Oleg Torsunov: Traits, disease and the relationship between them

Human disease is caused by a specific bad traits, wrong attitude to life and adverse conditions associated with it.

In other words, every disease starts at the level of the mind (which manifests itself in the form of a character trait or condition), and then, as it develops, it is reflected in the physical body accordingly.

This is because the body and mind have a close relationship, and everything that happens in the mind, the psyche, necessarily reflected in the level of the body.

If a person's character deteriorates badly enough, the body can not withstand such a load of negative, so begin to develop the disease.

Looking through the list of diseases and their causes, below, we can see the similarity of bad traits and diseases that it causes, and then everything becomes clear.

This list is just the cause, and then the consequences, that is, the disease to which it leads.

List of psychological causes of disease

Greed - is bulimia, acute processes in the body, cancer

. The antagonism - is the cause of inflammation, migraines, diabetes

. Apathy - leads to loss of appetite, atrophic gastritis, amenorrhea, decrease blood pressure and diabetes

. Aggressiveness - contributes to high blood pressure, causes warts and peptic ulcers

. Bad taste - is the cause of digestive disorders, can cause bulimia

. Hopelessness - causing diseases such as pneumonia, spirits, and also leads to decreased immunity

. Unscrupulousness - is the cause of chronic infections and chronic diseases

. Hellbent - causing injuries, accidents, and leads to epilepsy

. Squeamish - is the cause of diseases such as rheumatism, warts, tonsillitis

. Indifference - amenorrhoea, poor memory, hypotension

. Purposelessness - acne, amenorrhea, decreased immunity and lowering blood pressure

. Unbelief - is the cause of low blood pressure and organ dysfunction

. Anxiety - causes heart disease, sleep disorders, and skin diseases

. Hypersensitivity - leads to allergies, migraines and skin diseases

. Anger - is the cause of hepatitis, insomnia, bulimia, gastritis with high acidity and acute processes in the body

. Rudeness - causing viral infections, hemorrhoids, cholecystitis, erosive gastritis, bronchitis, and increase thyroid function

. Depression - can lead to pneumonia and tuberculosis.

Greed - leads to obesity, insomnia, cholecystitis, chronic diseases, hepatitis, acne

. Cruelty - a cause of asthma, bronchitis, cancer, disease, epilepsy, fungal diseases, impotence, gastritis, amenorrhea, anemia, and is the cause of various injuries

. Envy - is an autoimmune disease, insomnia, heart disease, cancer and various mental illnesses

. Closure - leads to diseases of the kidneys and adrenal glands, schizophrenia, high blood pressure

. Vindictive - is a cause of throat and larynx diseases, hyperacidity and insomnia

. Taste perversion - is the cause of cancer, female infertility and diseases of the digestive system

. Impulsivity - causing acute processes in the body, possible stroke

. The category - leading to arrhythmias, male infertility, asthma and hypertension

. Conflictness - improves thyroid function, and acute injury to the processes in the body

. Criticism - causing diseases such as pancreatitis, cholecystitis and arthritis

. Dishonesty - leads to a decrease in immunity, spirits, fungal diseases and hepatitis

. Laziness - is the cause of loss of appetite, anemia, lowers blood pressure, causes gastritis with low acidity, acne, female infertility, hernias, hemorrhoids and constipation

. Tension - raises blood pressure is a cause of asthma, constipation, glomerulonephritis, hemorrhoids, manic depressive psychosis, stroke, constipation, urethritis

. Assertiveness - causes asthma, arthritis, sinusitis, increased acidity, bronchitis, hernia, peptic ulcer disease, glomerulonephritis, male infertility, constipation, impotence

. Negativism - this is the cause of autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases, hepatitis

. Indiscipline - leads to organ dysfunction, digestive disorders and viral infections

. Hatred - causes warts, tonsillitis, oncology, infectious diseases, epilepsy, ischemic heart disease

. Incontinence - the cause of gastritis with high acidity, male infertility and a variety of chronic diseases

. Nesmirennost (lack of humility) - leads to increased blood pressure and viral infections

