Vedic astrology: Moon in the zodiac, and the classification of the lunar sign!

Vedic astrology: Moon in the zodiac, and the classification of the lunar sign!
Moon points to the basic emotional state of the person, the nature of the test to her senses. Astrologically it is revealed through the moon sign, the house in which the moon, planetary aspects and the effect of the moon, and it is growing or waning moon.

Strong Moon gives a person confidence and emotional level, which will help him in all of life's accomplishments. Weak moon became a victim of emotional excitability and instability, and may terminate, and to minimize all the other advantages of the card.
In Vedic astrology the moon sign is used to describe the person instead of the sun sign, which is used in this situation, western astrology. The term Janma Rasi, or "birth sign" refers precisely to the lunar sign. Quality lunar sign reflect not only the planet, rules this sign, but also the nature of the house, which is controlled by the Moon, counting from the sign it occupies. (That is, we take the moon for the first sign of the house.)

Classification of the lunar sign:

1. Moon in Aries indicates a direct, impulsive and expressive character; emotions follow the desires and physiological needs. It provides leadership, man is inclined to follow his ego and is committed to excellence. Emotions will be focused around how to express their independence, imperiousness and aggressiveness, sometimes reaching up to anger and dominance over everything.

2. Moon in Taurus - exalted - creates a strong and stable emotions with the need for stability, security and material success. Artistic and poetic side of the moon is often manifests itself in this sign of Venus. Since the moon rules the third house of Taurus, then that provision gives vitality, curiosity, creativity and a lot of passion in life.

3. Moon in Gemini indicates an intelligent, expressive, sensitive and volatile emotional nature. Human emotions are closely dependent on the mind and nervous system, for erasing the differences between his mind and senses. As the moon controls the second home of the Twins, then that provision gives a good speech skills and sociability.

4. Moon in Cancer - in its own sign - makes people friendly, caring and emotional, with a strong temperament moon, life, aimed at human relations. Usually in life will be dominated by private, the home side, but if there is the influence of Saturn to the Moon, public or political aspect, too, will be shown. The person most likely to belong to a lunar type.

5. Moon in Leo gives you emotions and psyche strength, nobility and character. A person will like everything bright and dramatic, much like the Sun in Leo, but his soul will demand recognition and respect. Since the moon rules the twelfth house of Leo, the emotional nature of people is often subordinated to their strong personal core. Yet they often present the capacity for self-denial and spirituality (twelfth house) in order to maintain their high principles of the lion.

6. The Moon in Virgo gives you a lot of interests, hobbies and goals with a curious but practical turn of mind. Maybe poor digestion and a person can easily get discouraged from nervous and emotional overload. This situation is good for artists, craftsmen, healers and yogis to develop sophisticated and sattvic vibrations. Since the moon rules the eleventh house of the Virgin, such a Moon gives a lot of achievements, puts a lot of goals, and gives a good business skills.

7. Moon in Libra says a person with the need for public service, idealism, artistic and creative expression uncomplicated. This situation is better for the public and intellectual than for domestic and emotional manifestation of the lunar energy. Since Libra is ruled by the Moon on the tenth house of career, it causes a person to seek recognition and gives the desire to influence the masses. It makes one a diplomat and often favored by business and trade.

8. Moon in Scorpio - the sign of its fall - gives a person the deep and hidden emotions, strengths, and sometimes tragic, and, to some extent, anger and a lot of crashes in my life. Still, it could mean the depth and spirituality with interest ktakim subjects such as psychology, yoga and tantra. This is confirmed by the fact that the Moon rules the ninth house (the house of piety) of Scorpio.

9. The Moon in Sagittarius is an ethical and principled, but sometimes hypocritical person, to distinguish between good and evil, the commitment to law and order, for which emotions are subject to a strict chain of command, if not sacrificed. It can contribute to the heat of the crusading, work as a priest, lawyer and reformer, sometimes to the point of fanaticism activities. Because the Moon rules the eighth house of Sagittarius, you can promote interest in spiritual and psychic research, healing.

10. The Moon in Capricorn, under the influence of Saturn, fully manifests its public aspect, emphasizing the intellectual, social, political and business activities. There will be a practical person mind and emotions, attraction to the traditional way and the desire to bring the case to the real, tangible results. Since the moon rules the seventh house of Capricorn, it gives attachment to a partner, especially in the workplace and in the public sphere.

11. The Moon in Aquarius brings personality idealism, self-denial and spirituality. It is a common situation for healers, monks and yogis, but also for criminals, drug addicts and the dregs of society that depend on the impact of Saturn - monastic or corrupting. Since the moon has on the sixth house of Aquarius, the health issues in this case is very important; There is an emotional predisposition to the disease.

12. The Moon in Pisces - highly emotional, poetic and romantic, in harmony with the sensitive water sign. When it is struck, it is very likely emotional disharmony, but if strong - the moon here has a certain vulnerability and impressionability, which is why it needs protection - not only in terms of psychology, but also in terms of physical health. Here, in the case of destruction of the immune system may be weak and metabolic diseases. Since the moon has the fifth house of Pisces, then this situation is favorable for children and creativity, and Jupiter has expansive, ie emotional nature.


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