Exercise on feeling "YES" and "NO": the technique to attract abundance

So, let's talk about the power of clarity and how to uncover your inner wisdom and begin to attract abundance. I will answer the questions "What", "Why" and "How".

Questions about clarity and abundanceThat You are able to attract abundance is much simpler than you do it. Some of you achieved great success in this and it's wonderful. So answer to the question "What". Abundance is not just money, it's not just the amount in your account. Abundance is optimism, joy, happiness... My life is full of abundance and I am very pleased, but the abundance begins with friendship and love, and health. Ends and financial stability.

This is the answer to the question "What is abundance", what is "clarity"? Clarity — a clear understanding, internally knowing that the next time you say "Yes!" You just know and take clear decisions instead of: "Well, maybe", "Maybe I'll do this", "I'm not very sure", "They want me to..." You choose what is best for you. I will help you tune into what I consider to be abundance, that you think of abundance, what is the best and most appropriate solution for you. Clarity is a beautiful feeling, it shows that you choose the best for yourself, even if someone doesn't like it.

Now let's talk about "Why". In the context of abundance and clarity — why do you want abundance? Because with it, you can do more, you can do more in this life when you are happier, more optimistic, when you have a lot of wonderful friends and when you have a lot of money. With all that you are capable of more. But if in addition to this you have a good mood, you can move mountains.

And clarity your life becomes easier, life becomes like a song. And whatever problems you faced, they no longer seem so terrible. That's life. All have problems, we all have challenges. We — the people. So we die, are born, live, we happen problems, breakups, etc.

No one can promise you that life won't throw you any surprises. The question is, how do you deal with them? When your consciousness is clear, when you feel that you are "Yes" and "No" when you feel that you correctly — your life becomes a song. And you move beautifully and gracefully to what you want out of life. To what is best for you. And when you're doing what's best for you, then others getting better. Even if people don't like. This is a challenge that we accept.

Now let's talk about the "How" and then move on to tapping. But now I will ask you to do one little exercise.

Exercise on feeling "Yes" and the feeling of "No"How do you determine your next "Yes"? How do you determine when to say Yes and when No? This applies to all types of solutions from the simple, like "what's for dinner tonight?" to choosing a life partner, selecting large projects and other global solutions.

So, let's do this very simple exercise.

Close your eyes and focus on the sensations in the abdomen. Feel it in my bones. So, be aware of the sensations in the abdomen and think of your favorite color. Complete this color the whole room (or room where you are) any shades of this color which you really like. It's simple, right? And there is nothing complicated. And the feeling that you experience in head, heart and stomach, thinking about this color — it is your sense of "Yes."

We now turn to "No". Think about the color you don't like, you don't wear clothes of this color and never would have bought this color. Again focus on the sensations. This feeling of confusion. I know this is a very weak sense, but this is very important. If you can't do this for small decisions, you will not be able to large. I am convinced of this. So, focus on their inner feelings, think about your least favorite color — that feeling is your "No". Or "maybe" and "maybe" means today is also "No."

Open your eyes. I thought my sense of "Yes" will be the brightest, thunder, light, music... As if! My "Yes" is calm, calm and no issues. And my "No" is "can do so, or so, or maybe so" and so on.

Now close your eyes again. Think about someone you love who makes you smile, not the one with whom you have a difficult relationship, sometimes it's easier to choose a nephew, a child or a pet. Think of someone who brings you joy, you are this person and feel like happiness fills you. That's the feeling you experience is a sense of clarity, it means "Yes".

Now think about someone who disgusts you, who you annoyed and exasperated. This feeling of uncertainty and it means "No".

And you need to practice this simple exercise to learn how to make difficult decisions. For example, to decide what a complicated project you start — someone offers you 5 different projects, some of them say Yes? How to decide who to see? In which apartment or what house to move?

Fear of claritySo, you need to learn to distinguish these feelings — a feeling Yes and feeling No. What is the problem? The problem is that such clarity is not like the others. They see it as a threat. Sometimes your clear "Yes" is their "No." And again, if you see clearly the right decision for you, for them is also good, even if they argue with that. After all, no one asks you to be dishonest, I would not want that someone of you was unfair. So if I asked you something and your response is "No", I hope you tell me about it.

