DISEASE - karmic causes and cure

Disease-it is a signal that a person has ceased to live in harmony with the universe, violating its laws. The subconscious mind through sickness reports that we overreact to react to the events of life, not doing their job. A person born with the disease or problem in the family, is the karma of past incarnations, and his task: to understand their mistakes, be kind to the people to turn out good karma.

If a person is born healthy, but sick, then I made some mistake, violated a law of nature, accumulated negative karma.

Children's disease - a reflection of the behavior and thoughts of parents. This is a signal to the whole family. Normalization of the atmosphere in the family leads to the recovery of the child. As the saying goes "all diseases of the nerves." Calm relaxed people with an optimistic mindset rarely get sick and live longer. A man surrounded by energy and shell impregnated with energy. He constantly sends and receives its energy from everything that surrounds it and what it focuses attention.

From the positive emotions and feelings of the amount of energy increases, fueled by the joy, kindness, optimism, faith, hope, love. The amount of energy is reduced if a person is experiencing anger, irritation, depression, distrust, envy, jealousy, fear. From the amount of energy it depends on the aura of a person, which protects it from external influences like a cocoon. If the aura is exhausted, then there are a variety of illnesses, including death.


(Learning the causes of diseases, reviewing and eliminating them, you get rid of the disease.)

Allergy - a denial of their abilities.
Influenza - a reaction to the negative beliefs.
Colds - irritation, annoyance.
Obesity - protection from anything.
Problems with zubami- inability to make decisions.
Light - fear of being unheard, misunderstood, inner restraint.
Stomach - fear and envy of others (greed).
Colon - excessive desire for stability, fear of change and the desire to live a life without shocks (potato juice).
The pancreas (increased sugar immunity) - excessive authoritativeness, the eternal desire to put everything under his control, resentment, discontent.
Heart - the fear of manifestations of love, the suppression of emotions, lack of joy. Listen to your heart.
The small intestine (noise, ear pain, impaired vision, reducing the little finger) - fear of action (only on the orders of others).
The bladder (cystitis, infections), - a ban on the display of emotions.
The kidneys (nephritis, pyelonephritis) - back pain, epilepsy, sudorogi- rejection of the world, obsessive desire to remake it in their system, fear of shocks (will not move).
Meredian pericardium (chest pain) - fear of intimacy.
Three cavity of the body (the nervous system, the psyche) - stubborn refusal to take lessons from the universe (language, ring finger, shin, knee, subclavian fossa).
Gall bladder (neck, face, vision) - the inability to forgive a loved one, to understand.
Liver - the belief that he must save a noble feeling of anger (anger). The desire to justify their deeds and actions, "unjustly offended" (first toe muscles, organs ...).

Barley - anger at someone.
Blindness - the reluctance to see something.
Conjunctivitis - avoiding conflict.
Daltonizm- recognize the unity of all things, and its diversity.
Cataracts - find the light within himself.
Glaucoma - confessed his sorrow spill unshed tears.
Myopia - cling to the little things. Find a space and extend the limits of the world.
Strabismus - be honest. Do not try to displace part of integrity.
Farsightedness - see the fullness of life, not to cling to the little things.

Nose-the desire to withdraw. We need a break from the people issues, to gather strength and to solve the conflict.

Ears - unwillingness to listen, stubbornness. Listen to the inner voice. Listening to and learn.

Roth - inability to accept new experiences and ideas.
Teeth and gums - the suppression of aggression for fear of losing love and acceptance of others. Be honest with yourself. Converts aggression in a positive creative force. Learn to love yourself and others.
Night grinding zubov- helpless aggression. Aware of their aggression.
Tartar - is unresolved problems. Recognize them and decide.

