Brothers and sisters best friends, which we do not choose

Friends are very important to us people who are always on our side, but we, anyway, they can choose themselves. And brothers and sisters given to us our destiny.


Brothers and sisters is first and foremost a part of our family, and over time they become our best friends, with whom we shared most of our life.

The relationship between brothers and sisters are among the most sturdy.

In other ways, usually if we don't like something or if we fight all the time, in the end, we break up with that person. However, we can't break up with your brother and sister, therefore, difficult moments in this relationship — it is normal.


Brothers and sisters — loved ones, which we can always rely

Our siblings know us better than anyone else. We didn't choose their companion in life, but they shared with us many years of our lives.

This in itself is difficult for any couple, but between brothers and sisters divorce is not possible. All this contributes to the many problems that somehow need to be addressed.

Fortunately, usually at the end, we forgive each other all the quarrels and insults, because the Foundation of our relations is the unconditional love that exists between us.

The love that has grown and matured all these years, when you shared laughter, tears, toys, thoughts, doubts...

Want to know a curious thing?

A quarrel between brothers and sisters help them to grow emotionally, to learn to control their emotional impulses and be flexible to put aside all those negative feelings that can bring down the ones in moments of anger.

But what else can we learn from our relationships with brothers and sisters?


We have collected a list that you will probably surprise you:

  • Our self-esteem increases.
  • We become more generous.
  • Believe it or not, we become more patient.
  • We avoid emotional problems at an early age and will never feel alone.

It is obvious that many of these things can develop independently, without the participation of brothers and sisters. But we can say that the mere presence of this kind of relationship gives us a better chance to achieve all of this.


Fraternal relations with nothing like

Despite the fact that we can be very strong friendly relationship with someone, nothing compares to this close kinship connection.

Just think that since from a very young age (and some of you since birth) you lived together, you trust your brother or sister as anyone else.

Even if you don't want, you are still together, despite all of your bad (and good) moments.

Usually many people promise each other in marriage. And if "did not happen" usually do not fulfill the promise, but it just can't happen in the relationship of brothers or sisters.

However, unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sometimes it happens that your brother or sister is too toxic or for any reason, you are absolutely incompatible.

This sometimes leads to catastrophic breakup, which leaves a bad mark on life. Fortunately, it's pretty rare.

We know that despite the fact that we sometimes gets to interact selfishness or other unpleasant circumstances, it's normal and eventually we will reach an agreement. If not, maybe we are faced with a "toxic" personality, which does not nourish us positive feelings.

Brothers or sisters are part of our life experience and form what we believe is his family.

Despite the fact that, in the end, you will choose different paths, you know when meetings will continue to maintain this confidence you always had each other.

What if something happens to you, or you have a problem? You know that one call and your brother or sister will be here, ready to help.


Imagine the relationship of brothers and sisters in a tree. How much would he have any branches and shoots, they all grow from the same root. No matter how they were separated, there is always this unbreakable bond.


Those who understand the attitudes, language that only you two understand, the secrets that you never tell anyone else.

Brothers and sisters are an important part of our life, so we have to cherish them, to defend and stick together (at least emotionally). Because you're such a pure and healing relationships.

This relationship is based on true unconditional love.published


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