Tell me how you were born, and I'll tell you how you live


"I wish my father or mother, and even both of them together — after all, the duty that lay equally on both of them, — to reflect on what they are doing, while they conceived me.

If they properly thought about how much depends on what they were then engaged, and that it's not only in the work in the light of a rational being, but that, in all probability, his happy figure and temperament, perhaps, of his talent and the warehouse of his mind — and even, who knows, the fate of all its kind — determined by their own nature and well-being — if they are properly all this weighing and considering, respectively, did then, I firmly believe, I would take a very different position in society than that in which the reader is probably going to see me... But I was conceived and born on the mountain itself..." Is from the English classics. XVIII century. Laurence Sterne. "The life and opinions of Tristram Shandy, gentleman".

Every moment of our lives is woven into not only a vital link in the total chain of existence, but also reflects, like a hologram, all of what was, what is and what will be. It is impossible to hide from natural bookmarks that are laminated social impact. Only on the nature depends on what a person learns in contacts with other people.

Why from the same situation, some tolerate frustration, others joy, and others — a lesson for the future? Just because that is what configures them an inner set of inclinations and preferences. In one word, character. A character begins to form from the first seconds of existence, before that even — during childbirth.


These processes exploring entirely new science — neonatal psychology (from neonates — newborn). The conference examined a rather limited period of time from conception to birth, and it is believed that the important can be how the issues related to the pregnancy (the threat of termination, toxicosis, etc.), the birth itself (features and complications) and the behavior at that time parents in the first place, of course, mother.

It turns out that it is important — and how that affects the human in the womb and during childbirth. It is believed that the transition from safe prenatal existence, when and warm and soft, and give to eat constantly, to the cold and dangers of life beyond the close contact with the mother, it is a huge stress for any organism.

And if these conditions are superimposed on more and more negative factors, the good should not wait. Deep in the subconscious laid some incentives on the basis of which complexes are constructed, are woven into habits and then character... So let neither the fetus nor the newborn is still unable to communicate with us, still do not understand what happens, their subconscious already has the bombs.

Remember: in folk medicine it is believed that pregnant woman should not look at the fire — born red-haired, don't have to see cripples and freaks — the child may be born the same. If you see a mouse, then the baby will be hairy birthmark, if faced with a black man, not to protect themselves from birthmark a half-face or polsini.

There are about hundreds of such prejudice, many of them confirmed time and again. But as it turned out, a grain of truth in people's observations exist. Most often the experience of pregnancy and childbirth appear blurry or generally practically invisible on the background of other, more serious and long-lasting impacts on the psyche of a growing and already grown man. But in some cases it is the very first Luggage subconscious creates original, or twisted or even warped character.

In such cases it is necessary to understand how it all began, and provide psychotherapy or hypnosis, including the so-called affirmations — slogans-reference itself. You can say them silently or out loud in front of the mirror, at work, in transit — anywhere where I have free time to set yourself up for the best.


The most simple and ordinary for our time case. The weakness of labor is quite widespread among citizens, and that the child does not suffer from the prolonged labor, a woman is administered a specific stimulants. But we know that thus help the new man to be born, but to his subconscious it may appear as a kind of violence: I'm not ready yet, and I already kicked...

Such people since childhood, passive, helpless, not able to make decisions, shift the responsibility for the future and has already happened to others. They long to start a new business, need to boost, but at the same time do not suffer if the aid becomes too active.

Even the Creator born as a result stimulated childbirth, until the last moment don't believe in your abilities, delaying the manifestation of creativity until the last moment: write poems in a hurry, create a formula on a piece of paper, draw in between lanes full of idleness, etc. it is Possible that Bohemian lifestyle writers, actors, artists and other creative individuals — not a fad, but the consequence of the earliest impressions of the subconscious.

Affirmation of this: it helped me to do better. I know how to make a choice. I don't customize, and help. To choose safe and pleasant. I forgive my mother for what she hastened me to this life.


