The tapping of the pericardium channel to restore health and prolong life

Many health problems, however formidable they may be, can easily be prevented in the beginning. For this, Zheng Fujun is one of the most authoritative experts of traditional Chinese medicine, often advises rattling or rubbing of the pericardium channel. This allows you to get rid of dirty, stagnant Chi (energy or natural force that fills the whole Universe, on which depends the health and longevity of mankind), which protects against "one hundred diseases".

The pericardium channel is easy to find: it runs along the center line of the inner surface of the hand from the chest to the tip of the middle finger. There are special points that need rattling.


In men, the point of Tien Chi is located one CUN (Chinese unit) from the nipple to the side of the shoulder. Women should measure 3 CUN (4 stacked fingers) from the axillary fossa at the level of the nipple.

When there is Qi stagnation, the fire of the channels of the liver and gallbladder to drain into the pericardium channel. In fact, the channels of liver and pericardium channel is one channel – channel Cswe Yin. In the torso and lower extremities of the canal is called the canal of the liver, and in the upper limbs of the pericardium channel. Blood stasis in the channel of the liver leads to blockage of the pericardium channel. Tian Chi – the connection point of the pericardium channel with the channel of the liver. Therefore, this point is so important.

It is in point of Tien Chi often accumulates dirty Qi. Now frequently encountered disease of the breast – hyperplasia, mastitis and all of them begin with the fact that the channel is sealed at this point.

Offer women every day in a circular motion to stretch your point of Tien Chi on the grounds of the palms. This will help to maintain the health of mammary glands.
In addition, the Tian Chi helps to treat tuberculosis of the lymph nodes, as many here dirty Qi leads to blood stagnation and accumulation of mucus.


Located Tien Quan at the base of the shoulder, 2 CUN above the biceps.

Many often experience tightness in the chest, shortness of breath. In the hospital, this condition explain the poor blood supply of the heart. In this case, you need a daily massage to the point of Tien Quan.

Tian Quan is very good for raspy chest cough, improves the supply of blood to heart stimulates the processing of mucus.


Pushing to the Point of Congestion of the channel of the pericardium – for the treatment of chest tightness first signs of a heart attack and angina. The diagram of active channels, this point is not indicated. But this is an extremely important point of the pericardium channel. I called the point — to- Point Congestion. It is located between the points of the Tien Quan qu and TSE. If the distance between the points be divided into 3 segment, then the Point of Congestion is located in the first third of the qu ze.

If the evening you have often a feeling of chest tightness, heart pain, which may indicate impending heart attack, the Point of Congestion will be extremely painful. It is imperative to push and to relax the point. It is recommended to massage every day, several times. It is necessary to achieve patency of the pericardium channel, then you will face a heart attack.

Usually we vozdeistviem on the pericardium channel on the left hand. The left hand is closer to the heart. The location of the Point of Jam at different people not the same. Some a bit higher, others lower. Some canal painful throughout. Definitely need to massage and with sufficient force to push. After a couple of days massage on the spot Points of Congestion or other tender points may appear to be a large bruise. This suggests that the stagnation of blood in this place have resolved.

In addition, it so happens that the hospital diagnosed a heart problem, but the person does not feel any discomfort pressing point of the pericardium channel. Hence, the channel is clogged very seriously. In this case you need every day to push the channel from the point of Tien Chi on the chest to the Point of Congestion.

After the channel starts to respond, will appear in painful places, we can assume that the condition improved slightly. But if when punching there is a feeling of occluded canal and painless, so the case is very serious. You need to constantly test the point of gridlock. So as early as possible to determine the presence of heart problems, right massage the canal and get rid of stagnation.


Qu ze – point-the mouth of the pericardium channel, it is especially a lot of energy. Point-to-mouth and harmonizes the work of the pericardium and restore the heart. If the point is very painful when pressure is applied, then the pericardium channel we pass. But many people this point insensitive. The Point of the Mash is very painful. Hence, the channel is occluded at the Point of Congestion. So you first must stretch a Point of Congestion, to make it passable, and then point qu ze will become sensitive.

Insufficient blood flow to the heart occurs for 2 main reasons. The first is the stagnation of Qi in the liver, Qi and blood stalled midway to the heart. The second reason is the weak functioning of the heart muscle itself. Point qu ze will help in both cases.

If the pain stomach massage qu ze, the pain will pass quickly.


Point si men located deep in the tissues at 5 inch above the wrist crease. To activate this point, you need to press on it with the thumb of the right hand and the left hand at the same time to produce rotational motion. So you can have a good study point.

