Slavic horoscope

Perun (Indrik, Unicorn)
December 24 - January 20

Perun Slavs were in the form of a middle-aged man with a gray, silver head and golden mustache and beard. In folk legends Perun are in the form of a rider galloping through the heavens on a horse or riding in a chariot. The roar of the chariots people mistaken for thunder.

Just imagine Perun as a middle-aged man with an angry red swirling beard. Chariot drawn by winged stallions Perun, white and raven. (Forty devoted to Perun because of its color).

Perun - the most famous of the brothers Svarozhich it - the eldest son of Svarog. He is the god of storm clouds, thunder and lightning. Perun parents were Svarog and Lada. From his second name, fame, was the name of the Slavs. The appearance of Perun was marked by a powerful earthquake. No sooner had the baby grow, as it stole Skipper-beast. He described in detail in the ancient Sumerian-Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh.

The very name of Perun very ancient. Translated into modern language it means "one who has a stronger", "smashing". The life force is characteristic of the people of the god of water. They are courageous and fearless. Usually, they care little about the impression they make on others.

Inspire respect, rarely love. They are more afraid. Do not allow the scandals are not divorced. If their energy is no use, they become aggressive. In addition, if the positive aspect of Perun - a warrior, a negative - playboy, rowdy, martinet.

From month section (January) relates a strange creature Indrik-beast, the image of which is the Unicorn. The symbol of the month is a battle with the Unicorn Lion and meaning of the symbol of the struggle of Christmas Carols - Law of Time, with Indra - self. And none of them can beat another. In this - the law of the evolution of the world: the annual cycle - the circle and free will - straight vector, being equal in strength, add up to spiraling - infinite development.

Those born in the month of the Unicorn, gives life to show maximum free will. Therefore, in their own backyard, they have to be very careful not to disturb the equilibrium of the world.

January 21-February 20

Stribog in the East Slavic mythology - the god of wind. Stribog name dates back to the ancient roots "Strega", which means "elder", "paternal uncle". Stribog was born out of breath Rhoda.

Wind is usually represented in the form of a gray-haired old man, dwelling on the edge of the world, deep in the woods or on an island in the middle of the sea okiya. According to legend, Stribog raged on the ground winds, as well as with Perun commanded thunder and lightning. He, along with Svarog Svarozhich defeated black snake. He helped Perun in his fight with Skipper-beast, and Horse - in combating month.

Ancient Russ revered god of the winds - Stribog least Svarozhich other. Russ in antiquity conquered sea elements, invented the boat, steering wheel, anchor and sail. As sailors, Russ, of course, revered Stribog, which turned into a bird Strath, may cause or tame the storm. Stribog prayed as sailors, that he gave "the wind in the sail».

In a lot of wind grandchildren and sons of small airs: whistling - Senior wind, considered the god of storms; Podaga - hot, drying wind, lives in the desert in the south; Weather - warm, gentle breeze, God pleasant weather; Poludenik with night owls sports day and night.

People Stribog religious, mystical. It is inherent in a one-sided view of the world, complete with a quick temper. This gift is making enemies. If such a person is abusing power, the enemies are on the sly. People Stribog poorly mastered the art of right to express their emotions. Both men and women are able to study the ancient teachings.

The month of February was called lutes, bitter. And another god, patron born at that time, was called Kryshen. According to legend, gave Kryshen people died of cold, fire, protecting them from death. Like all heroes of such a plan, it symbolizes the power of thought, knowledge and intelligence.

Those who are under his protection, Kryshen gives great intellectual abilities, allowing to find a way out of any situation and protect from adversity.

They also, like his patron, often fueled the fire of knowledge with new ideas. The best representatives of this sign are always very house-proud and patriotic. They are always ready to cover your family and home from any adversity.

February 21-March 20

Often called legends Rod fundamental principle and the creator of the universe. Rod also as a number of descendants emerged from a beginning, symbolizes the unity of all living things in the world. Those born under the auspices of Roda, often feel a sense of ownership around the world and its relationship with all the people.

Not only are aware or not aware that ownership is the basis of life and well-being of this month. They are best able to actually implement the principle of "if you want to change something - change itself».

These people - the victims themselves and others. Susceptible. Inwardly rich. This is the most loyal and affectionate people. Intuition prevails over intelligence. They prefer to be chosen. Loyal, flexible and forgiving partner. Rhode protects wise, perceiving all the wisdom of the three worlds: heaven, earth and the underworld.

Such a person from birth knows psychology, including the psychology of the unconscious, sees through the secret motives of other people. The fact that man evolved from animals, for it is obvious he feels kinship with nature.