The child, on the contrary, is at a more intense and prolonged stress, since the passage through the birth canal accompanied by a contraction of the whole body and especially the head. Reduced blood flow to the brain slows down blood circulation, digestion, the work of almost all internal organs. These children in the future may have problems with being in a confined space (claustrophobia), avoid large groups, prone to loneliness. They can be the creators, although their creativity in any field is of a clearly depressive nature.

Women have headaches, dizziness, in men with early hypertension. In intimate terms, and those other conservative, repressed, although the reverse option: trying to overcome himself, a man rapes his mind and strengthens the body, setting the stage for numerous novels, of which makes nothing but a new bout of loneliness and fear of relationships with the opposite sex.

Love for their own children (especially in women) is extremely proprietary: Hyper combined with a reluctance to produce in life is already adult and independent young man.

Treatment to yourself are built on this plan: I stagnated at the start, but now I have nothing held back. Huge world around he loves me. I live in safety. I and people are very similar, this works for me.


Another common case is the previous pregnancy ended in abortion. The fetus in the womb feels that is the place where someone has already died and is afraid that this will happen to him. Even if the pregnancy is wanted and the mother has no intention to interrupt it, the fear of death may remain in the depths of the subconscious of the unborn child. In the future this is manifested increased anxiety, distrust, inability or unwillingness to establish close emotional contacts, no need of love.

In this case, affirmations are intended to reinforce the need for life: I'm alive — and therefore nothing to fear. Life safe. I love and love me. I am interested in people and phenomena. I forgive my mother for what she aborted the pregnancy because she saved me.

If the previous pregnancy ended in a miscarriage or threatened miscarriage during this pregnancy, the fetus feels increased maternal anxiety, her increased sensitivity to what is happening, her intense concern about the future of the child. Hence, the possible selfishness of addiction, the need for admiration from others, especially parents and loved ones. Can a person be absolutely helpless without the constant flow of warmth and caring coming from a patron, which is most often the mother.

For such people (if they feel that their habits make it harder for them life) apply such treatment to yourself: I'm independent. I know how to do all that is required. I'm an independent. I can help but I don't need to be replaced. I forgive my mother for what she overprotected me.


But the case seems to be absolutely no compromise on pregnancy and childbirth, but sometimes dramatically change the person's life. It would seem that the process of pregnancy does not depend on the sex of the foetus, but psychologists believe that even in utero the fetus picks up the inner desire of the mother and find comfort in the fact of guilt for what is not a match to her aspirations.

These children more than others, manifest the traits of the opposite sex. Women choose "male" occupations, and compete for the opportunity to show that themselves are no worse than THOSE that in my pants... At the same time, they can hardly believe the feelings of men, sometimes inclined to a lesbian relationship. Men soft and hesitant, as if dressed women. They are quite nilpotent, but initiate sex give partner (as well as in life in General).

To find marital happiness and both can be very difficult. The subconscious mind requires, since EVEN the parents didn't want you were born a boy (girl), then you need a spouse, not to see you as a man. But the mind often prefers solitude to such a compromise.

If you feel that problems may go of these feelings, try these affirmations: I am what I am — and it's great. My floor is the best. Parents loved me in that field what it is, then everyone else will love this. I forgive my parents for what they wanted the child of the other sex — because they were not aware of...


Violation of the natural process of childbirth to cesarean section — also not the best option of birth. Although just not doing, and it has strict indications, but the child passes the birth canal, it turns out mom instantly without any preparation.

In the subconscious it may be deposited as a feeling of separation (picked up and thrown) or violence (forced to be born, and I was not ready). Therefore such people are easy to fall into a state of stress, are able many times to redo the same thing, supposedly improving results, and in fact only repeating and repeating the same way of creating, which subconsciously lend a generic process. They do not tolerate foreign interference in their Affairs. Although unable long and carefully to consult with different people, choose a solution, which was configured initially.

Realizing that you are difficult on yourself, try to refer to yourself with these words: I am right. I'll find an easier way. To finish the job — safely. I forgive my mother for the surgery — it was done for me.


Breech delivery (when the baby is not head forward, and legs or one leg, or knees, or pelvis) is more protracted than normal, the fruit more and longer suffering from lack of oxygen. Thus, when the body came to light, head is still some time in the softness, the darkness and security of the maternal womb.

