FEARS signs of the zodiac

Each zodiac sign also correspond to certain colors, smells, symbols, and even fear. How do we sort out who is who, and what to expect from the people?

During his life, we are faced with a huge number of people who believe in crucial infinitely their zodiac sign and try to see yourself in those character traits that requires them horoscope. And, indeed, each of us can be found in the description of yourself to see some of his character traits, mannerisms and even habits.

Each zodiac sign also correspond to certain colors, smells, symbols, and even fear. How do we sort out who is who, and what to expect from people born under this or that constellation? Let's try to figure it out.


Aries - enterprising, bold and decisive. All the things that he does, so fearless, bordering on recklessness. Aries long time can not be tired, and always gets the job done, cheering confident that he can do anything. Aries are very generous and sincere, they are as strong as the soul and body. However, Aries inherent fear of enclosed spaces - claustrophobia they better go up the stairs to the top of a skyscraper than take the elevator. Aries are very sociable, so they are often haunted by fear of being alone - isolofobiya. Aries opinionated, stubborn, according to his opinion the only right of all, and therefore covers a righteous anger when the truth of the judgment in question. Aries prefer the freedom and independence, so try to avoid a serious relationship with a partner, and the prospect of many romantic dates, even frightening.

Taurus - quiet, welcoming and friendly zodiac sign, but it is fully revealed is not for everyone. Close bodies may only learn of their close relatives and friends, but it is fully disclose their views and feelings. Taurus can not be called too sociable - he is rather stingy with emotions. The main thing in the life of cells - the house and the family home, he prefers the comfort, convenience, peace of mind and tries to avoid scandals and quarrels. Taurus in the majority do not believe in mysticism, so they do not scare scary stories about vampires, werewolves and ghosts. However, if they encounter one on one with something mysterious and not amenable to scientific explanation, you may be frightened, and tried to do everything as quickly as possible to forget about the event. Generally, calves - one of the few signs of the zodiac, rarely suffer phobias. This is due to the fact that they do not dwell on the details, and can pull the plug on their fears. At the same cells - totally extreme sign of the zodiac, he never dares to jump with a parachute, or mountain climbing. For calves a significant role in their lives play money, so they are terribly afraid to stay with empty purse.

Gemini - the sign of a complex and contradictory, the most fickle and changeable of all the zodiac signs. Humor Twins volatile as the weather: they are throwing laughing to crying, from love to hate, from joy to sadness. Twins than anyone else able to clothe their thoughts in a convincing manner, so that relieve itself from many worries and fears. They carefully analyze all phenomena and events, dig to the bottom, and in all are rational. However, the Twins can not overcome his fear of the dark, depth and closed spaces. People born under the sign of the twins, can not stand routine and dullness, the monotony of their frightening and tiring. The twins are physically very hardy, but their nervous system is extremely labile, unstable emotional state, and the pain threshold is lowered, so they do not tolerate any, even minor pain.

Cancers are extremely shy, impressionable and vulnerable, often they turn in on themselves. This stock character contribute to the development from childhood phobias. And in a rare sign meet such a variety of fears: claustrophobia, venustrafobiya - fear of beautiful women Androphobia - fear of men, as well as more mundane fears of darkness, depth, in public speeches or punishment. Cancers are touchy and extremely afraid of becoming an object of ridicule; this fear can turn into a pathology, and then a person will develop katagelofobiya. As a sign of emotional instability, cancer is afraid of high speeds - tahofobiya - and high-altitude flight - aviafobiya. With regard to the relationship, the cancer is an incredibly stable, and can save the attachment to a single person to a ripe old age.

Already only one name it is clear that the lion - a sign of the noble, energetic and incredibly brave. It would seem impossible to scare the lion, but just its main advantages is the source of his fears. If you cast doubt on the merits of a lion, it's incredibly hurt his pride. Leo is afraid blunder and drop their dignity. Lions often manifests an obsessive fear of being ridiculed, misunderstood and unappreciated. Leo always calculates only the admiration and appreciation of others. They vain do not represent life without laudatory speeches and flattery in his address. Lions, despite the bravery and fearlessness, terribly afraid of pain and generally any medical procedures, doctors, particularly dentists. The high altitude may experience a slight dizziness, and fear of closed spaces, as they feel that the walls around them are starting to shrink. Lions differ perseverance, and always reach the intended target.