Neck - fear, suppression of emotions, not taking anything. Be yourself. Do not force yourself.
Cough - the desire to get rid of something-or.
Heart attack - the amount of accumulated anger and frustration.
Anaemia - a lack of pleasure, lack of power and dynamics. The joy, the power and energy - in the universe, accept them.
Hypertension - the inability to resolve the conflict. Learn to leave the past behind, accept and experiencing the problem.
Gipotomiya - the desire to avoid problems and conflicts, an escape from life. Accept yourself as you are. Be honest to yourself. Find strength in itself.
Varicose veins - not enough flexibility and vitality, inner core. Become internally svobodnym- blood will circulate freely.
Swelling - the desire to keep something. Otpusti- come back to you over.
Stomach - reception and digestion of impressions. Ulcer-aggression inward.
Lack of appetite - the fear of new experiences.
Heartburn - swallow resentment, disappointment. Realize that everything in life has a meaning. Free to express desires and feelings.
Nausea and vomiting - the reluctance to digest. When pregnancy - unwillingness to accept the body of a child, to be a mother.
Constipation - greed.
Hemorrhoids - something oppressive. Something scary, can not get rid of it. Accept it and experiencing.
Diabetes - the desire and the inability to accept love, fully let a.
Bladder - an inability to leave everything in the past.
Urinary incontinence - the fear of what will happen something bad.
Impotence - the pressure, guilt, desire to act out of spite. Relationships can not be controlled by reason. Give me a piece of their "I", your true love.
Chest - go too far in their desire to protect, show maternal care. Allow yourself and others to be free and independent.
Menstruation - internal protest. Resistance own femininity, and male.
Prostate Disease - erroneous judgment, fear of old age, the pressure.
Menopause - the fear of aging, live according to the natural requirements. Life - is growth and change.
Warts - think that you have something horrible, what think you are guilty. Everything has a right to exist. You are beautiful and worthy of love.
Hump ​​- need to learn humility. Rage and anger accumulated in the back.
Reduction of the tendons in the hand - concealment of aggression and hostility. Open your mind.
Fracture - there is no activity of the spirit. Whether bend.
Problems with his hands - the fear to take up the matter.
Problems with the knees - you do not want to bow out of pride, stubbornness, selfishness, fear. Learn to empathize, to forgive.
Paralysis - an escape from responsibility, spiritual inflexibility.
Cramps - strong pressure, the desire to keep something by force.
Pain in the back of the head - stubbornness.
Rheumatism - lack of love, the accumulation of anger, bitterness and desire for revenge. The thirst for power.
Migraine - the desire to be perfect, inferiority complex and guilt.
Amnesia - the fear, the desire to forget everything, away from it all.
Sciatica - fear and anxiety for the money for the future.
Stroke, paralysis, paresis - jealousy and hatred, rejection of his life and destiny.
Women's disease - the result of denial and avoidance men or dissatisfaction.
Tumor - offense.
Frigidity - fear.
Smoking - the negation of life, do not love themselves.

Spirits - sick soul (fear, resentment, anger, despair). It is necessary to eliminate negative thoughts and emotions. Find ways to achieve the conditions that allow to remove mental tension.

The disease - the subconscious hint that something is not in order from top to toe.
Conflict or indecision - you always want to make one, but feel that you "should" do something quite different.

The conflict, suppressed anger, the desire to achieve perfection in everything.

What is it we do not want to see this? Myopia not look forward enough, do not see any prospects; hyperopia: we live in the future, ignoring the parts; astigmatism: distorted reality; Glaucoma: under pressure from; repress all emotions.

Ears / deafness:

What is it we do not want to hear? We do not hear the inner voice guiding.

Pain in the neck:
Who or what is sitting on your neck? Failure to flexibility, indecision.

Failure to express yourself in words; resistance to change. Scary start of his life.

Pain in shoulders:
As for the burden you have to drag yourself? Maybe you've loaded the care and responsibility of other people? What you will do: let them go, or be looking for help and support?

Motherhood, parenting, femininity.

Lock on the problems of giving and making love, feeling the joy of life, "loss of heart».

Light / Asthma:
You feel short of breath, you are too well protected. It may also be suppressed tears, you feel that you "do not have the right to breathe", you feel unworthy, locking in the "give and receive", you are indifferent to the fact that you are here.

We keep our senses.

Here there is a processing and sorting of feelings. (Spirits - attacks the liver - can be used to ensure that we do not pay attention to your feelings. The truth is, the price will have to pay for it is considerable.)

Stomach / vomiting:
Something on which you feel sick. Perhaps this is a new idea or experience that you will not "digest».

The fear, the sense of "handling" perfectionism.

Due to the fact that you are giving (right hand) and get it (the left hand). Hold and release. Reach out to others.

Suppressed resentment or anger. Inflexibility.

Back pain:
You are offended, you do not. Suppressed anger, self-pity. You try to be perfect and take yourself too seriously.

Stubborn anger.

You do not allow yourself to properly nourish themselves, the refusal "to take into ourselves." You are running away from someone or something.

Perhaps you live in the past; squeeze the emotion, refusing to let go of the past, are suffering a lack of trust.

Feeling out of control.

... Illness:
Feelings of guilt with respect to naturalness.

You think that you are "pressed" (perhaps your partner).

Damage to coccyx:
Concerns about the survival and security, such as financial unrest, fear of death, or fear that you "can not survive without a partner," at home or their work.

Stubbornness, rigidity, resentment / anger, often since childhood.

Associated with natural (2nd chakra).

Our mobility and our desire to move forward. Stay in this world; safety and survival (1 chakra); claudication - a way to the future.

