Facts about the TV series "Friends"

1. With the first episode of "Friends" has become one of the most popular TV shows with an audience of 20 million. Just been nominated for an Emmy and other awards. Awards persecuted heroes of the series, and the series itself all 10 seasons.

2. Despite the fact that the action of the series takes place in New York. Not a single frame with the heroes in New York, was not removed. All filmed in the studio. But New York showed sometimes plans.

3. After the last of the season 10 - channel NBC gave a live stream with the actors of the series, where they sat on a couch in Central Perk.

4. In the first episode of the actors received 20 thousand dollars. In the past - 1 million!

5. The series has had an impact on American culture - if before "Friends" the most popular word-enhancing emotions were Very, after So.

6. Hairstyle Rachel from the TV series - was the official hair called Rachel.

7. The development and selection of the characters the producers have spent 6 months.

Matthew Perri

1. Matthew Perry has dual citizenship - American and Canadian.

2. Matthew Perry few years drinking and taking Vicodin - just like Dr. House. From addiction it saved one - David Schwimmer (in "Friends" played Rosa).

3. Perry - a fan of NHL hockey team Ottawa Senators. He can often be seen on NHL games. Apart from Hockey Perry is actively engaged in tennis.

4. Remember the show "Friends" - Chandler and Joey are constantly watched TV series "Baywatch." So Matthew Perry met with the star of the show "Yasmine Blyth».

5. Photo Perry hangs in an apartment in the series Joey Joe, who is the ideological continuation of the TV series Friends.

6. Of all the main characters of "Friends" - Matthew Perry was the youngest.

7. Despite a meeting with the very famous divas: Jasmine Blyth, Julia Roberts - Perry still not married. Dare fans.

Courtney Koks

1. With her future husband David Arquette Courteney Cox met on the set of the film Scream. As she got married - since then it is known as Cox-Arquette.

2. Courtney had problems with his vision, and in 1999 she underwent laser correction.

3. With her husband David Arquette, she managed to dream even in a film The Tourist, where David was also a director.

4. Courtney only actress in the series (meaning the 6 main characters), which had never been nominated for an Emmy Award for her role in the series.

5. Institute Courtney threw for a career model and made the right decision. The truth was not the model, and actress.

6. Monica Geller only one of the heroines of the series that saw bare all Friends.

7. catchphrase Courteney Cox in the series Friends - «I Know» - «I know».

Matt Leblan

1. When Matt came to audition for the role in the TV series "Friends", he was very poor. In his pocket it was only $ 11. On the first fee, he bought a hot meal.

2. Matt LeBlanc after the TV series "Friends" co-starred in its sequel Joey and since then did not show up on the screen. Now he works as a producer.

3. Matt Leblanc had one failed marriage that ended in divorce and scandal. His only daughter from his marriage disappointing diagnosis - mental retardation. Now the actor met with the actress from the TV series "Joey».

4. Matt Leblanc many awards, there is even an interesting - he is a beloved actor for the female population of the United States.

5. Matt's childhood dream - to become a motorcycle racer. All fans of the series say thanks to fate, the dream did not come true.

6. Matt in his youth he played the role of Jesus in the play "Jesus Christ - Superstar».

7. catchphrase Joey Tribbiani in Friends series, "How are you" and "How are you».

Lisa Kudrou

1. Lisa speaks fluent French.

2. Lisa married since 1995. With her husband she met on the set of TV series Friends. Her husband - Michel Stern.

3. Lisa Kudrow most times of Friends was nominated for an Emmy.

4. Remember in season 4 of the series "Friends Lisa" was a woman who gave birth to the child's own brother - at the time she was indeed pregnant, and her son was born.

5. In the series, there are frequent hints that Phoebe - bisexual. In fact - it is quite a normal girl.

6. Lisa graduated from college with a bachelor's degree in biopsychologist.

7. Lisa Kudrow has Belarusian roots.

David Shvimmer

1. As a youth, David is involved in three Shakespeare Festival - at the same time twice ranked first.

2. In the cartoon Madagascar giraffe says the voice of David Schwimmer.

3. Schwimmer - the only one who did not smoke from the 6 main actors of the series "Friends." He even saved Matthew Perry from drug addiction.

4. David Schwimmer - the highest performer of the series Friends.

5. Schwimmer was not only an actor, but also directed several episodes of "Friends" and the series "Joey».

6. David had a few passes - the most conspicuous among them singer Natalie Imbruglia.

7. David Schwimmer, an outspoken opponent of violence - it is in many charities against violence against women and children.

Jennifer Eniston

1. Jennifer Aniston rightly considered the most successful actor after series Friends. She starred in several movies is very popular - its fees are calculated in millions of dollars.

2. The most famous novel of the actress was with Brad Pitt, whom she had been married five years. from 2000 to 2005. The most likely cause of separation is a new novel by Pitt with Angelina Jolie.

3. Initially, the role of Rachel claimed actress Courteney Cox, but with the advent of on-site Aniston everyone realized that Courtney is Monica.

4. Rachel hairstyle copied women all over the world - it was even named "Rachel».

5. Prior to the series Friends actress starred in the unsuccessful films and even considered retirement.

6. «Days of Our Lives" remember the TV series in which he played Joe in the series Friends. So Jennifer played there in reality one of the roles.

7. One of the favorite activities Aniston - yoga.

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