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Horoscope Incidentally, the name, the name of the mystery and destiny - by chance? Intuitive or "convenience"? Whatever it was, but the importance of the name is indisputable. In ancient times, they did not call, and anoint Ivan. Anoint - means "doomed" because "to name", "river" from the Slavic "speech". Hence, "to utter", "condemn", "predict».
The next version of the sound of the word "river" - nothing more than a "rock", fate. The Proto-Slavic verb rekti have been amplifying form urekti, which meant "a strong word," "cast a spell" and even "evil eye." So imagine how much power has a name, if it's a word that man has to hear each day throughout their lives.

There is a theory about the non-randomness of naming. A child is born with a certain program and surname of his already "doomed", parents can only choose a name, to help him fulfill his life purpose. Birthday Horoscope person confirms this theory. In astrology, there is such a thing as a quality rectification («rekti») - clarification of the birth of the exterior, and even the name. So determine the ascendant, which allows to build a true horoscope. Likewise, only the reverse way is possible by zodiac sign or a planet, which dates back to the time of birth, and to determine the probable name of the person. How it will sound harsh or melodious ... What letters can allocate its specificity and what his sound vibrations. It's very interrelated.
The name on the sign of the zodiac rising
How does the sign of the Ascendant in the birth horoscope to choose the name?

* (This information assumes knowledge of the Ascendant in a horoscope. Hint: calculate, find your Ascendant).

Power of Fire at the Ascendant. Signs Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. They correspond to:
Planet Mars, Pluto, the Sun, Jupiter
Born Names for Aries, Lviv, Sagittarius zodiac sign of rising, the element of fire to astsendenteri such circumstances distinguish vigor, impulsiveness, aggressiveness, sometimes aggressiveness. They are bright, ambitious. Therefore, such people are often present voiced a number of consonants and vowels are open. So that name was proudly and independently, in some cases even "frightening" in lions' r-rr "... For example: Mr. Arthur, Edouard RD, Ar-ron, Mr Alexander, Ar-p- by Ar-arcade style, Ar-rseny Eldar-r, Ger-rman, Yar-Roslan, Yegor-p, Mar pk, P-Ruslan, Mar mouth, Tamar-ra, Mar rgarita, Dar-Darya, Ekater-Rina, Ar-width, Options rvara, Ger-rtruda ... accented letters "R».
Also, "A" is noted as frequent (open): Andrew, Alex, Avdey, Arius, Radium, Radoslav Stepan, Adam Andrzej Azarov, Zlata, Marianne, Agatha, Agnes, Aina, Aida, Alexander Alla, Asta, Raisa, Vassa, Vasilisa, Jeanne, Larisa, Hope, Mary, Adele, Alena, Yaroslav, April, anise ...
These rules often apply to and surname: Gaidar, Arbenin, Kadar, Ardov ... Often the meaning of the names directly painted "military", "hot" topics - Fighters, hot, red, Mayor, Pozharsky, Udaltsov, Streltsov ...
The strength of the Earth at the Ascendant. Signs Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. They correspond
Venus, Mercury, Saturn.
These people from the Names for Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn zodiac sign on the uplink, the element of earth on astsendentelichayut stability, thoroughness, reliability, some conservative. Therefore, they are often referred to as traditional, "old" names, or father, grandmother, grandfather ... For example: Matthew, Daniel, Lubomyr, Michael, Svyatoslav, David, Hleb, Anatoly, anise, Anton Ilya Nikita, Bogdan, Boris, Vasily Vadim, Benjamin Victor, Vsevolod, Paul, Evdokia, Antonina, Vasilina, Veronica, Victoria, Galina, Capitolina, Eva, Maia, Taisiya, Tatiana ...
This is the "calm" theme so prevalent in the names of voiceless consonants, and they are much more than vowels. Often it looks like different variations of combinations of letters "I", "F", "P", "W": Timothy, Methodius, Peter, Ostap, Guri, Sophia, Thekla, Ustinov, Ulyana, Pauline ...
The surnames there is something calming, "simple" of the earth: Fedulov, Shukshin, Shaposhnikov Pakhomov, Fushin, Chekhov, Shevchuk, Popov ...
The strength of the Air at the Ascendant. Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.
The planets Mercury, Venus, Uranus.
Air element brings openness to all living creatures, mobilnostImena for Gemini, Libra, Aquarius rising sign of the zodiac, the element of air astsendente, ease of communication. Such names should be easy to pronounce, if necessary distance to call the person or to submit a large audience: Ivan and Yuri, Ernest, Oleg, Sergey, Thomas, Simon, Roland, Valery, Igor, Alex, Alice, Alina, Elena, Albina, Faith, Dean Clara, Svetlana, Edita, Ella ...
Often names and surname of the people there are double vowels: Daniel George, Leon Edward, Anastasia, Valeria, Gloria, Eugene, Evdokia, Zoe, Zinaida, Claudia, Liana, Xenia ...
Present voiced consonants, with the preponderance of letters "Z", "E", "I", "H", "C": Zinaida, Inga, Catherine, Lydia, Nelly, Nina, Evelyn, Savely, Felix, Stanislav, Nicholas, Gennady, Konstantin, Yevgeny ...
Specific names: Leonov, Izmailov, Zinoviev, Yesenin, Savelyev, Minin ...
Feature of "air" names - they rhyme well.
The power of water at the Ascendant. Signs Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. They correspond
Planet Moon, Mars, Pluto, Neptune.
With the element of water is associated emotsionalnoeImena for Cancers, Scorpio, Pisces on the rising sign, the element of water on the perception of the Ascendant, so names are often painted in warm, soft tones. Or, (in the case of a scorpion passions) there is a strong emotional message, with a touch of claims, magic appeal. If it's Pisces (Neptune) - musically, lyrically, mysteriously. A common characteristic feature is the presence of soft sign in name and surname. Part of the sound: "Ab", "Tb": Ilya, Valentin, Leonty, Melentie Oleg, Felix, Fidel, Julius, Adele, Alina, Anita, Amelia Juliet, Helen, Lily, Leah, Lolita, Lucien, Lyudmila, Love Milena, Ninel, Natalia, Olesya, Olga, Selena Tatiana Ulita, Pauline, Elvira, Judith ...
Often there are the sounds of "O", "I", "U", "Q": Bartholomew, Basil Moses, Vyacheslav, Nicholas Thomas, Emmanuel, Janis, Aglaia, Viola, Virineya, Layla, Maria, Melanie Simon, Juventas Jana ...
The names of not less than "painting": Balmont, Florensky, Malevich, Volontir, Miller, Mayakovsky, Vujacic, Pliev ...
The names on the sign of the zodiac

