The channel of the liver, as it is rattling and why (video)

Meridian or channel of the liver - one of the 12 main energy meridians of the body.

In accordance with the canons of traditional Chinese medicine: the main function of the liver is that it is distribution of energy throughout the body and preserver of the blood when we sleep. The liver is responsible for detoxification of waste and the production of bile which breaks down fats in the body, i.e. the liver is the main cleaner of our body! Therefore, it is important that Meridian!

According to the views of Oriental medicine, the tapping channel of the liver helps to rid the body of fat and reduce weight. On the East approach to excess weight is that the body enough energy to remove waste. Western medicine considers effective methods of losing weight low-calorie diet, exercise, cosmetic operations like liposuction. But why the who is sounding the alarm and include obesity in the list of the most dangerous diseases? So Western medicine is powerless here? Very often after these "effective" methods of losing weight people gain even more weight! Why in Europe and in America, over 50% of the population suffers from obesity? By the way, in China this percentage is 3% and in Japan 2%.

Many people complain that they get better, even if you do not eat! And some skinny eat a lot, but not getting better! So what's the deal? Our body consists of cells. Each cell receives nutrients and removes waste products. And if in the process of removing failure occurs? Initially, the products (waste) are deposited in the intercellular space, then transformed into excess weight. If a person takes care of yourself - enough sleep, is engaged in breathing exercises, doing massage, then debris do not accumulate and are ejected.

Hence, two fundamental conclusions: the Decrease in the level of blood and energy leads to excess weight. The accumulation of debris in the meridians hinders cleansing of the body. And what channel is responsible for the blood level and distribution of energy? As well as for cleansing the blood of toxins and other things? Now I understand why you need to rattle the liver channel? Do at least 50 tapping in the day! (Video)

Description of the Meridian of the liver

Spring in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) – the time of the liver. Let's take a closer look at this organ and the associated Meridian.

The liver Meridian is paired, symmetrical, refers to the Yin - meridians, denoted by the letter F. Receives energy from the Meridian of the gallbladder, denoted by VB, and passes the Meridian of the lungs R. the Time of maximum activity of the Meridian from 1 hour to 3 hours a night, minimum, 13 to 15 hours. On the Meridian are 14 acupuncture points.

Meridian of the liver, as all the main channels, passes into the subcutaneous layer. He has no “physical” media is not muscle, not blood vessels, not the bones etc. the channels through which energy flows. In different parts of the channel indented from the surface of the body varies: in some places it is at the surface of the body, and in some places deep inside the body.

Begins the liver Meridian is on the foot near the nail of the big toe is the point F1 (da-Dun — a great store). The channel then goes up along the inner side of the tibia to the point F6 (Jung Doo - average capital) and thigh to the groin. Then back down, to the outer genitals, around them and then rushes up in the middle of the abdomen and not reaching the navel, is deflected to the side. Then again goes up to the level of the upper quadrant, and ends on the chest, at the level of nipple in men (this is the level of the 6th intercostal space).

This is the main course of the channel, and then there are offshoots from it. For example, the channel of the liver is divided at the level of the upper quadrant. One branch goes back and, entering the liver, provides a link with the gall bladder. Then rises to the top, penetrates the diaphragm and spreads in the lateral part of the chest. In the future this branch rushes to the back of the throat (larynx), soft palate permeates and deepens into the tissue that connects the eyeballs to the brain. Comes close to the surface of the forehead (above the eyes) and goes to the top.

There are branches of the channel associated with the penis and testes in men, which link channel the liver channel the gall bladder. The most common symptoms in diseases of the liver Meridian: Pain and fullness in the region of the costal arch; impaired swallowing functions, thirst, dry throat, throat; belching, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea; back pain; violation of urination (urinary incontinence and urinary retention); menstrual bleeding in women; dizziness, flickering in the eyes; a fungal infection of the nail of the great toe; pain in parietal region; pain on the inner side of the lower extremity; diseases of the eye; diseases of the nails, etc — against the backdrop of a bad mood with irritability and outbursts of anger. Man out in the cold, the heat.

