Zombie for president !!!

As you know, in the United States this year's presidential election. This week, Barack Obama, the candidate of the Democratic Party, and Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate, has joined another figure. It will represent living mertvetsov.b5d4a2c63a.jpg

1. The candidate with the name of Zombie officially announces that enters the race for the presidency of the United States. (Picture: REUTERS / Mike Blake)

2. Election of 2012 promises to be even more interesting because of its unusual candidate from San Diego. Zombie and his human wife Patty Morgan Zombies gather at the pre-election tour of the country. They will visit six major cities in the country, including Tampa and Charlotte, where they will communicate their pro-zombie message to Congress, Republicans and Democrats. (Picture: Denis Poroy / AP)

3. Mrs. Zombie: "My husband has devoted his life and the life after death that would have all Americans have equal opportunities. He - the man who can be a leader and will lead the zombies in every American home, and he will not stop - even if it kills him again. " (Picture: REUTERS / Mike Blake)

4. The campaign Zombie naturally more interesting than in living candidates. At a meeting with voters, he said: "4 words: recovery, reuse, recycling, reincarnation." (Picture: REUTERS / Mike Blake)

5. Zombie welcomes the announcement of the decision on their leader's desire to run for president of the United States. (Picture: REUTERS / Mike Blake)

6. Judging by the expression of the eyes, the support of his chosen they will violently. (Picture: REUTERS / Mike Blake)

7. Supporters of a candidate with a poster in support of it. (Picture: REUTERS / Mike Blake)

8. Election badges. (Picture: REUTERS / Mike Blake)

9. A. Zombie says goodbye to the voters and sent on a tour of the country. (Picture: REUTERS / Mike Blake)

10. The trip will end on September 5 in New York. (Picture: REUTERS / Mike Blake)

11. If, however, depart from the jokes, the candidate-dead is part of a viral, organized by the American broadcaster AMC Networks. AMC therefore decided to revive the interest of fans of the series "The Walking Dead" for the new season premiere series that will be shown on October 14. Also earlier this year, the satellite provider Dish Network television channels stopped showing AMC. The audience, with the support of AMC, demanding the return of "The Walking Dead" on the screen. (Picture: REUTERS / Mike Blake)


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