The parable of the four sultans and his wives will tell you the whole truth about life


There once was a sultan who had 4 wives. They were clever and beautiful, but most of all he loved the fourth em> - a young, kind and gentle. A man dressed in her expensive clothes, jewelry and gave every way baloval.Bez mind, and he was on the Third em> wife - the most beautiful woman on earth. Sultan always took it with him when he went to other countries, for all to see its beauty. But he was afraid that she would ever leave him for another.

Loved the Sultan and second em> wife - intriguer and intellectual. She was always on the ball: a smart, friendly and patient. Sultan could refer to it with all the problems - this woman could solve any problems.

A first em> the wife was the oldest of all. She went to the Sultan as a legacy of his older brother. This woman was the most devoted. She did everything to her husband became increasingly rich and influential. But the Sultan did not like it, do not even paid her his attention, even though she loved him very much ...

And now the Sultan was ill. He felt the approach of death, and began to think about what kind of life he lived for his many years. The man thought, "Now I have 4 wives, but in that light, I'll all alone!". Then he said fourth wife:

- You know that has always been my favorite. You got it all the best, I care about you and the bank as he could. Now that I'm dying, are you ready to go with me to the realm of shadows?

- Do not even think about it! - Angrily said his wife and left without saying another word to the sultan.

These words are very wounded heart of a dying man. Upset Sultan called his third wife:

- All my life I have only admiration for you! Now, when I'm on his deathbed, are you ready to go with me to the valley of the dead?

- Of course not! - The woman said. - My life goes on. I might even get married again.

Such pain Sultan never had to experience. The terrible mental anguish he spoke with his second wife:

- To you I have always appealed to the complex situations, you were my best assistant and adviser. Now, when I'm on his deathbed, are you ready to go with me to the light?

- I'm sorry, my husband, but this time I can not be your partner. I can only promise to bury you with full honors.

Sultan was struck and crushed. And at that moment came the voice:

- I am ready to go with you wherever you go, I'll be there with you always!

Sultan saw that he faces his first wife. She was exhausted and almost unrecognizable from the experience of grief. Startled the man said:

- Only now I realized that I should have been more attentive to you, yet my life has not left my body!

We all have 4 wives. The fourth - this body. No matter how hard we try to look good, because it does not go with us to the light. Third wife - is the work, status and money. After we die they will go to other people. The second wife - it's family and relatives. They lifetime help and support us, but after we die they can only accompany us to the grave.

And finally, the first wife - is our soul, that every so often ignored in the pursuit of material goods, power, wealth and pleasure. But, even though such a relationship, it is the soul is our only companion, always and everywhere.

Do not forget to protect and enrich it! Because the greatest gift that we can do for yourself and the whole world is caring and attentive attitude to his soul.



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