Brothers Slavs, here they are ...

As is well known, first Slavs were pagans. For each type of activity they were supposed to be like God. Thus, it is known appetite zhor god, the god and the god of sleep Weight drink off. To appease their gods, the Slavs brought them to sacrifice labor.

***** Pots of that time was straightforward. Pots in this case written together.
 And two hundred years, it is not a dirty word. The main subject was the Slavs utensils pot. From this day the people ate, and at night put it under the bed, in the morning to eat more. Annexed to the pot spoon.
 She Slavs hit on the forehead of those who misused the night pot. Most of the Slavs had no utensils.

***** In the year 364 the Slavs was a holiday and the New Year. Interestingly, the New Year of the Slavs did not start the first of January and the first of December. And ends somewhere closer to March.

***** It is curious that the food consumed all Slavs that did not use to drink.

***** Agriculture and animal husbandry were Slavs are well known, so they are not engaged.

***** Trading Slavs could not, and those who could - beat.

***** The main occupation of the Slavs was criticism of other people who have all gone wrong due to their lack of spirituality.

***** The Slavs were excellent hunters had hunted.

***** Slavs were freedom-loving people. They often drove into slavery, but even there they were not working.

***** In the week of the Slavs it was only two days. They were called Wick and Wende. Together weekend, which translated from the Slavonic meant "week." Interestingly, the weekend of the Slavs were not, and that's been months. A weekend Veresen month. Translated into modern calendar it lasted from late May to mid-October. Followed by a month of lutes. This is not quite exact name. Correct to call it BeLyuten. In this month, all Slavs were treated. Moreover, the treated than in the previous month maimed.

***** It is interesting that in the ancient Moscow allowed all, but in the old Kiev were required to register. Especially for Polovtsy and Pechenegs.

***** Princes Slavs called to him from the side. Any person who identified himself as the prince could rule the Slavs. But to get them to do something I could not. As a rule, the princes of the Slavs gave apt nickname: Red Sun (if the prince was in acne), Wise (If you build a toilet near the dining room or the Slavs believed in the word), Dolgoruky (if the name of the prince was short-legged).

***** When the enemies of the Slavs in the city closed the door and pretend they do not exist. If the enemies began to climb in through the walls of the city, the Slavs poured their mat and resin. And when they still climbed, then they apologized and showed the prince, who came up with it all.

***** Slavs since ancient times were proud of their great literature. One need only recall the "Lay" to understand, to remember nothing more.

***** The Slavs believed that after death they come in a wooden box, with everything to get out of it is not.


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