In nature these days all awakened to love. Therefore, it is a spontaneous sexuality is very strong. If this man resorts to her charms, it can be difficult to resist. In any area of ​​life it can confuse the near and lead him astray. But it is not only the network destructive, but also healthful no one better wise Rod should guide on the right path. Loving and understanding all, not disdaining anyone not afraid to descend into hell, Rhode outputs living souls from the darkness.

This is the most mysterious character. Fogs and mysterious for many people the way of the mark. People born at this time, the most passionate lovers and mistresses, sometimes it seems that they literally boils the blood from an overabundance of feelings.

March 21 - April 20

The first month of the Slavic calendar called berezozol. He was under the auspices of the deity or Yarily Yar. April 23 to celebrate his day, later in the afternoon Yuriev.

At the Spring Festival Woman dressed ancient Slavs, put her on a horse and drove through the fields, as a symbol of good character and openness. The same thoughts and people under his patronage - having boundless energy, forever young and looking at the world with eyes wide open.

His name can be translated as "young, energetic, passionate." People born in this period of time, will inherit God's Loving spring sun. They tend to fall in love at first sight. Men love to subjugate women and realize sexual needs, and then leave it. Women may be true as long as the relationship is not definite. At the first sign of certainty break the connection.

Yarylo - the god of the spring sun, love and passion of the ancient Slavs. Because people born in the month Yarila, romantic at heart. They, like the spring sunshine that it was hot, then gently caresses with its rays, characteristic of impermanence. Today they will get you swear eternal love or friendship, and tomorrow will be the object of their adoration of someone else. Yarily people will do anything to avoid boredom and depression. Their feelings prevail over reason.

They do not tolerate contradiction. Innovators, pioneers and leaders. Like risk. Strive to be first. Their faith in the goodness helps them get round misery and danger. The main thing - do not squander it and carry through life. The apparent simplicity of wards Yarily lies still and violent force that sweeps away the obstacles in its path.

All the fierce power of Spring got temperamental people Yarily. They - born warriors, warriors and Pahari. Man Yarylo - great laborer, he has enough strength to all. This is a good host or hostess, but sometimes quick-tempered, therefore it is better not to argue. Such a person is stubborn. But he loves this world with all its big heart. Man Yarylo usually the leader.

He does not work well in a team, because all the work takes over and hopes only on themselves. But because he can get a good political leader - to organize large numbers of people, lead the people for a Yarylo can. He himself will be able to get used to the discipline, if he becomes a soldier. But his anger was terrible. Yarilin time - the time of the first spring thunderstorms. And these storms are afraid to even the demons ...

Human life is full of Yarylo drinking glasses, without giving up anything. That he felt comfortable, he just needs to be a lot of: food, money, love, children, work, pleasure. Yarylo his whole life tends to win, to overcome obstacles. They are not afraid of any work. They need constant emotional arousal state of love, inspiration, life. When it is, then his family is strong and everything is fine when it is not, alas, but it does not hold.

With Yarily be reckoned with - a giant, on which rests the whole world. Reflection another incarnation of the deity - spring beam, winning the cold and darkness. Yarylo appears in due season, spring distributes solar heat, stimulates productive force in plants and humans, brings to life the nature of people's lives and the young freshness, ardor feelings, fills people with courage.

They need a constant state of emotional recovery, the state of love. These people love this world as much as they can.

Lada Lola
April 21-May 21

Month pollen ruled goddess Lada. Lada - a female hypostasis god Rod creatrix goddess. His warm palms it creates harmony, love, harmony and order. Wherever it appeared wards, everywhere there is a feeling of comfort and warmth. They are very well-shaped, healthy, practical, without excessive fussiness and laziness, likable.

Lada - the goddess of spring and beauty. Gives people the feeling of his mark subtle beauty. This aesthetes and gourmets. Peaceful and patient. Suffer from disharmony in relationships. Like worship, forgives infidelity or betrayal. Stubborn and somewhat inert. These masters of money. Money is like these people. We were born under the auspices of Lely great sense of humor, a good soul and a warm heart.

Lada - Slavic goddess of love and life. Those who patronize it, live in harmony with nature, gentle and vulnerable. These are people with fine mental organization. They are easy to sympathize, feel pity, ready to help in difficult times. Lada different sentimentality, she dreamer by nature, she has well developed intuition and imagination.

Ladodenie - the so-called holiday arrival of spring and warmth. Holiday Ladodeniya accompanied by the Slavs special rites. All sang awakening nature. Women climbed on the roofs of the houses on the hill, on the high haystack, and raised his hands to heaven, called spring. Of dough made cranes. Usually these Zhuravliki amulets placed on a high place, for example, above the door to protect the space. With Ladodeniem related belief according to which the birds are back from Iria, Slavic paradise, and because it was customary to imitate the dance of birds, or "Coben." These ancient rituals associated with the return to earth solar power life.

