Brian Chesky and Alfred Lin: What is the secret of the company's culture?

Ctenfordsky course CS183B: How to start a startup Was launched in 2012 under the leadership of Peter Thiel. In the autumn of 2014 was a new series of lectures by leading entrepreneurs and experts Y Combinator:

Sam Altman and Dustin Moskowitz: How and why to create a startup? < Sam Altman: How to form a team and culture startup? Paul Graham: < a href = ""> Illogical startup ; Adora Chyung: Product honesty and curve ; Growth hacking ; Peter Thiel: Competition - the lot of losers ; How to build a monopoly? Alex Schultz: Introduction to growth hacking [1 , 2 < / a>, 3 ]; Kevin Hale: The subtleties of working with user experience [ 1 , 2 ]; Tang, Williams and Kahn: Start small < / a>; How to work with the IT media? Andreessen, Conway and Conrad: How to attract investment ? [ 1 , 2 , 3 ] Brian Chesky and Alfred Lin : The secret to the company's culture? < br /> Alfred Lin (Alfred Lin) I'll start with a few slides and comments, but the most important thing on our stage will be Brian, when it comes out here and talk about how to create a culture of AirBnB.

So, here you have watched several presentations and learned how to create a startup. You have assembled a team, you know how to look your product, it is in demand, and your company grows. People love to your project, you know how to get their attention. You figured out how to create a single and unique company, and you have no competitors in the market, and that's worth something. And the market for which you want to go, still little more than the market for paper airplanes, so that all you have is good. What now?

We are here to prove that culture, in fact - is a very important component in the development of the company, are just as important as a team. I hope that after our conversation, you will learn what is culture. Why is it important? How to form the core values? As well as learn about the components that form the core values ​​and culture, which form a good, effective team, and get some practical experience in this area.

What is culture? Anybody want to define culture? What did you say? Simple values ​​in the team? Nice try. You gave this definition, because you have at hand a computer and access to the Internet? You can find a couple of definitions in Webster's dictionary, but we are with you at Stanford. It's kind of a trick question. In the study of computer science is never simple questions.


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