The course of labor in breech insures the midwife, while holding back the advance of the fetus, holding his pelvis with his hands. If the legs go forward, the doctor holding back progress, as if forcing the fruit to sit on the ground. All this is done to improve the course of labor, but in the subconscious can be maintained only obstacle to light and life, as well as the differences in sensation from body and head.

Therefore, the nature of such people is often contradictory: they often change the decision even if are aware that it is not good. In addition, some do not tolerate touching, and most of bodily contact carry with difficulty, only when needed. Of course, it makes an impact on overall relations with others, and love life. Such people also tend to stubbornness, at times reaching the point of absurdity.

Talking to yourself can contain such phrases as: my best solution, it is not necessary to change it. My body and soul in harmony. Obstacles can be circumvented. Not all businesses require hard pressure.


According to the views of some psychologists, premature infants born to mother reduce the waiting time, and if she had doubts whether to give birth at all or give birth to SUCH a BIG baby. This early concern about the other person forever creates the need to be needed, need to be protection and support. The absence of the person, which should be taken care, leads to excessive trouble with dogs, cats or even inanimate objects.

Fear of being alone makes these people very vulnerable, and premature birth forever becomes the basis for increased attention to the passage of time. Happy learn to live in accordance with their internal rhythms, and the losers are constantly catching up, then falling behind. This leads to stomach ulcers, bronchial asthma, nonspecific rheumatism, that is, diseases that are often called psychosomatic.

Set yourself will help approval: the best place for happiness is HERE, the best time for happiness is NOW. I'm always where you need it, and do what you need. I'm in no hurry — still have time. I need everything, but first and foremost — to yourself.

But post-term children as if in doubt whether to be born. They think that they are not especially forward. In any age such people to the last delay execution of some cases, especially if things imposed on them. They may lag in development, although their intelligence is not reduced. They long to choose and make a career.

They fully realize themselves at an age when peers have long been making progress (however, the former term career is often even more impressive, but as it sat up at the start). At the same time they are almost not amenable to change, education, mistrustful, always late or unconsciously confuse the place or time of visits, meetings, etc.

Similarly, as premature, post-term need to be harmonized with your inner rhythm. Then they very quickly realize that any delay is just an internal process that they are late only TO HIMSELF.

Affirmations for such people the following: it is better to start early, it's safe. I did not realize that mom really wanted me. I always have time to do everything. I realize myself not earlier and not later.


Children who do not love fall throughout childhood — unwanted, accidental, unplanned. Feeling unwanted and even rejected, they are still in the womb are aware of that will not bring happiness to their parents. Therefore, the main idea of life is that I didn't want to, I'm not worthy I'm not worthy of love.

Hence the problems in life — in every way that they please the object of love, trying to prove its necessity, on the contrary, reject the sincere love and do not believe in loyalty. In addition, they are characterized by General confusion and dislike plans and schedules. This makes it difficult personal life and becomes an obstacle in his career. But some of the unwanted so compensate for the features that go to the other extreme, they turn into meticulous artists who have painted for years forward, all the actions laid out on shelves.

The idea that they are unwanted, unplanned spoil your whole life. Now for them the most important thing is to understand and accept that in their own lives they do not depend on the mother's desires that they can and should how to love and be loved.

Affirmations can be: I deserve life like any other. I desired the man (woman). It is my right to be loved and loving. My life belongs only to me.


Before birth, the obstetrician tries to fix its position. This is due, firstly, with the violence against the mother and fetus, and secondly, with the uncertainty that the procedure will succeed. Anxiety of the mother, touching the hands of a doctor through the barrier, but it is very unpleasant emanating from them the momentum of intention, form quite specific nature.

Such people are always branching out, always busy with activity, but somehow not the same, not about wrong... They can not determine the correct direction (even when driving on the street), I don't know where you can get information or a skill, do not have their own opinions about things spaced further than the 2 stroke. At the same time they can be extremely fussy, moving, restless, Intrusive, but it is not rooted no advances and promotion.