So, consider some questions. I will ask you to fill in a few gaps. Subsequently it is very will help you.

A serious problem lies in the fact that people are afraid of clarity. For reasons which I have already mentioned — the clarity rocks the boat. Somebody rocked the boat? Only one person? Personally, I've done this many times. People don't like it because they see it as a threat. People want you to say "Yes" to them, and not yourself.

Fear of clarity prevents us to do everything necessary to achieve the best results. And to make the best decisions in career, personal life, finances, sex, human relationships; physical, emotional, and other spheres of life. We do not accept the right decisions out of fear.

So here's what I'm going to ask you to write. If you want, you can choose any area: financial, relationship, friendship, business, etc. so, write: "I am afraid of clarity because..." and continue on your own. Ask yourself these questions very useful.

One client once said: "I do not want clarity in their relationships, if they come clear, they will have to break". Actually it's not, but her idea of clarity had caused such tension.

Someone else told me: "If I achieve the clarity I need to talk with the boss", well, Yes, of course — "If I achieve the clarity I need another way to educate their children", "If I achieve the clarity I need to tell someone 'No'."

It affects your relationships, on your ability to attract, and when you reach a clear understanding of the Universe you send the appropriate signals — that you are 100% holistic, and that your head, heart and stomach are one. But really everything is different, we think, "Perhaps for dinner today eat a hamburger, no, it was better than the chicken, although spaghetti is also a good option." And then the universe thinks: "I don't even know what you want, so I can't help you!"

Now, consider the situation: "I'm afraid of clarity because..." and "If I achieve clarity, he or she may..." What could happen? Finish this sentence.

You are going to rock the boat, so many of us don't achieve such clarity as it could. I'm not saying you suddenly need to achieve clarity in all areas of life. While it is too difficult for you. But I assure you that your wealth will grow by leaps and bounds when you reach full clarity and a clear vision in decision-making.

In our family, I'm a little rocking the boat, because I am absolutely clear that I can't communicate with her sister, the alcoholic. It is very much rocking the boat, but I am absolutely clear that I can no longer maintain a relationship with her. I clearly give to understand that now everything changed. None of the family members do not approve of this, but once I became crystal clear what I should do, things have changed for me. God grant that she, too, has something changed, but I have my own life.

This is an example of how family members or your boss doesn't approve of your clear vision. Also can see the threat if your income increases many, many times. Or you reach a certain success in life, and your friends and this does not work.


The tappingnow, let's get to tapping. What are we doing borrowing from ancient Chinese medicine? We prostukivaniem points of the meridians of the body to get rid of clots of stagnant energy. These clots are like the stoppers that block the movement of vehicles. The same thing happens with your energy.

If you have any symptoms can be: anxiety, craving for chocolate, fear of success, fear of failure, if you have these symptoms, it means that your grid is the block. And we focused on this problem, if we open the file, if we edit a Word document. This cannot be done until the file is opened.

So, while repeat after me. Later, if need be, I'll tell you more about that.

The principle is very simple: we prostukivaniem point that during acupuncture, needles are pierced. And thus we are plumbing our power grid that distributes the energy between bodies. In Chinese medicine it is believed that when you have blocks, they manifest themselves in symptoms, no matter what the symptoms.

Today we will talk about how to achieve maximum success. I know some of you are already very successful — that's fine. But before the ceiling is even a little bit- you can go even higher, we are all capable of it.

What we are going to do is a great way to get rid of the resistance, that is of negativity in your energy field. From all the bumps on the way to your "Yes."

We will begin with the tapping of the so-called point karate, it is on the edge of the palm. Have you ever seen karate breaking bricks with the edge of your palm? No matter left hand or right, we prostukivaniem this point and say: "even Though I have this problem..." It's very simple — the tapping is practiced for about 30 years and all the time I do the same thing. "Though I have this problem I completely accept myself." Because when we say we accept our problem, we get rid of the resistance.

I will ask you to write one or two reasons you may be afraid of clarity. Try it! "I am very afraid of clarity because... someone will envy, someone is upset, I will increase your income and never be the same, or I'm out of my comfort zone and limiting beliefs". It may be somewhat frustrating but it is necessary to know.

