Fate and life scenario

Under the scenario E. Byrne realizes a psychological force that drags man to his fate, regardless of whether or not he considers it a free choice, or to violently resist.

The script has a huge energy boost. All scripts are tragic and have three outcomes: a hospital, a prison, a tomb. A person in a scenario reminiscent of the actor, which is essentially a good man, but in this play he got the role of a villain or a clown, or poor bewildered man. And he plays it apart, and perhaps against his will.

As you know, the script is formed in the first five years of his life under the influence of parents or persons substituting them, and is in fact a vector instincts and training system. It seems to me that the script affects the way of life and destiny, I would define that a person who would have become if he was able to fully develop their potentialities.

That is, it has to be what it should be in accordance with their abilities, talent, or genius. That is, the poet must be a poet, a musician - a musician, an artist - a painter, a mathematician - a mathematician, that is, be yourself

. Man is born happy. At least, this applies to patients and clients who are engaged in therapeutic profile doctors, therapists and psychologists. With such people have a business and managers.

Maybe this applies to you, my dear reader. I mean patients with neuroses and psychosomatic diseases, as well as those who are not lucky in life, but with the genetics they have everything in order.

Still, at the very beginning of his life to win the right to life, you had to compete and to win first place in the race with 150 million members. (I mean sperm count, which emits healthy man during one ejaculation.)

Wood, if he does not get in the way, rising straight up in accordance with his destiny. But even if he can not grow evenly, it is, curving under obstacles, trying out of them to go out and grow up again. Plants still better. Usually they try to grow tomatoes from tomato, cucumber - cucumber

. And just in case the person of actress trying to make the accountant of Mathematics - doctor of the musician -.. The financier, etc. Initially, the parents do, then puts his hand school, and then the production, but before the party

. And really bad, as a result of the generated script the man himself out of his good fortune in the direction of the script, which will lead to human misery. And then attempts to return the fate of human happiness the individual himself regards as a misfortune, and tries to go against their own destiny.

A man for life seems daily to 10, and sometimes 100 happy occasions, but if it is programmed to unhappiness, he will choose the one that will lead to misfortune.

Here I give an example of a woman with an alcoholic wife complex. Let me briefly repeat it. As a student, she was married to an alcoholic-student. He fled with the child from him to his village, to work there as a mechanic. She married a mechanic, who was an alcoholic. With two children ran away to Rostov. It shall be built again, obzhilas. I began to look for a friend's life. And every time she came across alcoholics.

Fate brought this woman to us as follows. She poisoned herself after one of the contenders for her hand in marriage resulted in her two-bedroom apartment mistress while she was on a business trip. After her pumped, she was transferred to us. But we liked it a man, who was treated for alcoholism. With this diagnosis was one of the 19 patients. In general, we helped her, was taken out of the script. Now she is close to him will not let alcoholics.

Fate always signals of trouble, usually indicates some kind of suffering. But often people remain deaf to its voice and stubbornly continue to play in his scenario, his unfortunate role to its logical end, ie. E. To a hospital, prison or the grave.

But there are people with such good fortune, it turns out to be stronger than those stupid things that they do under the influence of the script with a serious, anxious or sad and dramatic expression, and when fate takes them and does not let the abyss, they also resent, instead of to thank his fate.

Only after psychotherapeutic work they begin to work with their destiny and achieve some success, and sometimes even the recognition of society, or at least some part of it.

Then suddenly it reconstructed past, and it turns out that the whole of life becomes a continuous luck. If a person is in the script, then it seems to be in zugzwang: whatever he did, he loses

. When he comes out of the script and began to cooperate with the fate, then no matter what he did, he is a happy man.

This is one of those people with good fortune and I am.

When I came out of the scenario, it has become with it to actively cooperate, and I reconstructed not only the past but also the present.

Exit the script itself is as difficult as to pull out his hair. So I'm going to call those people I shake hands when I got into the vicissitudes of the script. And this time I thought they were enemies.

By age 15 I was the razneschastnym man in his own eyes. My hair was like a sheep, eyes like a toad (because I was teased peers), fat like a pig, and clumsy as sausage (a characteristic of a physical education teacher).

And then I did not realize how much they have done for me. If they do not tease me, I would have talked to them and they would divide mostly sad fate. I know their life stories. And then I take offense at them. Now I want to tell them thank you very much.

At this time, fate brought me to one student at the Medical Institute, who built a horizontal bar. Provis and pokuvyrkatsya on it, I gained some athletic training, but I still felt miserable man. With this person I am friends till now. This man is now listening to my farewell speech.

I became interested in the opposite sex early. Even when I was 11 years old, I liked a girl. But, to my happiness, she rejected me. She chose me to another, which in 50 years has become an alcoholic.

I thought she had rejected me, because there are few good moral qualities in me. I tried to buy them, and when the soul acquired the necessary capital, I lost all interest in her. And now I want to say thank you to her for what she had rejected me, although I was very upset and offended her.

