As the power to affect the others: the head of state then and now

The work of the president, no doubt, requires a tremendous amount of strength and energy. And, of course, these stresses do not pass in vain for top officials. Especially after turbulent times. In this collection, we compared looked like president in the year of their entry into office a year abdication, or just for today, if they are still in power. These pictures can tell a lot.

Vladimir Putin. President of Russia. Photo: 2000 - 2016 years. B>

Dmitry Medvedev. The former president of Russia. Photo: 2008 - 2016 years.

Boris Yeltsin. The former president of Russia. Photo: 1991 - 1999 years.

Barack Obama. President of the U.S.A. Photo: 2009 - 2016 respectively. B>

Nursultan Nazarbayev. President of Kazakhstan. Photo: 1991 - 2016 years. B>

Alexander Lukashenko. President of Belarus. Photo: 1994 - 2016 years. B>

Angela Merkel. Federal Chancellor of Germany. Photo: 2005 - 2016 years.

Kim Chen In. Supreme Leader of the DPRK. Photo: 2011 - 2016 years.

Dalia Grybauskaite. President of Lithuania. Photo: 2009 - 2016 years. B>

Francois Hollande. French President. Photo: 2012 - 2016 years. B>

Mikhail Saakashvili. Former president of Georgia. Photo: 2008 - 2016 years.

David Cameron. British Prime Minister. Photo: 2010 - 2016 years. B>

George W. Bush. Former US President. Photo: 2001 - 2009 years.

Victor Yanukovich. The former president of Ukraine. Photo: 2010 - 2014 years.

Muammar Gaddafi. Brotherly Leader and head of the revolution. Photo: 1979 - 2011 years.



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