How to determine a good day for planting

Sowing seeds, rooting cuttings, transplanting houseplants – this is a common spring trouble grower. What day will be the best for such work? How to achieve the best rooting and growth of flowers?


Many of us ask ourselves the question of why some people have everything planted grows well, while others – like when. In England, for such people even a special name – "green hands" (green hands). Agree, a shame, if seeds are good, and the soil is chosen correctly, and the depth of sowing to the user, and regular watering, and seedlings are rare and stunted, if ever, appeared. What's wrong?

Since ancient times, people believed that the Moon helps them in the difficult work of agriculture. Right now our indoor gardening, outdoor gardening as a hobby, but to deny the influence of celestial motion on its successful results does not make sense. Modern astrologers each year is a calendar of gardeners, which includes recommendations for planting, care for them and also a list of favorable and unfavorable for work on the ground days.


The influence of lunar phases on plant growth

Besides calendar, you need to take into account the phases of the moonthat determine the susceptibility of the earth to the seeds, viability of seedlings and their development. It is noticed that it is best to plant all the plants on the growing moon: at this time, the land ready to accept seeds and create conditions for their life and growth. As a result you will get healthy and strong plants:

  • the most beautiful flowers;
  • delicious vegetables and fruit.

The full moon is better to refrain from work in the garden or yard. This period is the most unpredictable, but most often it brings negative energy for the earth and seeds.

During the waning moon recommended to improve the conditions of plant growth, the quality of the land

  • loosen,
  • fertilize,
  • to water,
  • to deal with pests and insects.

All garden and field work is best done on the calendar.


The connection of the individual calendar and planting

For effective work on the ground suggest to also take into account personal zodiac calendar. We all have days when everything works, we feel a burst of energy and feel its endless possibilities. For avid gardeners and gardeners these days — a chance to implement his energy and achieve incredible results. In order to find the best for you, refer to the basic zodiac calendar.

It is important to consider the forecast of astrologers and before harvest, because the Moon imbues plants with energy. Positive or negative — depends on the day of harvest. Doing that in the day you will receive useful and tasty fruit, but if you're not lucky, the harvest will deteriorate and will not benefit you.

It is worth mentioning that many plants, most flowers are associated with any of the signs of the zodiac, for example, for Fish it's violets and daffodils, for Taurus — Lily of the valley and lilac, for the virgin Mac and Astra. If these plants are planted by representatives of their zodiac signs, they promise to grow quickly, bloom magnificently and carry a huge charge of positive energy.

Listen to your intuition

Many gardeners, flower growers and professional gardeners are willing to reveal their secret of success: the plants must love all work to do with pleasure, then everything will work. And the question is, when that plant, they are responsible – when the day is appropriate!


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For field work often dictates the weather. In the indoor horticulture the choice more depends on the person. How to determine time?

Here answers diverge. Some say that transplanted plants when they feel a great desire to do it, and others that begin the transplant in the calendar or just choose a day off, but the work itself gives them pleasure.

Therefore, do things you love and receive joy from it! Perhaps this is the secret of success.published




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