Physically wrong position in the womb can lead to problems with posture, shape, movement. Pain in the spine, joints, internal organs, in the absence of any pathology. Sometimes such complaints are regarded as a manifestation of depression, anxiety, suspiciousness, but this is only part of a General type of nervous response.

Should often repeat to yourself: my body I like. I'm safe. I know what you are doing. I know where you're going (moving). No matter what I do, I do right. I forgive the abortionist who was hurting me, it was for my own good.


It is possible that children who have late pregnancy or only during birth was the umbilical cord entanglement around the neck, are the happiest, but the most offended psychologically. They were lucky to survive, but the constant feeling of the noose around his neck for life affects emotional experience. Often they (especially women) are prone to hysteria, and the first sign of an impending attack — the feeling of a lump in the throat, which obstructs breathing or swallowing.

Men can't stand ties or tight turtlenecks. Subconscious habit of living on the edge of death leads to the fact that such people are prone to adventures, extreme situations. While the initial reaction is panic, but at the time of decision making, they behave, as if all I foresee from beginning to end, and make only true, but almost self-destructive things.

The same is true in personal relations: daily contact with partners who are more hurt than support; the confusion of the situation into a tight knot and the sudden resolution of the situation.

Installation can be as follows: I live in complete safety. Life is pleasant and safe thing. I can handle the situation without crisis. I can and will be loved and loving. No one to blame if I cause a difficult situation. I forgive my mother because she took care of herself and me during pregnancy.


Children born in twins may have to each other, either extreme love or extreme anger, depending on how was the pregnancy and whether they had enough oxygen and nutrients. In addition, great importance is how simple had a choice — to whom to be born first. Identical twins, usually located in the uterus so that the question of order is decided well before birth.

Therefore, these twins from the first minutes of life clearly show the traits of a leader and wingman, and these relationships between twins and with others virtually unchanged. But rasnoavei Gemini can organize these battles for the right to be born first. Echoes of this conflict finds expression in the specific character.

First-born identical pair can be aggressive, especially in relation to the second twin. This echoes the passive fight for the right to the first exit, which takes place approximately 6-7 months of pregnancy. Before birth is still quite far, but because kids are trying to lazily fall down to occupy the strategically important position for birth.

Flaccid shocks, otpaivali lead to the formation of some discontent for each other, latent aggressiveness, especially at first. And this hidden aggression is to show also to those living beings, which he regards as a Junior, for example, small dogs (but not cats of the same size). At the same time, the first able to take on the burden of making decisions or execute difficult tasks. Often identical to the first pair is the developer of the strategy and the second — an executor of the plan.

First rasnoavei a pair of is often so as a result of active displacement of the fruit before the birth. Pregnant women know that shortly before the upcoming birth, the uterus as would lowered, breathing becomes easier, the head of the fetus (and in this case, the first fruit) is pressed downwards. In twins, especially rasnoavei, such a sinking of the uterus may not occur or occurs in the very last days before birth.

You can say that all this time the twins can't agree on who of them will be the first. But if the dispute drags on, the lowering of the uterus can precede the active movement of both children — they solve the problem by force.

Hence the snooty nature of the first and rasnoavei pair. If it turns out to be a boy, it can be simple and punchy, but not very bright and open. If first is a girl, she might have big ambitions, but achieving it will apply not only open the passages, but unlawful tricks, intrigue, politicking, etc.

The second in a monozygotic pair is originally good in the place of the artist, but creativity is not practically inclined. Frequent bowel problems and liver since birth (and even before), the second is accustomed to pinch yourself to strain to give way. In second life often has difficulty in choosing the General line of development, although the execution of small plans given to him without difficulty.

The second girl prone to creating complicated situations, of which itself out with difficulty, though at first it seems that everything develops according to its own plan. The second boy (if the first one was my sister) may have a penchant for older women, and his relationships with other boys are in the nature of command or control on the principle of "the gray cardinal".

If both the first and second were girls, both are imbued with the inner vision of each other. Their connection sometimes looks like a psychic contact, and the achievements and mistakes practically copy each other. Among girls more than among ordinary sisters, there are times when they share a man. And, if the first brought with him a close acquaintance of the first, the second becomes the mistress of role models and feelings of the slave. If a man belongs to the first, second, first subconsciously considers it belonging to her as well as her sister.