Patroness of people born on April 21 and is considered to be more ancient Slavic god of Lola. Goddess Lei, according to ancient legends, love always helps. Feast or Lelnik Red Hill, noted on April 21. As the goddess declares itself back in April, and her favorites are always declare themselves without fear of oblique views.

Goddess of love, the patroness of happiness and beauty, and, therefore, those born at this time, do not be afraid of loneliness. According to ancient beliefs, it always helps to love, never leave a man born in May, one.

Letnitsa (Lel)
May 22 - June 2

From May 22 to June 2 in the month Traven worshiped Letnitsa. Letnitsa - Perun's wife, she Perunitsa, Gromovitsa.

Letnitsa people have a reaction, fast and mobile psyche. They are unpredictable and unstable. Live, agile and intelligent. Courageous and ready to help. Sometimes irritable. People Letnitsa like lightning. They do not get bored.

Patroness of people born in this time interval, is also considered and Lola. She - the goddess of love, the patroness of happiness and beauty. People who are under the sign of Lely, should not be afraid of loneliness, even though someone may argue, saying, "May - a lifetime to suffer." Nonsense! Goddess Lei, according to ancient beliefs, helps in love always.

She will never leave a man born in May, to fend for themselves, much less leave it alone for all eternity. Those who are born in May, an excellent sense of humor, a good soul and a warm heart. Interestingly, the holiday Lelnik or Red Hill celebrated not in May and April 21. And it's not a bug, since back in April for the first time the goddess Lola declares itself. Likewise, people born under her patronage, can always declare themselves without fear of being misunderstood.

3-12 June

The embodiment of spring and fertility. Ended spring field work, and our ancestors celebrated the symbolic "funeral" of spring, subsequently converted into Semitskuyu week - from Ascension to Pentecost.

Kostroma refer to the time, and was worshiped by the ancient Slavs as the embodiment of spring and fertility. In ancient rites Kostroma had two guises and two values. In the rite of spring wire or wires Kostroma it depicts a young woman in white with oak branch in his hand, walking accompanied by round dance. During the ritual burial of Kostroma it embodied a straw man woman. This stuffed Slavs burned or drowned with ritual mourning and laughter. Funeral ritual was to ensure eternal fertility of the land.

The first decade of June, or chervnya, was dedicated to the goddess of Kostroma. Kostroma released only 10 days a year, after which begins the summer.

Children Kostroma - unusually talented people. The very nature of their mouth speaks. Feeling the vibrations of the cosmos, they trust their impressions word. From this arise their literary talents.

You can, however, note one unpleasant moment: these people constantly pursue the tragic accident. However, they can live to a ripe old age.

Since Kostroma has two incarnations, male and female (Kostrubonka), the children are dual nature and granularity of thinking. They know the rules of the game of life, have practical minds, curious, interested in everything.

Knowing the rules of the game, they live in the "here and now". Their consciousness lives outside world, all the events happening in the world, their touch. They are extremely eloquent, smiling, and their minds are directed to victory over the unknown.

Children have a lot of friends in Kostroma. They create a family, usually late, but have many descendants. Kostroma goes through life laughing and leaves behind a rich spiritual heritage. Such people can not be forgotten.

June 13-June 21

In the month of Cherven Slavs praised Dodolev. Dodola ancient Slavs was the goddess of summer as the season and the summer of human life - youth. With much love patronized Dodola young ladies, their amusements, songs, games, fortune telling, beliefs, all girlish secrets and mysteries.

Under the sign of Dodolev comes early, young summer. The only concern of the season - mowing. The rest of you can rest a while.

A person born in this time, forever young at heart, he seemed carries the spirit of the magic forest, full of freshness and coolness, harmony, green meadows, has not yet matured to the sun. Naive and slightly infantile, he comes into this world for relaxation and contemplation. It seems that all and so do by itself, and it does not need to make any effort for this. That's why he needs an experienced mentor who will interpret "child" what's what and under whose guidance of the act begins. It will not hurt and discipline.

A man who was born under the auspices of Dodolev help to live clean and sincere belief in miracles. For him, life is something - a fun game, a tale that ends well. Or is it a fairy tale, in which there is no reason for the aroused by. The most interesting is that he, and the truth is lucky that everything that he needs comes as if by itself. For them, singing firebird, blooms Raskovnik, flowing rivers of milk in the milk and honey. The main thing for them - a trust to fate, not pretending to be the most wise and all-knowing, and the world is at their feet!

Children Dodolev differ health, they carry a strong energy charge of the summer solstice. To be friends with a man - just a fairy tale: always close mascot who gives good fortune and luck.


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