Point Lin GU: quick help in case of pain in the lumbosacral

Speaking of acupuncture, it should be noted that there are a few vital points, the impact of which can improve our condition and eliminate the pain. If we will carefully study all these points of our body, we learn which ones are most significant for the treatment of certain diseases.

In this regard, today we talk about the point of Ling GU, which will help to instantly relieve the pain in the lumbosacral region, the so-called sciatica.

Ling GU: the point is worthy of special attention

Point GU Ling, whose name translates as "Spirit dice", can be stimulated daily for the treatment of various zones, especially the back. Therefore, it's ideal for people who work in the office, sitting behind a Desk all day.

This point was opened by master Tung, a doctor of Chinese descent who became famous in his country excellent patient outcomes. What sets it apart from others is the use of a small number of needles to obtain a positive effect.

Points master Tung was in secret for several generations, but then the secret was revealed to the students. So now we can all benefit from that knowledge.

Point Lin GU is at the top of the palm, to be exact — between the first and second metacarpal bones, that is, between the thumb and forefinger. If we press with the finger of the other hand to that place, we will feel hollow.

Stimulating this point is correct, we will immediately feel relief in the region of the lumbosacral. Sciatica is pain from the lower back may radiate to the leg, preventing us to move normally.

To achieve the desired effect, you need to insert the needle into the opposite point of Lin GU. That is, if the pain experienced in the right foot, you need to stimulate the point on the left hand. In 75% of cases, the person is relieved of pain within a few minutes.

This point is also used for getting rid pain in other parts of the back and legs, headaches and menstrual pain, bell's palsy. Stimulation point Lin GU has so strong effect, that such a procedure is not recommended for pregnant women as it can induce labor.


To get rid of the pain by pressure.

According to experts, the pressure on the point Lin GU (also known as Hae-GU), helps relieve nervous tension, back pain, especially in the lumbosacral, headache and toothache. Experts in the field of acupuncture stimulate her with a needle, but we can do it yourself by pushing on it with your finger.

Of more than 300 points used in acupuncture, Lin GU is one of the most effective, especially to relieve pain in the spine and back. At the time, as studies of this point continues to this day, Asian folk medicine uses it from time immemorial.

While it is not known exactly how the point of Lin GU. Recent research of acupuncture have shown that the effect is achieved by the increased blood flow. Therefore, the pain subsides. Other studies explain this by the production of endorphins, hormones known as a natural analgesics.

The acupuncturists work with point Lin GU, implementing therapy aimed at pain reduction. This therapy involves the stimulation and other points. For example, points influencing the reduction of emotional distress are different from those used for alleviating menstrual pain. But working with Lin GU is a universal method.

Here is how experts recommend to influence the point of Ling GU:

put your finger on the fleshy surface between the thumb and forefinger of the opposite hand and how to push. The feeling must be a bit painful.

Can be quite one or two minutes, but the most powerful effect is reached after 20 or even 40 minutes of constant pressure. If that doesn't work, you need to try to do similar with the other hand.

Do this exercise at home, in office or on the way to work. It is not recommended to use the needles without the supervision of a specialist, if you do not have sufficient knowledge in this matter.

Acting on the point Lin GU, you will be able to achieve relief back pain, especially in the lumbosacral region, as well as headache and menstrual pain. Do this procedure for half an hour, do not wait until the pain starts to increase.published


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