Psychosomatics: laryngitis — the anger locked inside


Cough by Liz Burbo:

A physical lock. Coughing is a reflex action, an attempt to clear the airway of mucus or foreign objects that irritate them. The following description refers to a cough that occurs for no apparent reason, but not for coughs caused by asthma, flu, laryngitis, etc.

Emotional blocks

More or less frequent cough without apparent cause may occur in a person who is easily irritated. Such a person is too developed inner critic. He should be more tolerant, especially towards yourself.

Even if the cause of the irritation is some external situation or another person, the inner critic still falls on him. If the sneezing is due to what is happening in the outside world, the coughing is what is happening inside a person.

Mental lock

Every time you for no apparent reason starts coughing, try to stop and analyze what's going on in your head. Your thoughts follow each other automatically and so fast that you don't even have time to notice and then criticize yourself.


WHY you get sick: non-Obvious causes

Intrusive negative thoughts — WHAT to DO


This criticism prevents you to live life to the fullest, the way you want. YOU'RE NOT LIKE YOURSELF SEEM. YOU'RE MUCH BETTER. Realizing internal Irritation, become more tolerant in relation to itself. Treat yourself the way you would like them to treat you Other.

Laryngitis by Debbie Shapiro:

Laryngitis occurs due to the inflammation of the larynx, damaging the voice box, so we are unable to make sounds. Usually, laryngitis is the result of a strong fear (e.g., fear of the audience) or that our expression of ourselves considered unacceptable ( as the child can see but not hear). Then all our feelings, especially anger, are locked inside, and later it will be very difficult to demonstrate them.

Laryngitis may also develop due to feelings of shame or guilt about what we said, why we can't just say or are you afraid that someone will hear it. Laryngitis is an inflammation, so he soprovojdaetsya ogromnym the accumulation of "hot" emotional energy associated with voice and expression. This disease is also related to the adoption of his work, to the free possession of his voice, the ability to voice their feelings.published



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