Fire Air
The names of the rising sign of the zodiac, signs for fire, the element of fire - Aries, Lviv, Sagittarius; for overhead signs element air - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Aries Leo Sagittarius Libra Aquarius Gemini

Water Land
The names of the rising sign of the zodiac. Names for the water signs, the element of water - Fish, crabs, scorpions; names for the earth signs, the element of earth - Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo
Cancer Capricorn Pisces Scorpio Taurus Virgo
* You do not have the name must conform to the planet of your zodiac sign. It all depends on what qualities you want to develop in yourself or anoint. In the horoscope of the names you will notice that some names are repeated, fit and other signs. There are signs and their respective planets that are friendly - in harmony. If you use the information provided herein, it is possible to choose the name of the plastic, which only extend the boundaries of possibilities and allows the person to develop more versatile.
Horoscope name

Numerological horoscope name to calculate the number of name Choosing a name for the rising sign of the zodiac - just one of the factors and, as you can see, often caused even the astrological influence of the signs and planets. You have, for example, could choose their own name a few options for your unborn child, corresponding to a zodiacal sign. Already know the time of birth. Ascendant you could ask an astrologer or independently calculated on-line service. But how to choose the most appropriate name from the list? What is the horoscope of names?
Astrology is based on the numerology of names. Each name is expanded on the number and eventually meets one of the 9-digit numbers. Kabbalistic numbers, in turn, are related to one or another planet. And the bottom line is to choose the name of the strongest and most favorable planet horoscope birth. Define this planet, find it in your personal natal chart is possible within the framework of astrological consultation.
Horoscope name may adjust your self-selected. For example, the child of Leo rising sign. Following the recommendations you have chosen a few names of suitable group of fire signs. And then you make your own numerological alignment. As a result, one of the names correspond to the number 6 (Venus), the other - the number 1 (planet of the Sun). Perhaps the Sun in the natal chart is not very good performance, it is damaged by harsh aspects of the "evil" of the planets that predicts not the easiest life. And Venus, by contrast, has aspects of creativity and harmony. The choice is clear.

