Psychosomatics: the Hands — WHAT we do or WHAT is involved

HANDS. AS the BODY AND MIND WORK TOGETHERas the energy moves down to the arms and hands, it is removed from the inner, personal aspects of energy actions to more open and actively expressed, which is manifested in the feeling of his power and achievements. With our hands we caress, hold, embrace, give, reach out, or Vice versa, hit, take away, repel; close and protect your heart.

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Thus, the hands Express our feelings and attitude. They become a means of communication, when we talk, wave hands to better Express what we want to say. All that is within us, in our heart, can be expressed by the hands. With our hands we receive impressions and information about the world around us.

So the grace or clumsiness of our movement can speak about our managing yourself and your Affairs. Lack of confidence can be observed in the right hand, as this side corresponds to the male principle. Difficulties in expressing affection and love will be soon in the left hand associated with the female nature.

ElbowsTraditionally, this position expresses our clumsiness or the ability to push, which is reflected in the expression "to make inroads with their elbows". We can push someone with your elbow and just to feel pushed out, we are putting the elbows in order to look strong and powerful, as the elbows make our hands look like guns. Elbows can also Express doubt about our ability to react or to do a good job.

Joints give you the freedom and fluidity to our movements, in fact they are responsible for the movement itself. Awkward movement of our elbows talking about the fact that we are awkward and clumsy expressing ourselves or even be unable to do so: try to hug someone with close to the body with elbows! Elbows also give us the opportunity to make an effort to what we do ("to work by elbows"). If we have problems with the elbows, we are not able to defend their rights as they can or should do it.


ForearmThis scope: here we roll our sleeves and get to work. Forearms are farther away from the inner and closer to the outer expression of the center of the action. Tenderness of the skin on the inner side of the forearm indicates our sensitivity and fluctuations that we experience, before finally to Express something.She also points to the moment when the personal is going to become public, but still private, or when we do something in public, but deep down, this causes us concern.


The wristsand elbows, and wrist are the joints, ensuring the movement is going on the ultimate energy intake action. Wrist inform our actions is a huge ease and freedom. When they are inactive, the movements are sharp and awkward. Thus, the wrist allow us to easily adapt to any action, to manage their own Affairs and freely Express their inner feelings. When the energy passes freely through the wrist, we can easily Express ourselves, do what we want. If the energy is constrained (for example, joint dislocation or arthritis), it speaks about the conflict in our action: we are constrained in our activities something to let or we are resisting what needs to be done.

HANDSBeing for man the most characteristic of his means of expression, his hands are like antennae that comes from us, and communicate information. When we extend our hand, we convey the message of friendliness and security, "a friendly handshake" good not only as an expression in the language, because the power of touch is much more rational mind. Hands we draw, conduct an orchestra, write, drive a car, treat, chop firewood, cultivated garden, etc. We become almost helpless, if our hands are damaged, because it is through them we interact with the world.

This reflects the entire period of maturation during pregnancy, particularly in the spinal reflex, which passes through the side of the thumb. The handsare sealed even past, present and future, unique to each person are the patterns on the pads of your fingers. I remember one day when I had to perform a large and varied work, the skin on the pads of the thumbs has become very tender and sensitive. She began to crack and peel, which reminds me of a snake shedding its old skin. It was quite painful. Later I realized that the time corresponded to a new stage of my inner development, the formation of a new personality, as I freed myself from old habits and prejudices. Although I never checked, changed my fingerprints!

Julie came to me with severe pain in the big toe of the left arm and left ankle. Recently her mother died, and shortly after that started the pain. The death of a parent makes us aware of the fact that we are no longer children and that we are "the last link in the chain". So subconsciously, we turn to its ability to be adults, to take the place of the one we lost, because we ourselves now have to be adults. The pain that came from Julie's big toe, was directly associated with the loss of the mother and entry into adulthood (left side). She said to herself: "Okay, now I'm home, now it's my turn. I'm the next generation." In the thumb expressed the fact that all the responsibility and decisions fell on her.

The pain spread to the ankle — region, which is our support. The loss of a mother robbed of support that Julie has relied for many years. Since the pain was only on the left side, Julie was immediately confronted with doubts and fears about their own femininity, because she lost a Prime example of a woman in his life. Julie had to realize that for her it was more important to find their own, albeit a very different place in life, and not to take the place of the mother. This conflict arose as a result of the fact that she always wanted to go its own way, to be independent, but the mother never approved of this desire. Now, when the mother died, Julie felt a double guilt for having wanted to go his own way in life.

Hands can easily zakostenet or deformed due to a disease like arthritis. One of my patients was a very severe arthritis in the fingers of the right hand, they even lost normal shape. The woman told me that ten years she spent at work that she didn't like, and now arthritis has become so strong that she could hardly bear to do it.She explained that arthritis is causing her the feeling of tension, like they were pulled inside. That's about it and told her her body. It was trying to show her that her resistance sparked these feelings and even led to the fact that she was unable to fulfill it. The full realization that she wanted to do, and shift work ensured the release of pent-up energy.

As fluid is linked to our emotions, poor blood circulation, which translates into cold hands, indicates the withdrawal of emotional energy from what we do or what is involved.It also indicates a reluctance to reach out to show their love and care. In contrast, sweaty palms indicate nervousness and anxiety that cause the overabundance of emotion in connection with our activities. The musculature of the hands associated with our ability to keep control over things. If we feel that we lose our grip, this can manifest itself in spasms, weakness and damage to hands. they can also indicate a lack of self-confidence, fear of failure or inability to comply with what is required of us.

If we reach too far, pulled too hard or rushing forward at the wrong time, the hands will inevitably there are cuts, bruises, burns and other damage to the fingers.

Hands also provide the touch and connection with other people. Our touch will say much about ourselves: it is a means of profound, wordless communication. The touch is necessary so that we can feel safe, confident, accepted, and desirable. For a healthy and harmonious life we just need to caress, to hold, to hug, to stroke.

Without a touch, we begin to feel alienated and insecure, rejected and unwanted. Losing touch, we may be faced with mental disorders. Touch we can ease the pain and suffering of another person. Problems in hands can indicate that we want to touch or feel the touch, but very afraid to show this desire.

The indecision of touch speaks of a deep fear to open up, to show who we really are, to allow you to develop close relationships. This can be caused by past emotional traumas or our natural inclination for introvertness. But this problem needs attention, otherwise in poor condition it will cause even more damage.

Touch makes us open and vulnerable, but also gives us the opportunity to speak to the deep feelings, and it all happens through the hands.Damage to them can mean the desire to avoid conflicts with them. They can also indicate that the touch of another person causes us pain: they are unacceptable for us and cause pain. published


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