To gain personal, individual existence useful affirmations like: my life belongs only to me. I can emulate, but I — no. People are interesting by themselves. My health is correctable. I forgive your parents for being born is not one (not one).


The presence or absence of an intimate relationship between parents during pregnancy are able to exert a different influence on the formation of the subconscious, depending on the characteristics of the relationship and the desirability of sexual contact.

Some women with early pregnancy lose all sexual attraction (a sort of instinctive protective mode), and others, on the contrary, the excitation becomes strong and persuasive. But sexual life is not always built taking into account the condition of the pregnant woman. Some women get less sex because they have threatened the doctors with the risk of miscarriage or husband is afraid to hurt the baby (which is impossible). Others, conversely, have intercourse, going on about the sexuality of the future Pope.

If a woman restrains their desires, is in a state of heightened sexual arousal, born boy may differ spontaneous natural erections almost from the first days of life. In the future, these men, most often accelerated ejaculation, and the initiation of sexual intercourse comes very quickly with the slightest touch of a woman-or even a fantasy associated with a specific woman.

The girls are an early love, first in my girlfriends (no homosexual connotation!), and then erotic fantasies, outstripping the age range 1-2 years. In addition, both sexes are characterized by high anxiety in all areas of life — from instant response to a danger to long chewing already last situation.

Adult men and women are prone to diseases associated with stress and delay, constipation, gallstones, hemorrhoids, etc.

For the discharge of unconscious complexes in this situation is fine affirmations like: my life flows smoothly, without strain. I can easily relax. I like to relax doing nothing. I'm in no hurry. I forgive my mother for what she couldn't relax.


If the woman was not located to have sex during pregnancy, but involved in intimate contacts, the fetus can sense its removal from a situation. The child and later adult will subconsciously to regard sex as something aggressive, assertive, not always pleasant, if not unnecessary and unpleasant.

Boys are alienated from the opposite sex either because they are afraid of girls, either because they are afraid to cause the girl any harm (not knowing what and how). Teenagers can't have sex for fear of make a girl hurt (especially if you know that she is a virgin).

A grown man more than others, will be prone to developing neurotic impotence, as each contact is afraid "not to conform to the" requests of the partner. Girls grow bullies (playing on the boys forced obedience to the mother), are tight, not because masculine, and to become "the guy" who would not be forced to anything.

Girls cherish their virginity with extraordinary precision — almost to obsession. In adults, ladies have a penchant for pedantry combined with explosions of total abandon when without regard happening, a little later cause genuine amazement: is that all I??? Both sexes can be samariterbund attacks aggressive defense: in response to mental or physical coercion develops an acute attack of an illness from appendicitis to asthma. It is often a question of actual physical change, not just a suggestion.

Affirmations in such cases are as follows: I independent. I'm in control of myself. My body is my friend, we are together. I forgive my parents for what they have failed to establish a relationship during pregnancy.


Big difference in the age of the parents also, according to neonatal psychologists, can play a role in the origin of psychological complexes in the unborn child. If the husband is much older than his wife, her relationship to her husband as to the subconscious symbol of his father, transferred to the child who takes the part of "guilt" for cohabitation with "dad". From this fruit can fall behind in growth, is immature to the term of ordinary delivery, his organs and systems (especially hollow — stomach, bladder, etc.) are predisposed to the development of spasms (as if from fear of punishment by the terrible CHARACTER).

In relationships with others girl, woman is constrained, fears that will not be popular with their peers, and therefore seeks recognition among older men. Although the sexuality of these ladies are quite Mature, they are willing to live with the old man, only to have the confirmation that remains as attractive in the eyes of a "symbol" as in the days when it was only about the fetus, even of unknown sex.