Virgin is very modest and sophisticated people. They do not like noisy companies, preferring a narrow circle of friends. Virgin is not prone to dreams and lengthy discourse, they are distinguished by a sober rational mind. They do not know how to relax, almost always meeting and concerned about pressing matters. These people have a lot of fears, for example, they fear the opinions of others, and are very dependent on him. Virgin fear becoming the object of gossip and conversations, jokes and banter. They are bad leaders can not do a lot of things at once, is quite slow and punctuality. Men, maidens often develops venustrafobiya (fear of beautiful women). Virgin did not believe in love, considering it a fairy tale for fools, so women and men is characterized gamofobiya - fear of marriage and marriage. Almost all representatives of this zodiac sign overflowing with horror and disgust at the sight of spiders (arachnophobia), cockroaches (blattofobiya) and other unpleasant insects. Virgos can be as fears that they even begin to suffer phobophobia - again experience fear experienced by fear.

People born under the sign of Libra, always and everywhere looking for a middle ground. They are characterized by the harmony of body and soul, they are easy to compromise, but often can not achieve balance in your own feelings and emotions. Mood swings - their usual state, they then fall into a deep depression, the delight of others ringing laughter and happily. Libra is very charming, compliant, almost always considered the views of other people. Scales panic fear of insects and reptiles, especially snakes and frogs; they do not suffer the pain and go to the doctor only when absolutely necessary. Libra can not stand alone, they are often tormented by fear of being left without a mate, and they try as soon as possible to marry and start a family. For this very characteristic sign of the zodiac the fear of death.

Scorpions successfully combine energy and determination, dignity and endurance, talent and willpower. They have a good intuition often anticipate scorpions words and change the mood of others. They are pretty unforgiving can save years of negative, and then suddenly revenge. Scorpions is highlighted in my life family is very attached to their families. Scorpio - a rare sign that almost never is afraid of nothing, as befits a king with a sharp blade. But those few phobias, which can still attack scorpions, very original: the fear of the corners of albinos and gambling. Scorpions - secretive personality, they are terribly afraid that their secrets can be disclosed.

Sagittarians are confident in life, they are extremely energetic and purposeful. These people are sociable, friendly, they can not be accused of cowardice. Sagittarians love to the extreme and always rush to the breast recess. The risk for them - a vital necessity. Sagittarians are able to dispose of his associates, easily become the soul of the company. In the struggle to come out openly, directly looking into the face of the enemy and rely only on themselves. Their only drawback - extravagance: they are completely uneconomical and often spend money for nothing. Sagittarians are cheerful, light-hearted, have a great sense of humor. They are straight forward, always say what they think, why can not stand when they are accused of deceit. Sagittarians believe in mysticism and fear of evil spirits. It is a sign of a freedom-loving, so often found among archers claustrophobic.

Capricorns - happy sign that birth is programmed for success and lifelong goes to him. Capricorns are incredibly hard-working, live, if they work and if they work - that live. Externally ibex little sullen, apathetic or unassembled, but inside they have a steel rod. Capricorns like solitude and even enjoy it. Among them are often found complexed with a lot of personality fears. Capricorns mind prevails over the senses, they are very careful and stand firmly on the ground. They do not allow themselves a manifestation of such feelings, jealousy, laziness, impulsiveness and carelessness, considering their weakness and an obstacle to achieving the goal. Capricorns are inclined to resort to such phobias as agoraphobia - fear of large crowds - and aviafobiya.

Under the sign of Aquarius was born the greatest number of geniuses - artists, writers, musicians and sculptors - and this points to the fact that this sign - the most talented. Aquarians are very inquisitive, they have well-developed intuition and imagination. They are balanced, thick-skinned and pretty quiet. They are sociable tend to surround themselves with a lot of people, but periodically turn in on themselves and ask to be left alone. Yes, Aquarius fickle, but it is consistent with such a creative zodiac sign. But in a marriage they are faithful, loving and caring. Fear of discovering in his fear of loneliness and fear of pain.

The most visionary of all the characters. Fish are very sensitive, vulnerable, soft and so mysterious that you can communicate with them all my life, but did not fully understand all their essence. They are balanced, but at the same time they often become angry. Fish love solitude, they are very romantic and indecisive creation. This zodiac sign is endowed with incredible artistry and intuition. Their friend - a case, they often catch good luck for a tail is a fluke. Pisces believe at all mysterious and mystical, so all my life may be afraid of evil forces - witches, ghosts, spirits, as well as aliens. In the vulnerable by virtue of their character, they are often haunted by fear of punishment, and if the child-fish as a child to punish it in the future develops into a pathological fear - mastigofobiyu.


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