The left side of the body:
The connection to the "feminine" aspect of the self, and with his mother.

The right side of the body:
The connection to the "male" part, I and my father.


Accidents do not happen! This usually happens with anger directed against him; the need for a break, or a change in the way; the need for sympathy and support.

The vision of the world as a threat; lack of trust; lack of control over their power.

Alzheimer's Disease.
Escape from the world; ignoring emotions.

Arthritis / Rheumatism.
Resentment, bitterness; self-criticism; inflexible approach to life.

Blood diseases.
Contact your relatives (those who you consider your family); emotional problems or conflicts close.

High pressure.
Suppressed anger and dissatisfaction with family members.

Low pressure.
The passive attitude towards life; lack of respect for all beings in the world. Fractures.
Broken bones suggests that your main "support" is threatened - perhaps it's your family, your career, finances and self-esteem; or perhaps that you are trying to break free - but it seems dangerous to you. (Note that the broken bone to stop you, or postpone what you were afraid to do so. Moreover, there is value in what place there was a crisis)

Overwhelmed by grief and resentment; feelings of hopelessness and / or helplessness; no significance or purpose in life; Depressed demand for "growth"; fear, something that "eats" you from the inside. (You need to know is the location of the tumor to determine its causes).

Runny nose.
Self pity; suppressed tears; need for rest; confusion and uncertainty.

Suppressed anger.

Trying to reach perfection; excessive demands to themselves or to others.

Weakened immune system.
Lack of self-confidence; a sense of powerlessness; self pity; the requirement of love.

Suppressed anger.

Do not let go of the past, feeling the need to be protected.

Premenstrual syndrome.
Woman you feel uncomfortable, do not believe in the natural course of life, not his own strength.

Problems with blood vessels.
Suppressed tears or sorrow; You are irritated by something.

Skin problems.
Contact your way, how you present yourself to the world. Red, inflamed skin, burns, blisters - repressed anger. Sweating - suppressed grief. Dry, flaky skin - you cut your emotions, too many live only head. "Spots" on the skin, rash - problems of adolescence (eg, problems of personality, fear of losing control, the conflict in relation to natural, bragging.

Stiffness of the joints.
You inflexible, mired in their own ideas.

You refuse to believe in the process of life, do not want to go with the flow of life, ignore spirituality.

Bruising toes.
Watch where you're going. Stay on the ground and not in the clouds.


Health - inner freedom, the free circulation of energy balance between head, heart and stomach.
The disease - evidence of domestic trouble, it points the way to healing. Samoistselenie- natural ability of the human body.

To help the body, you can use self-hypnosis, sound healing, wise, energy, reiki, meditation, yoga, etc. Main disease - do not focus on it, and find at least one healthy place, and be glad that it is healthy, then the disease itself will go.

Sound healing.

When the moon rising for 4, 6, 7 lunar day can be healed with the help of sounds.

The sounds of "U" and "yu" treat urinary bladder and kidneys.
The sound of "OH" cure hemorrhoids. "Ngongo" effect on the stomach, liver, brain, and sinusitis, "and" the eyes heal, runny nose, and a little amuse.
"SI" and "A" - from stress. "PL" will bring wealth, "FL" - protects the heart,
"E" gives peace, peace and love,
"Y" - the wisdom, make the blood boil,
"O" - brings harmony,
"OE" - gives way to love,
"NG" and "A" - for creativity.

Spoken 3 - 4 times the sound "OM" stimulates the pineal gland that affects the 7 chakra.

Exercises for the opening of the chakras (after relaxation):

1 Chakra (root) - "have»
2 chakra (sacred) - "oh-oh-oh»
3 chakra (solar plexus) - "oh»
4 Chakra (heart) - "ah»
5 Chakra (throat) - "au" (tons higher than the previous)
6 Chakra (third eye) - "hey»
7 chakra (crown) - "and-and»

MANTRA - sound vibrations.

Mantra - sound vibrations that cause the person to a state of good and peace. They connect man with the cosmos through Sahasrara, free from disease and evil. Vibration voice is very important for good health. It helps promote better health. Playback of some vowels vibrates glands, glands and urges them to cleanse the body of toxins. Mantras are based on certain combinations of vowels, which are sung in a special way to cause vibrational effects throughout the human body, the nervous system, the endocrine glands, in the brain. Vibration and have a therapeutic effect on diseased organs. This singing is done easily and safely, however, the total energy of deep breathing. Try it and you will feel full of new energy soon.

Publish strong and shrill And-And her lips parted like a smile. Doing so is not in the form of singing, but rather as a cry from afar. The sound should be smooth and the same height at the beginning, middle and end. You can not start strongly, a weak finish squeak;


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