Names - SAGITTARIUS (22.11- 21.12)

MEN IMENAMuzhskie names for Sagittarius, the name of the sign of Sagittarius, the value of the name

Alan - capable, thin mental organization, large inner strength
Alexander - confident, purposeful
Aristarchus - outwardly calm but inwardly nervous, self-contained
Arseny - emotional, active
Artem - a dedicated, persistent
Athanasius - humble, merciful, indecisive, but independent
Bulat - talented, cheerful, talkative, generous, universal favorite
Basil - gallant, simple-minded, conscientious
Vladimir - brave, purposeful
Vyacheslav - is angry, but the case brings to end craving for technology
George - Ambitious, benevolent, Sly
Egor - analytical skills, business acumen, quick-tempered
Zahar - kindness, the breadth of nature, passion for technology
Ivan - generous nature, wide range, open to the world
Hilarion - introvert, may interfere with shyness, hardworking craftsman
Joseph - a heart, a good husband and father
Irakli - an enormous capacity for work, the person will
Maxim - sociable, may lack the will
Nikolai - to overcome the difficulties, practical
Peter - educated, professional
Rodion - energetic, active, easy trick

Roman - inventive mind, a love of variety, amorous
Rustam - a bright personality, prone to risk emotionally unpredictable
Savely - receptive, avant-garde
Svyatoslav - unyielding, takes on an unfamiliar business
Semen - responsive, talented personality
Seraphim - scientific mind, ambitious, successful in his career
Spartak - loving, unbalanced, a talented
Stanislav - a broad, generous nature, does not like to obey
Stepan - gifted, homey
Stefan - a concrete and practical mind, attentive, cheerful
Felix - searching for the prestigious best work rasschetlivy
Yuri - economic, affluent
Jan - smart organizer, sober mind
Jaroslav - a strong, refined

WOMEN IMENAZhenskie names for Sagittarius, the name on the sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius, meaning of the name

Adelaide - high intelligence, flawless, unusual profession
Alexander - is able to do a lot stronger
Alina - capable, stubborn, inflexible
Alice - principled, active
Bertha - a bright, lofty, exemplary wife
Barbara - exotic, sensible
Vasilisa - with a strong sense of justice, intolerance, a high opinion of himself
Vassa - cold, organized, independent, business
Faith - organized, practical mind
Violetta - a strong personality, a leader, innovative thinking and appearance
Diana - a quiet, sympathetic, strong
Catherine - extravagant, good arranged in life
Elizabeth - selfish, impulsive, pragmatic
Jeanne - is friends with men earning business
Isabella - intellectual
Isolde - charming dreamer, takes life as there
Inessa - inquisitive, introverted, vulnerable, independent
Irina - sociable, important professional growth
Maya - generous nature
Margarita - a mysterious, compassionate, intellectual
Marianna - complacent
Marina - freestyle, impulsive
March - a strong woman, extensive activity
Martin - a caring personality, inner strength, critical mind
Matilda - ambitious, sensual, aristocratic
Mirra - a solid, verified, have a chance to succeed
Muse - gifted, good organizer, sociable
Oksana - solid, eccentric, walks by itself
Patricia - a strong character, analytical mind, an ambitious
Parliament - verified, scrupulous
Salome - active, alive
Selena - deep feelings
Seraphim - a wonderful character, thin-skinned, windy
Simon - a good companion, takes care of the family
Snezana - inner turmoil, take hasty decisions, but business-like
Sofia - active in the spotlight much time to,
Sofia - needlewoman, a theater, moving rapidly in the service
Stella - incredibly talented and hardworking
Susanna - extraordinary diligence, good position, but obstinate
Tamara - an independent leader, artistic
Tatiana - strict, overbearing, pragmatic
Teresa - male mind, self, focuses on the near
Thekla - dynamic, purposeful


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