Si men stimulate for the treatment of acute diseases. The pericardium channel is in the breast, therefore can be used for the treatment of acute pain in the breast, for example, with mastitis. Also during an attack of angina is an urgent need to take the pill and at the same time, you should massage the point si men. When coronary insufficiency suggest massaging si men daily.


Point Jian Shi – helps to recycle the slime and "open holes in the heart." The name of this point can be translated as "messenger, the mediator." In Chinese medicine the heart is called the Emperor. The Emperor has many messengers, including point Jian Shi.

If the point doesn't work, there are problems such as multiple sclerosis, insomnia, forgetfulness and distraction. People can all day to walk half-asleep, confuse, drop, forget. Chinese medicine believes that this state is caused by the fact that "mucus has clogged up the holes of the heart". Bursting point Jian Shi will clean the holes of the heart and will help to recycle slime.


Nei Guan – the most powerful point that helps with many diseases of the heart and stomach. It is believed that extrusion is effective in the following 15 diseases: cardiac asthma, belching, stomach pain, nausea, pain in ribs, high or low pressure (point adjusts the pressure of blood in both directions), coronary heart disease, angina, arrhythmia, insomnia, depression, migraine, allergic reaction to drugs (mainly food allergies), painful menstruation, motion sickness in transport.

With all the stagnation, all the ailments beneficial influence on nei Guan.


Yes Lin – source-point of the pericardium channel belongs to the element Earth. That is, stimulates the spleen – Earth. The weakness of the spleen effects at this point will make the blood and Qi from the heart and from the pericardium channel to enter the channel of the spleen.

Yes Lin – revitalizes the spleen, nourishes the heart, relieves acute pain in the stomach, pain in the foot.

In addition, the bursting of this point helps fight insomnia and improves digestion.


Point Lao Gong refers to the element Fire always gives us Fire, restores energy. It is located in the center of the palm and helps replenish Qi and blood. It is useful to massage with loss of strength, fatigue, weakness of the heart, shortness of breath, solar (thermal) strike, motion sickness in the car.

If you are short of breath climbing stairs or a mountain that suggests a poor blood supply to the heart, massage the Lao Gong in for one minute — you will immediately feel relief.

In addition, Lao Gong helps to get rid of bad breath. In fact, bad breath is often not due to problems with the stomach or teeth, and because of problems of the cardiovascular system. Then breath bitter, indicating stagnation of blood. In this case, you definitely need to constantly massage the Lao Gong.

For sunstroke, motion sickness in the car point Lao Gong also come to the rescue — effect will occur immediately.


Zhong Chun – helps to cope with anxiety and excitement. It is located in the nail of the middle finger. Helps lift the spirit. Zhong Chun – dot – well channel is used for the treatment of diseases of Heat. In the pixel area in clinics of Chinese medicine doing bloodletting to expel heat.

When disturbed, it is recommended to massage the nail of the middle finger from the base
to the tip, this will help to expel Heat from the heart and to calm down.

The main thing is to get rid of stagnation.

A relative of one of my friend told me the following story: over twenty years he suffered from arrhythmia and attacks of arrhythmia. Started daily massaging the pericardium channel, but could not determine the exact location of the points. Massaged, as he put it, "blindly". He read that "it is possible to incorrectly determine the point, it's important to leave the channel", so I just forced the hand on the Central line. One point was very painful as he massaged her, the point remained very sensitive, although the rest of the canal was painless. Then he set himself to the Bank on the painful spot, soon appeared a dark purple mark. And after that, according to him, the arrhythmia never bother him again.

I want to convey to you, dear readers: very often, the root of the disease is a stagnation of blood in a certain area. This leads to obstruction of energy in any channel. If you find a place of stagnation, clamping and free from congestion you will find the key to solving problems like this man who put themselves to the Bank. At first he just rattling the channel, found a painful place, freed from the congestion channel and solved the problem. That's how simple it is sometimes treatment. The main thing is to get rid of stagnation, and how – at your discretion.


"Point" Confucius: a special place of power on the human body

If you are tired, just push down on these 4 points!


Sometimes people have spontaneous vertigo, this can happen, for example, in transport, often a cold sweat and yawning. These indications are the accumulation of dirty Qi in the abdominal cavity. In this case, you need to massage the point Lao Gong.

If a person is a pacemaker, then massage the pericardium channel should be very careful, gently, to achieve a pleasant relaxation. published

Author: Zheng Fujun, "Channel pericardium channel life-saving"

Translation: Elena Buyanova



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