The parable of the enemies

I love you, my enemies, that you helped me
to find yourself and to take place before the difficulties not to bow down
better to understand people.

Eastern wisdom


In one state so believed in Providence, that they had this custom: each convict to death before the penalty it was proposed to draw lots of fate. In the bag was only 2 leaf – "Life" and "Death." If the convict pulled the first leaf, it spared me. If the second sentence immediately executed. Thus, each convicted person had hope until the very last moment, and the judges had an extra voice "over" for or against on their decision.


It just so happens that one person started their business, it began to flourish, and with success, as is often the case, were detractors. They first slander has secured the arrest of the person, and then signing him death sentence.

Knowing that the convict is always a chance for salvation, they are fraud stole from the bag a piece of paper with the words "Life" and added a second piece of paper with the inscription "Death." So enemies wouldn't leave the person any chance to escape – what piece of paper he would not pulled, it was waiting for a death sentence.

But man were friends. They found out about the machinations of enemies, penetrated to the convict in jail and told that in the bag it will have two "lethal" piece of paper. Friends advised to tell judges and insist on checking the bag with the draw.

But, oddly enough, the convict was delighted with the news, asked anyone not to tell and said that it would save him. Friends thought he had before death clouded his mind, but he persuaded them to remain silent.

The next morning, the man drew the short straw of fate and... was released.

Both friends and enemies, knowing about the two death sentences in the bag, wondered how he could get out of this seemingly hopeless situation?

And the man did pulling a leaflet from his satchel, he, without reading it, then swallowed it. The judges had no choice but to see what the leaf was left in the bag. And since there was "Death", it was officially determined that the person pulled "Life."

Thus the enemies, preparing the man to certain death, unwittingly brought him to salvation.

Don't forget: enemies, and enemies from a bad life do not appear. If you have them – then you deserve to be jealous of you. And any talented person will always be detractors – just due to the fact that not all the talent went to them.published


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