Nails can say about the state of the liver Meridian. Assessment of the status of the nail plates is still an integral part of diagnosis in traditional Chinese medicine. Judging by the look of the nails — thinned, soft or dry and brittle — can be judged, for example, about the condition of the liver structure, blood supply in the liver, etc. But that's not all. None of the internal organs exerts such a noticeable effect on our eyes like the liver. Looking into the eyes of a man, the doctor practically evaluates the condition of the liver. So all that happens with the eyes and vision — reduced visual acuity, "blindness", redness of the eye, strabismus, corneal opacity, etc. — all variations on the state of the liver that affect the eyes. And if indeed "the eyes are the mirror of the soul", it is not difficult to guess where lives the soul of man from the point of view of Oriental medicine... Yes, according to Chinese medicine, the liver "stores the heavenly soul of man."

And finally, we list some other moments, indicating that a person's time to pay attention to your own liver. How the liver is trying to tell us about it? Of the taste sensation of the liver corresponds to sour taste. And the more expressed violations of the liver, the more we "pull a tart". The same is true of colors: liver "loves" all of the green. And "afraid" she is the wind draft. (Remember, not watery if you had eyes in the wind, because of the fluids in our body the liver belong to tears.) And another point: the liver should pay attention when sweat gets an unpleasant odor. It turns out: if we know the area of responsibility of the liver and its functions, "markers", it is easier to prevent violations before they become diseases.

The main problem of any of the channels, or violation of the cessation of circulation(no matter what it is, blood, energy, etc.). These disorders manifest in different ways, but knowing the path of the channel of each body, easy to specify, about the disease of which organ is involved. Circulation in the channel can break it as external cause, and the man himself. And that future is not pictured as bleak, you must fulfill two conditions. The first is "not to substitute" Meridian thus external reasons — such as not to open the cold. Second: if you still has managed to get sick, it is advisable to turn to those professionals who are able to see which way the disease entered the body. After all, the same way it can and expel. In TCM the doctor, banishing disease, there are two ways. The first, which usually go novice doctors — the elimination of the first, most obvious signs of the disease. This path is also called the "treatment on the main complaint". The second method is to initially try "to get to the truth" and to eliminate the very base of the disease. This way under the force of a more experienced and visionary physician. Here it is appropriate analogy with the "disease tree". If you follow the first way, you first have to remove the foliage that covers the branches. Then along the branches to reach the trunk and then the trunk down to the roots of the disease. Knowledge and experience allows the physician to pass all intermediate stages of treatment and immediately to send all the power to the root of the disease. Intrigue of the disease lies in the fact that it catches the eye of a minor, lying on the surface symptoms and complaints (sheets), disguising the consequences (branches and trunk) main root causes (roots) of disease.

What are the diseases known to European medicine, will overlap those of the channel state of the liver and gallbladder? This is mainly so-called chronic condition. In other words, it is "difficult to treat European drug" diseases: migraine, chronic otitis media, conjunctivitis, hypertension, often with a tendency to over-type crises, chronic cholecystitis, often with cholestasis (stagnation of bile), gallstone disease, herpes zoster, intercostal neuralgia, in women — chronic adnexitis, men with chronic prostatitis. From the perspective of TCM, all of these diseases describe the same condition — violation in a particular Meridian. But that's where the disease will hit hardest depends on which zones in the course of the Meridian was the most weakened... to some, these "weaknesses" gets from his parents by inheritance, and someone who acquires them in the course of life. So go these patients, it would seem, disease different doctors: who is the surgeon or dermatologist who is the otolaryngologist, gynaecologist or ophthalmologist... as paradoxical As it sounds, the approach of traditional Chinese medicine for all these diseases will be carried out according to the principle "treat Different diseases with one medicine." Because these problems represent symptoms of a "root" — sickness of the channel (Meridian). You only need to take into account the individual characteristics of the sick — his "weaknesses".

"What are You all about this conservative," someone will say... it will reply with a quote from the ancient medical treatise: "as soon As the qi and blood stagnate, immediately having the disease; suffice it to lead qi and blood to move, and diseases are cured themselves." This, in fact, is one of the strategic goals of the ancient medicine — the elimination of any stagnation in the body. Because from ancient times people knew: stagnation — the perfect soil for the development of a variety of ailments. By removing this soil, we thereby deprive the disease roots. Finally, two words about the so-called "owls". Why don't these people sleep? For example, You can't sleep from 1 to 3am?.. The thing is that this is the time of maximum activity of the liver Meridian, and if there is a problem, you sleep will not give. So think about why You are a "lark" or "owl"?



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