When I was 16, I was lucky again. A gift of fate. With me not want to meet one girl. I know its way of life. If my fate had not intervened and brought us nothing good of this would have happened. Now I want to say to this girl, now very ill and unfortunate woman, thank you for the fact that she rejected me, although I was very upset and offended her.

When I graduated from school, I was lucky again. I have not confirmed with a gold medal. If I was her, I would have done on the physics and mathematics. But then I was very upset, and it was necessary to rejoice. Now I want to say thank you to the officer, although I had never seen that school teachers put me not approved the five mathematics, which I was.

Of course, this is again protected me destiny. After all, according to all I had to give a gold medal. After all 9 classes I received creditable letters, and current fours I had a little, but according to Russian Translation.

At the Institute I started surgery at the department of operative surgery and topographic anatomy. There I amassed a group, and we spent quite a complex surgery on dogs. By all accounts, I should have stayed in graduate school. But I was lucky again.

In graduate school I was not accepted. But then I suffered and cursed everyone could curse the one who had a hand. Now I know that the fate of the one who took my place, deplorable. And in his place I was. Again, I do not know whom I personally thank for that.

I was drafted into the army, service in which I was bored, but now I realize that without this period of my life would be incomplete. I wanted to be a surgeon, and I promoted the administrative ladder.

The fate of us slips different gifts, but we often do not notice them. So I spent 2 years in emphasis has not seen his fortune in the form of a girl, with whom we worked together. Thank God that the fate pushed me in the end to it. I became a happy family life.

Moreover, it has become my main, and sometimes only support in my life where I was vine. I braided it so that it can not be seen. Even his name is lost and my name. But take away her and everything will collapse.

Still, I'm inherently a vine that only she can survive. Another strength enough only for a few months. But it would be possible to be happy before two years. However, I realized that I was happy and I had good fortune, even later.

So, in the army I was eager to stress in surgery, but fate favored me again that my statement in postgraduate simply did not take, and also denied residency. Again, I do not know who to say thank you. But then I thought these people his enemies.

I served then a senior doctor of the regiment, and then deputy chief of the hospital. Without this experience, I could not be doing what I'm doing now. And to develop its own system of management psychology. This management system and now does not accept my immediate surroundings. And I thank them for that.

I managed to implement it in a reputable institution where leaders use this system and very happy with it. But back to my service in the army. I conducted myself wrong, and went after the service to operate. Fate then took me to the hospital bed. I was discharged from the army. And only then I realized that the surgery - it is not mine, but only because it was ill. Thank my lucky stars that knocked me out of my script.

After transfer to the reserve, I realized that a surgical career for me is closed because I thought the disease and decided to engage in a theoretical or laboratory work in 1967.

I wanted to become a pathologist, but fate favored me again. Some officials in Moscow did not approve the decision of our institution for enrollment in my internship at the Department of Pathological Anatomy. How I would like to thank him, but the search for it will not do. I was worried, but it was necessary to rejoice.

While suspended, I met my classmates. Of course, they slipped me my destiny, but I can not detract from their merits. They brought me to my Master. The case ended up enrolling me in a psychiatric clinic.

I would be happy, but I went to the clinic with the mood: "In the fish bezrybe and cancer." But fate tells me earlier that I needed to go into psychiatry. The first patients I saw under the following circumstances. August 5, 1961 as a medalist I enrolled in medical school, and when all the entrants more exams and experienced, I was directed to the restoration of the administrative building.

There I worked with another medal. He has understood the voice of fate, and went immediately to a psychiatric circle and become a psychiatrist after graduation. My scenario is driven in a circle of 12 years (6 years of study at the institute, and 6 years of service in the army).

So, while we break out of the windows of the building looking at the patio psychiatric clinic, at which under the supervision of nurses walked mental patients. These impressions were so bright that I was to become a psychiatrist, could put some hindsight diagnoses. But, alas.

So, I came to work in the clinic, as I said, reluctantly. But just a week later I realized that I got to where it should be. The first time I really got carried away. And that passion was psychiatry. That would be it I just do. So no, I still wanted to be a PhD. Without much interest, I took up the shit in the literal and figurative sense of the word: "Trace elements in body fluids of patients with schizophrenia in the defective condition»

. Interest in the topic I have no was not, but it was easy to collect the material, and then it was dissertationable, t. E., At the time it was easy to defend. In addition, I took for her boss at the suggestion without examining the state of the problem. Then I opened my eyes. That would throw as told me to fate.

But the scenario has forced her to add to the last line. Year of inspection at the research supervisor. And the ban of the Higher Attestation Commission take to defend the thesis on these topics. 1973. Depression, his hands dropped. And again I was lucky. Fate gave me an outlet. It was a class table tennis. But I do not understand her signals. The relationship with the leadership become strained.

And then I got lucky again. In 1978 I had an ischemic stroke in the vertebrobasilar arterial system. Lying - you feel good, but you can not get up. Many think. And then I came across a brochure on transactional analysis. I bought it in 1978, and realized and read while lying in a hospital bed. I decided to go to a sports therapy.

