"Serial" beauty

In recent series as much in demand and popular as movies. Sometimes even more than movies. Is there life after the show? Here is the top 20 most beautiful and successful actress.

20th place. Courteney Cox (Jules in the series "Cougar Town»)

Universally recognized "friend" all well "on a horse." It is a pity that "Cougar Town" was closed due to "an incredible vulgarity" that I was there and did not see. Regular series about young women "a little over ...". But in the movie are still invited. "Shout" for the fourth time with Cox could be this spring.


19th place. Eva Longoria (Gabrielle Solis in the series "Desperate Housewives»)

According to her official website, Eve is not only an actress, but also a writer and business woman. Her last film "cristiada" flopped at the box office, but I think it's not too saddened Longoria. After all, the beauty of something not going anywhere)

18th place. Holly Marie Combs (Ella in the series "Pretty Little Liars»)

We all remember Combs still on the series "Charmed," where she played one of the sisters witches. She appeared in the role of one of the mummies "liar." With roles in movies from Combs some napryazhenka. Cameo, and no serious work.


17th place. Natascha McElhone (Karen van der Beek in the series "Californication»)

Famous Hank Moody stirred up the hearts and minds of many girls and women of all ages and body type. "Californication" at the time returned to its former glory Agent Mulder. His wife, Karen, too, did not remain in the shadow of the glory of the serial "husband." But in films Natasha virtually no name.


16th place. Pamela Adlon (Marcy Runkle in the series "Californication»)

"Coca dwarf" has won the love of the audience forever. In my opinion, Pamela Adlon is worth more than the voice of films and cartoons. It is a character actress, able to grow into the role.


15th place. Lisa Edelstein (Lisa Cuddy in the series "House MD»)

Love forever chief physician of the millennium. In other films can be seen only in small roles. Well, okay. The main thing that House was happy))


14th place. Madeline Zima (Mia Lewis in the series "Californication»)

As it turned out, that someone should thank Anastasia Zavorotnyuk! Meydelin plays a major role in the series "Nanny", an idea which udachnenko took a series Russian producers.


13th place. Shay Mitchell (Emily Fields in the series "Pretty Little Liars»)

Sultry Filipina playing a lesbian, is incredibly attractive to spectators. Though Shea's career is not so intense, but she was not discouraged, and is engaged in modeling career.


12th place. Ashley Benson (Hanna Marin in the series "Pretty Little Liars»)

Gorgeous blonde model Ashley Benson also played in the now popular TV series "Pretty Little Liars." In the film it is rarely called, but sometimes it is possible to snatch a cameo.


11th place. Michelle Trachtenberg (Georgina in the TV series "Gossip Girl»)

The girl with an interesting name often gets as any stervozin and "Gossip Girl" is no exception. In addition, the known role in the TV series "Buffy." Anyway, Michelle - a rather public persona.


10th place. Lucy Hale (Aria in the series "Pretty Little Liars»)

Like as not the main character of the series, but always think so. Cupids with a teacher of literature attracted the attention of viewers. Lucy was upset when it did not take on a role in "Twilight." Maybe Kristen is not allowed)))


9th place. Kobe Smalders (Shtcherbatsky Robin in the TV series "How I Met Your Mother»)

Failed "mother", which has become one of the main characters of the series, loves whiskey and cigars. But Kobe Smalders absolute opposite Robin. This talented actress seen in 2012 in the film "The Avengers».


8th place. Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie Bradshaw in the TV series "Sex and the City»)

And here is the old Parker! To its credit, the role of Kerry she succeeded brilliantly. And, despite frequent criticism of its non-ideal appearance, it continues acting career. "Did You Hear About the Morgans?" Hugh Grant proof.


7th place. Taylor Momsen (Jenny Humphrey in the TV series "Gossip Girl»)

Naive blonde from a poor neighborhood who dreams of becoming a designer, and later - the queen of the school. Taylor Momsen is clearly steeper baby Jenny. Often on the presentations can contemplate not only vocal talent, but the girl's breasts and ... Shocking became an integral part of the life of Taylor.


6th place. Jennifer Morrison (Allison Cameron in the series "House MD»)

One of the sexiest actresses, according to the magazine «Tv Guide», can be seen not only as an honest and respectable doctor, but as a pretender to the "mother" in the series "How I Met Your Mother." In the movie, too, it is glimpsed, but much less frequently.


5th place. Kaley Cuoco (Penny in the series "The Big Bang Theory»)

Like the heroine Penny, Kaley Cuoco unlucky on the role in the film. She is known only as the actress shows. But "Big Bang Theory" provided an opportunity to express themselves, and perhaps soon we will see it in some comedy.


4th place. Alyson Hannigan (Lily Aldrin in the series "How I Met Your Mother»)

A couple Lily and Marchand - cute and fun lovers. True Lily - crazy shopaholic and a manipulator, but that does not make it any less interesting character. Alyson Hannigan is loved by the audience. In 2012 promise to "American Pie - 4", where you will see Alison.


3rd place. Blake Lively (Serena van der Woodsen in the TV series "Gossip Girl»)

Girl of the actor's family, got a bunch of prizes and awards for her role as Serena. Not so long ago, the network appeared nude photo Blake Lively, which plunged fans in shock. But as they say, than the child played. Moreover, the "Green Lantern" failed miserably. And what were his expectations! Eh ...


2nd place. Olivia Wilde (Remy Hadley "Thirteen" in the series "House MD»)

The sexiest woman according to the magazine "Maxim", and almost all men, Olivia Wilde starred in "Tron" and is now preparing for the shooting of the film "Blackbird."


1 place. Leighton Meester (Blair Uordorf in the TV series "Gossip Girl»)

In the first place the "Queen Bee," as on the series, and in life. If Blake Lively fun cheap scandal, the Leighton's no time. Firstly, in 2011 she took the lead role in "roommate", "Orange" and "Monte Carlo" (where you can enjoy modern girl stars Justin Bibbera - Selena Gomez). Secondly, in 2012 Leighton wait a few projects - "Elusive cowboy" and "I hate you, Father." So Leighton Meester and clever and beautiful, and her performance of any envy.



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