

Fashion gray periodically leaves and comes back, and sometimes there is a tint, which all prefer. Before the early twentieth century, pearl grey color, known in fashion history as the "Gris de parley", was in high esteem by the secular young ladies. In Puritan England it symbolized modesty and humility, refined taste and innocence. For the same characteristics of gray valued in Russia tsarist times.

Today, gray is widely used in interior design. Luxurious bedroom in grey tones in the design the main idea can be the style of the interior. Although many refer to it skepticheski, but today you can find many excellent samples in various styles – from the historic classics to modern of author's styles of famous designers. A good choice of style and the grey color does not look gray and ordinary. An example of a bedroom in shades of gray photo.

The most exquisite grey bedroom looks at the style:

Very original way to decorate a grey bedroom in modern style:

In the monochrome interior, neutral style, it is also possible to focus on the original form of furniture, accessories, original texture of fabrics. Noble rough background of the bedroom walls with any bold subject will attract attention, even if all the decorative elements of the same color. It is somewhat reminiscent of a choir, where every voice – a bright personality.


For example:

  • the floors are laminate under smoky oak;

  • grey Venetian plaster on the walls or Wallpaper with a pearlescent effect jacquard;

  • bed quilted satin coverlet and the original headboard with classic picks, like upholstered furniture;

  • large Ottomans upholstered in a gray knit covers knit;

  • on the walls drawings with portraits of the owner of the apartment;

  • grey rug from faux fur, resembling the skins of animals;

  • translucent shiny curtains and other add-ons.

The most expensive looks trim in light gray tones, supplemented with a chrome or silver-tone hardware, original light fixtures, silver thread with crystal beads. The most interesting looks grayish glossy stretch ceiling with a mirror effect and visually increase the room. Quilted satin in the bedroom is elegantly contrasted with a wood texture or velvet upholstery. Today bleached or smoked oak decor laminate remains the most fashionable trend. No less interesting looks and other game textures – gray crystalline chips in the walls or floor in the mix of light transparent fabrics and live plants.

Attention: Deep grey do not use on the ceiling, because it creates the effect of overhanging clouds. It is better to take only the lightest shades, and glossy ceilings give the illusion of a mirror surface.

The combination of the grey with another color in the interior bedroom

Although gray is widely considered to be boring and dull, it has no equal as a companion or a common background.

1. If preferred the pink color in the girl's room in Barbie style, light gray can be used as the main background. It will help though as-that to dilute the excess of pink, purple and fuchsia in the interior of the nursery. Gray can be the floor and walls, and children's furniture, textiles and accessories may be a favorite color for young ladies.

2. If the interior bet on 2-3 active colors, they usually balance the neutral grey. For example, red and black – and-white here will only exacerbate the contrast and gray balance, especially if it's main background.

3. Any shade of gray seems to be a silent sage on the background of the overall load of flashy bright colors. For example, the classic combination of grey and red, if the owner of the bedroom are hard to resist sexy red favorite palette. Pearl grey can easily remove noisy load and ennoble the bedroom.

4. The grey colour perfectly accompanies the more glamorous shades to accentuate of dignity. For example, there is nothing that will set off the exquisite upholstered furniture upholstered in turquoise velvet or emerald green, as gray walls and the accessories in silver.

5. Gray is a classic color to balance the contrast between incompatible colors, especially if the gray has a touch of related colors. For example, plum and olive would make a great gray-green, and steel balance Burgundy and pale blue.

6. A very noble look gray-white interior, but it is better to take bright white with a bluish tint than white-cream, he on a grey background looks like dirty. Spectacular white leather furniture (sofa, Ottoman, or sofa bed) are always very advantageous looks on the gray background of the bedroom.

7. Grey, you need to skillfully combine with pastel colors of the same saturation. For example, a delicate powdery shades of the bedroom should be combined with more intense gray. The same wish applies to light beige shades to create a calm and relaxing interior. In such embodiments, the grey color companion must be either much darker or much lighter than the base favorite.

8. Classic Duo grey and green, particularly when green is presented in several shades. Although the grey-green bedroom – a pretty rare variant, but this palette is very beneficial for vision and overall health. This always stands out particularly nice, friendly atmosphere.

  • if you use multiple shades of gray, add white accessories in the bedroom to add depth and purity;

  • for men's bedrooms will fit textured Wallpaper, graphic design, textiles and dense textiles;

  • to give a luxury interior using shiny fabrics and shiny surface, mirrors, and chrome fixtures original shape;

  • if the trim gray bedroom smooth matte, it is necessary to more actively use the jacquard texture of the textile is quiet and monochromatic look will not break, and will introduce variety;

  • when choosing furniture for grey bedroom should pay attention to the exquisite shape of a headboard, dressing table, dressing table or console;

  • bedroom wall can be decorated in a calm prints, paintings, classical landscape, drawings, abstraction or characters (depending on style);

  • to reduce the solid load of the bedrooms, replace the dark grey black color plum, by baklazhanovy, blueberry, or dark purple;

  • gray is not always in harmony with the natural shades of the wood, but in perfect harmony with white, black, chocolate (wenge wood) furniture for bedrooms or decor for gray oak.

Gray bedroom – a selection of self-sufficient people, held in a professional and personal sense. Noble interior lounge is preferred by people with excellent taste. Remember that bedroom is not only a separate room, but:

  • functional area in a Studio apartment;

  • in apartment or office;

  • room of a teenager;

  • the guest room is used for privacy and other options.

The choice of shades of grey should be in harmony with the overall interior of the house or apartment, but do not forget that this depends on the General mood of the hosts:

  • calm grey-blue shades;

  • will give optimism to grey-green;

  • initiates and accumulates the energy of red and gray bedroom;

  • grey-violet interior design stimulates intellectual activity and great for those before bed tends to sum up the day.published



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