And then in my life was a man who brought me to the sport as a psychologist-consultant. It was then that I noticed that the world - is not only psychiatrists and mental patients. Working in the sport, I realized that the athletes do not need the AT, and the ability to avoid unnecessary conflicts. I helped them, and then helped himself. So I began to develop on the side.

In 1980 I established a relationship with the management without bootlicking and received long-desired increase and became a teacher. It has given rise to a system of psychological judo, which is then used to generate M. Litvak psychological aikido system.

After becoming a teacher, I had to take on all the topics in psychotherapy, as the teacher, read these topics before, refused to conduct these studies. Coincidentally and production requirements and my desires. That was awesome. The feeling of happiness was so complete that I forgot that we should draw up a thesis.

And in 1984 I was lucky again. Competition commission unanimously recommended me not to vote for re-election. I cursed it, and only now, thanks. So I began to make out his thesis. The topic I have for those times was slippery. I had a lot of advisors.

All welcomed my results, but argued that the work should be submitted in the traditional form. Otherwise I will not be able to protect her. But then fate handed me a sign. Do as you understand. I stopped to consult with everyone, with the exception of the Master number 2, which helped me to arrange ideas. When I applied for the protection of, the one the Council did not accept it, the second failed, and in the third I was brilliantly defended in 1989.

And then I was lucky both externally and internally. I met the organizer of the psychological preparation of the Union scale. With it, I soon became quite well-known in professional circles.

Then I began to hold regular cycles of psychotherapy that came with great success and gathered 40 people instead of 18 as planned. He tried to organize Assistant course. But I was lucky again. I have none of that happened. I felt lonely.

But fate in '90 slipped a wonderful companion - a white sheet of paper. You know. IT was all over with me agree, listened to all of my stupidity. Do not mind when I refused previously said. This is how the book "Psychological Judo" in 1991. She went out 100 copies, then 1000, then in 1992 - 50 thousand I had to produce the book at his own expense

.. I organized a publishing house and released 4 small books on the neuroses, AP, AU. And in 1994 fate brought me to my present publisher, and published in 1995 the book "Encyclopedia of communication»

. The fate of his words advised me to quit college and begin to engage in writing only books. But the script was stronger. Books, I wrote, but in order to be more convincing in the organization of the cycle of psychotherapy or department. And I'm thankful that I'm not able to do. So there was still six books. And even though I knew that I had less and less is likely to be at least an associate professor, I still endowed.

Since 1994, I began to write letters of resignation. In 1996 - the second. Gradually, my work has shifted outside of the Institute. When I was 60, I realized that my position was ambivalent. While still living my immediate superior, somehow came down. But when he died, and commenced recruitment movement, I no clear reason for me to get young people become.

And I can not even explain why it happens. Why did not I become the chief educational part, why I do not spend in the docents. To ask, as a pensioner, I had no right. I had to decide for himself and find out the reason.

I've made two versions: either keep me out of charity, or make fun of me. Но милость мне не нужна, а издеваться над собой я не могу позволить.

С того момента, как умер мой друг и начальник, у меня появились частые экстрасистолы (перебои в области сердца). Я никак не мог понять почему. Я понял, что это сигнал судьбы, что мне нужно кардинально менять свою деятельность. Я взял творческий отпуск, написал и защитил докторскую диссертацию, которую, к моему счастью, ВАК не утвердил, а то начались бы поиски профессорской должности. Я делал еще кое-какие телодвижения. Но все без толку.

Я решил уволиться. Что-то внутри моментально развязалось. И, как только я подал заявление, экстрасистолы прекратились, исчезла двойственность положения. Я понял, что это голос моей судьбы, и я уволился. Не хочу сказать, что мне сейчас легко. Но, как говорят хирурги, состояние адекватно тяжести хирургического вмешательства».

Вскоре после увольнения судьба осыпала его различными милостями, перечислять которые не стоит. Он получил больше того, чем мечтал, он получил даже то, о чем и не мечтал, но только после того, как вышел из сценария и стал жить в соответствии с собственной природой и собственной судьбой.

О, если бы на его пути стояли психологически грамотные руководители, которые бы пеклись не о благе общества, а о своем собственном! Они, конечно же, ему бы помогли реализоваться чуточку раньше, а он бы поспособствовал росту их коллективов и решению их личных интересов. И таких людей, поздно реализовавшихся, ведь много. А еще больше таких, которым так и не удается реализовать самих себя. Посчитайте, какой убыток несет общество!

Оказывал ли я благодеяния? По-видимому, да, потому что совершенно неожиданно мне люди говорили спасибо через много лет после нашей встречи. Я их уже к этому времени не помнил, так как все время жил для себя.

И вас, мои дорогие читатели, я благодарю за то, что вы приобрели одну или несколько моих книг. Для меня это благодеяние, но вы о благодеянии не думали. Ведь совершая эту покупку, вы жили для себя!

И если мои тезисы: есть только личный интерес и нет интереса дела — вы приняли, остается закончить статью призывом: «Научитесь правильно жить для себя! Все от этого только выиграют!».

Автор: Михаил Литвак


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