People attend seminars and trainings to change; spend thousands of dollars on marketing new products, but do not change anything in my energy system, but there lies the problem. For years I was one of those people, and nothing good is no led. Haven't found out how to solve the underlying problem, which lies in energy.

So, you have at least one reason why you may be afraid of clarity? Sometimes people ask me How to determine that I have not reached clarity or afraid of it?" How to determine what you are working against yourself? I was working against itself last week, for example: if you procrastinate, be late, not finish the summary. And such cases we're delaying your success and don't allow joy to enter our lives.

The tapping point "karate"so, we begin to tap the karate point with either hand and say: "Though I'm afraid of complete clarity, I know that others will not like it, last time they didn't like it, I still completely accept myself."

"Though I'm afraid of clarity, because others will not like it, especially when I become richer, I still completely accept myself."

"Though I'm afraid of clarity, and wonder how strong this fear, I completely accept myself and accept the reaction of other people."

The tapping on the other points

We then tapping two fingers on the dominant hand. (Alternate tapping on these points).

  • Eyebrow — "I'm afraid of clarity"
  • The corner of his eye — "I'm afraid of clarity"
  • Under eye — "What if others won't like it"
  • Under the nose, above the upper lip — "What if others don't like what I will achieve clarity"
  • The chin — "What if I feel uncomfortable, when you reach clarity"
  • Collarbone — "I'm afraid of clarity, it is not surprising that I'm working against yourself"
  • At hand — "I'm afraid of clarity because they fear the reaction of others"
  • Top — "I'm afraid of clarity because they fear the reaction of others"
Take a deep breath.

I forgot to ask you to rate how strong was the fear clear in the beginning. Now I will ask you again to tune into something that causes you fear. Look at your leaf and answer the question: what am I feeling right now? Strange, nothing has changed, neither people nor the reaction, I have not yet come to the goal, but I have no such negative feelings. Because when you change your vibration of fear of clarity, changing your behavior, you will be a different person tonight. You need to change your vibration, but you can't do it just with his brain, he has no muscles.

Repeat the cycle of tappingso let's try again.

Point "karate" — "Though I'm still a little afraid of clarity, because I know how successful I can become very strong, I completely love and accept myself, even if others won't do it."

"Though I'm afraid of clarity, what if it rocks the boat? Like last time? I completely love and accept myself even with this fear".

"Though I'm afraid of clarity, because I know how strong I become, and know what new solutions will take, I already feel that they are on the way, I fully accept myself, no matter what happens.

  • Eyebrow — "I'm still afraid of clarity"
  • The corner of his eye — "I think the wealth"
  • Under eye — "I'm afraid of clarity"
  • Under nose — "What if others don't like it?"
  • The chin — "What if they don't like it?"
  • Collarbone — "What if they will be jealous?"
  • At hand — "What if I rock the boat?"
  • Top — "Because I am just going to rock the boat"
  • Eyebrows — "What if I become very strong?"
  • The corner of his eye — "What if I achieve clarity?"
  • Eye "And become very rich"
  • Under nose — "I'm gonna have fun"
  • Chin — "I Got money"
  • Collarbone — "I Have more friends"
  • At hand — "I'll be happier"
  • Top — "I'm not sure I'm ready"
  • Eyebrow — "I'm ready"
  • The corner of his eye — "I Love clarity"
  • Under eye — "I am thankful for all the clarity that I have"
  • Under nose — "I want more"
  • Chin — "I already know what to do"
  • Collarbone — "I am aware of my courage as I think about it"
  • At hand — "it's Great to know what I'm gonna say Yes"
  • Top — "I respect you and respect your"
Take a deep breath.

Then re-evaluate if it turns out a low number, you move to the next field. To the next area in your life where you need clarity.

So, in order to achieve more clarity about your "Yes" and "No" — practice, listen to your stomach, your gut. How to achieve clarity? What will you say Yes? Why don't you? How do you work against yourself? And producivity problem, block by block, all that stands in your way.

©Carol Onion

Carol Luk (eng. Carol Look), a famous specialist in emotional freedom technique (EFT), coaching on attracting abundance and success, clinical hypnotherapist, popular speaker and author of several books, including the bestseller "Attracting abundance with EFT".


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