Contact our illnesses with the qualities of character.

What is the disease of the mind? Diseases of the mind signify a bad character. All diseases of the body are associated with diseases of the mind. All. However, there is a purely disease disease of the mind, there is a disease associated with the body already. Diseases of the mind is the diseases that are already in the mind begin to act. For example, asthma, diabetes ... more angina. There are diseases which are very difficult to treat - hypertension to some degree. There are diseases which are very difficult to treat conventional medicine. Because it is a disease of the mind. The mind is so strong desecrated something that he immediately causes a reaction in the body. And this response comes constantly. Let diseases of the body. One ... one defilement of the mind causes any changes in the body develop some processes. Yet, with ... drinking a medicine man sees that everything stops and the disease comes back ... that is no longer the disease recurs, the person recovers. This means that a random disease associated with some kind of ... some kind of energy output from the mind by means of the influence of the planets. In a few days sick and then recovered.

The same cold, for example, can be treated with over the years and no cure. It is a disease of the mind already. We understand you relationship with the nature of the disease and there was a whole lecture. Now, if you see that a person can not be a long time to recover from the disease, which means that it is a disease of the mind, you have to change your character. And how to determine what the nature of it ... you suffer in this direction? Identify possible ... you can diagnose your mind through your eyes. How to do it? Very simple. For this we need to look at the people around you, and that in others dislike. For example, if you're in the people I do not like ... let anger in men and in women resentment, you notice them constantly. Not that they do not like, but always notice all this, you see so many people around touchy. This means that the poor quality of your character - a resentment, if you are a woman, and anger, if you're a man.

Further, if you see in all the hype, all lying, all liars around. This means that the poor quality of your character - a falsehood. Further, if you see all greed. You think, "Well, what is it? All people have the greedy. Around all greedy. " How about greed said all Ukrainians laughed once. There are national feature ... Every nation has its own character trait with which we should fight. In Russian, too, has, at all. [inaudible - a voice from the audience] How ... [laughs] [laughter]. In Russian - rude ... rude, the Ukrainians - the greed, the Georgians - anger, you know about it. [laughs]. Anger. Here. And so on, I do not want ... it's gossip. It's a rumor, right? Here. This does not mean that all Russian are rude and all Ukrainians will be greedy. No, this is wrong.

However, if you notice it in others the poor quality of character, which means that it is in me. Because man sees in others only what is facing them. If a person has in his mind is the quality of the character, it is diagnosed that way. You look at the world, if you see like the other person, then immediately inside this character as there is pain, agitation, as if he has the heart in that direction. This is very indicative example, if a person stopped smoking recently, the smell of smoke in his cause severe irritation, he does not like very much, he was nervous, angry. It is much more than those who do not smoke and have never smoked. Similarly, if people stopped drinking and he sees a drunken man next to him, he was ready to tear it up. This means that once a person has this disadvantage but does not show. This lack of sitting in the heart. But he did not manifest externally. You know what it is?

Thus, diagnose diseases that cause chronic course, by using the view. If you have a chronic disease, here's a look at the people, walk the streets, see what you most notice them wrong. And if you see some specific trait, which means that you have it a hundred percent there. And that it causes the most severe disease. When a person forgives most hated man the biggest flaws that it more than anything else does not like, he gets rid of the worst illness that will bring him the biggest problems. That's all. It is simple arithmetic. Because when you strongly hate someone, not much like some character trait, it means that this trait will cause you ... you also have a hidden form, but it operates largely outside and inside. It causes degradation in the body.

Because there are two kinds of manifestations of nature in man. The first type of character manifestation - it lets people issue ... your character out. The second type of manifestations of character - he destroys this ... this ... this trait of your body, your health. Sometimes both are at work. When a person consumes character ... some trait of his health, which means that he pronounced this quality of character in the past ... in previous lives. When people outside their qualities of character produces much, so he is not yet strong in the past, it saves this trait. When he accumulates it, then start to break down the body. Clear? So people just ... do not have some trait, but very angry that it is someone else, which means that it has one trait of character and it operates in, but not out. Clearly?

Thus, there is no reason for someone else to be angry. Still have to be angry, because it arises spontaneously, independently of our will. But one should not assume that this is the right thing to do. We are angry, nervous, but we should not assume that it's true, so it is necessary to act. If we do not think so, then we will arrest the progression of the disease in itself. And the ability to not get angry or ... no matter how bad do not treat people comes through the eyes. This ability can be ... or rather is not, and can be diagnosed through the eyes. Every day you need to look the way you look at the world. Do not look at the world, and watch how you look at the world. And every day comes to us a new karma. When it's bad karma, man sees more disadvantages in the surrounding people than the previous day.

He woke up in the morning and he was ... he was walking, he looks for all the shortcomings. He thinks: "So, it is bad doing this bad." This means that out of his mind came the bad karma. This means that the disease will soon be some. So nasyadut any disease. With these bad qualities of character can foresee ... if you know the nature of the relationship with the disease can be predicted exactly what the illness is waiting. It is especially dangerous when there is a severe outbreak of hostility to someone and has a lasting effect. This means that there will be big trouble in health in the near future. So it is possible to diagnose the patient through the eyes of the mind.


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