. Nesobrannosti - causes decreased immunity, low blood pressure, sinusitis

. Frustration - bad dream, urethritis, bulimia

. Self-doubt - is the cause of hypotension, diseases of the throat and larynx, and anemia

. Inability to relax - leading to polyarthritis, asthma, heart disease and varicose veins

. Untidiness - causes a decrease in immunity, hemorrhoids, skin diseases

. Inflexibility - one of the causes of hepatitis, asthma, bone fractures and

. Impermanence - can cause female infertility or acute processes in the body

. Untidiness - leads to acne, hemorrhoids, anemia, fungal diseases

. Resentment - is the cause of diabetes, arthritis, adnexitises, sleeplessness, cystitis, chronic diseases and ischemic

. Walled - it causes kidney disease, warts, hypertension

. Aversion - leading to pancreatitis, fungal diseases, angina, diabetes, warts

. Despair - the cause of diseases such as pneumonia, migraines, spinal diseases, arthritis, neuritis, erosive gastritis, coronary heart disease

. Increased sensitivity - can cause allergies, skin diseases, pelvic inflammatory disease, female infertility, asthma

. Depression - leads to a decrease in immunity, hypotension, ovarian dysfunction

. Overvoltage - often causes insomnia, bronchitis, hepatitis, spinal surgery, male infertility, viral infections, strokes, pneumonia, hernia

. Fatigue - hernia, viral infections, tuberculosis, pneumonia, decreased immunity, diabetes

. Pessimism - is the cause of sciatica, anemia, low blood pressure, hypothyroidism, acne, tuberculosis, chronic diseases

. Dismissive - of poisoning and injuries

. Picky - can lead a person to hepatitis, colitis, cholecystitis

. Depravity - causes decreased immunity, skin diseases, infertility, oncology

. Irritability - leads to diseases of the nervous system, gastritis, bronchitis, and many chronic diseases

. Frustration - can cause autoimmune infections, arthritis, spirits, amenorrhea, chronic diseases

. Vulnerability - can cause adnexitis, gastritis, increased activity of the thyroid gland, miscarriages

. Distraction - hypotension, sinusitis, various spinal diseases

. Stiffness - leads to a decrease in memory, polyarthritis, diseases of the spine, glomerulonephritis

. Grief - causing pancreatitis, cystitis, polyarthritis, coronary heart disease

. The propensity to violence - is the cause of autoimmune infections, injuries and cancer

. Stealth - high blood pressure, schizophrenia, glomerulonephritis

. Fear - is the cause of diseases such as cystitis, anorexia, bulimia, migraine, insomnia, asthma, hepatitis, skin diseases; fear can also cause miscarriage.

Fussiness - causes constipation, viral infections, increased thyroid function, and various acute processes in the body

. Stubbornness - can lead to sinusitis, asthma, epilepsy, male infertility, ulcers

. Callousness - may cause cholecystitis, constipation, ulcers, bronchitis, dysfunction, female sexual organs

. Excessive straightforwardness - causes fatigue, asthma, bronchitis, urethritis, impotence, gastritis

. Scrupulousness - skin diseases, rheumatism, angina

. Cold - leads to hypotension, hypothyroidism, bradycardia, amenorrhea

. Selfishness - causes acidity, hemorrhoids, sore throat

. Emotional (excessive) - can cause dysfunction of sexual organs, cause increased activity of the thyroid gland, or impotence in men

. How to cure a disease without drugs

Thus, we see that the disease has psychological causes. To cure the disease without medication, you need to get rid of the bad traits (frame of mind or state), which is the cause of the disease. Get rid of or transform it into a positive.

Psychological causes of disease, in turn, also have one major, the root cause, which is not eliminated, the man doomed to not only sick, but also to regenerate the material world again and again, still sick and suffering. And this reason, forcing us to be born again and again in this world - forgetting his true nature

. The Vedas say about the higher purpose and destiny of man - to know their true spiritual nature, to be able to return to the spiritual world, where there is no sickness, no suffering, no death, no birth. Only eternity, knowledge and bliss.

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