Boys, men, born in such a pair, often feminine, spoiled, selfish. They with the mother's blood has absorbed her respect, admiration, fear of the husband-father, are unconsciously transferred this attitude to yourself, and now believe that they are majestic and exalted, like their father in her mother's eyes. The males can be problems with digestion, they easily formed an ulcer of the stomach, allergic reactions, until very pronounced. But we are not talking about asthma or dermatitis — diseases for men do not have enough dislike for myself.

Affirmations are as follows: wisdom is not wrinkles, and the mind. In love against each other. Who grew up together, the better to understand each other. I know the fear and superiority. I forgive my parents for contact between generations.


It is often accompanied by its parent with respect to the spouse. And accordingly the young man also refers to his "half" with the subconscious (and sometimes conscious) FILIAL reverence.

The pregnant woman feels the fetus, as another child, which will adore and spoil. At the same time, there is some share of the blame for what took man from his peers and tied relationship like with your son. Hence the psychosomatic characteristics of children.

The boy is ashamed of manifestations of tenderness, especially on my mother's side, and in the future — and women (especially if they are older than him). At the same time, his erotic aspirations are consistently associated with women Mature, even older. In childhood these children are often prone to the formation of bruises, although health they have everything in order. With age often there are headaches, flatulence, unmotivated redness of the face and neck. In intimate terms such men are more prone to disorders of ejaculation — from premature to a complete absence of ejaculation.

The girl carries a fraction of the mother's "fault" that can make it in adolescence too pliable, ready for an intimate relationship for men. Women often constipated, breast, cholelithiasis. Mood (especially after 40 years) can be changeable, and to manage them is absolutely impossible. The acts made in these moments, bring more pain than trouble anyone. After all, to disappoint someone the woman will not allow a subconscious complex: I'm so sorry, it is not necessary to increase this guilt...

Reach is intended to strengthen the independence and responsibility for themselves and the world: each person breaks in life myself. I'm the one and only, I should not offend. I always have something to do. I forgive my mother for what she protects the Pope.


I want to emphasize that childbirth is childbirth, and while no one was born the other way. Has its own characteristics in each and every case, and the combination of different conditions can produce complicated options in which to a different extent along the signs of various effects of pregnancy and childbirth, the relationship of the parents, the mom's condition, both physical and mental.

For example, a child is born, drawn face either backwards or forwards. Other variants are excluded due to the anatomy of women. So, children born with the face to the abdomen of the mother (i.e. TO the WORLD), are curiosity, courage, some avanturisticki, the desire (and ability) to bend others to his will.

But the children, born face turned back (i.e. FROM the WORLD), can be removed, individualistic, more engaged in their inner world than reality.

But those and others perfectly normal, although each has its own behaviors, physical and mental health. About previa during childbirth is to say, only if features of the individual beyond the social acceptability and bring trouble to the person, and his entourage.

Therefore, affirmations should be used when you can see for yourself (or others are not saying a word, but very amicably tell) that you have these traits, these health features that threaten to ruin the lives of you and possibly your family. To understand the plexus of the neonatal period and characteristics of the unborn child (especially an adult) is not easy. Indeed, as already mentioned, except for pregnancy and childbirth, on the consciousness and subconscious of every person affected by millions and millions of stimuli that reinforce each other or weaken, give a whole new meaning to the long-known or make the mundane exotic.

But at the same time, affirmations can be used, even without being sure what pre-Natal and ancestral past that you had. Because Samoobrona to his non-specific, do not require special preparation or the presence of a strictly defined situation. Each man caught in a dark forest, a scary closet of an abandoned house, trying to persuade myself: "I'm not afraid, not afraid, not Stra...". And any man or any woman who understand that they have to go through the same changes (though for different reasons), I can say the same affirmations, which will definitely help — including to overcome the initial cause of the breach.

On the other hand, I would like to warn against undue application of the principles underlying neonatal psychology. Try not to transfer to others their knowledge JUST out of boredom. First, insights may be very superficial, and rather incorrect. Secondly, you risk to ruin relations with any friends, displaying it on the shelves. So in relation to itself — please, in relation to others is prohibited.

Like any change should start with themselves, and the formation of his character and improve your health spend only for themselves and soon realize that you become the master of its fate after birth.

Author: K. M. B. PROKOPENKO, doctor


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