The sense of taste.

Next feeling that we'll analyze this feeling ... we'll parse the significance of feelings. The first in importance - the ear, then the tactile feeling, and then a sense of vision, after the following view of the importance of a sense - a sense of taste. The sense of taste. It is associated with ... the impact on the senses as a whole and also in the prana. The sense of taste - the strong sense. Or rather not the strongest, but the feeling of a key, the key. When a person is able to control the sense of taste and speech, it is able to control ... it is the beginning of all other senses, including hearing loss. One can not just learn how to humbly listen to, it's very difficult, because the most ... the most delicate and the most vulnerable feeling. Learning to listen to ... that you know how to listen, it means you have a strong mind. Understand?

However, not everyone is able to do it right, it needs a mental workout. It begins with a control language to control the senses of taste and speech control. The man who waffle any nonsense and irrepressible eating, that is, he can not control himself ... his tongue at all, he eats and when horrible horrible. This means that all the other feelings he also unable to control. He can not control any of the senses: no tactile sensitivity nor their sense nor his view, the negative attitude to people he can not change, nor their ears can not control (can not listen to other people's ideas, to the opinions of others). He can not control and the sense of taste and smell and the sense of smell too. All ... all five senses.

What problems resulting lack of control of taste?

The sweet taste. Causes of frustration and depression

So, today we are with you now analyze how to define the taste of its relationship with diseases and so some kind of lack of control leads to taste some problems. Now we define it to you with the help of certain classifications. So sweet taste - is the pursuit of happiness, goodness. The sweet taste is in the power of goodness. And the person who loves the sweet, it means that he is optimistic optimistic ... or tends to optimism. He can not be optimistic, but tends to optimism, at least. The sweet taste. Children are very eager to optimism, they love the sweet. Children see life, they are optimistic. We see children see life in pink, they love very sweet. The sweet taste they support the strength of optimism. Thus, the sweet taste is kindness. And now, those who love the sweet, which means that they tend to be happy in life.

However ... however, you can have the sweet taste of adults after the age of fourteen, not children, adults only nine in the morning. From six to nine in the morning you can eat sweet foods. If a person wants sweet it early in the morning and in the afternoon and in the evening you do not want, it means that he is an optimistic person, prone to progress. This means that it will always cheerful, good tone, happiness in life prevail, even when there are great difficulties. If a person wants a sweet at lunch, in the afternoon, which means that he wants to live at the expense of others. He does not want to do ... to finish some business, he does not want to perform their duties. He matter how difficult, must somehow take off this is now the tension. That is, it removes excess optimism. He removes a superfluous optimism he eats a sweet, relaxing in the afternoon, he did not want to do. If you want to work, go to sleep and let it be. Yes? But before that it is necessary ... to do this ... to this we need to eat something sweet. Because if you have a sweet day for lunch do not eat, to sleep, too, will not want to. Will power, be optimistic. Sweet foods that people eat at lunch, he lowers the body's defenses and causes a person to ensure that it becomes chronically ill, chronic diseases develop because of the sweet food at lunchtime.

Farther. A man who loves to eat sweets in the evening before going to bed, it means that he is disappointed in life, he has disappointed and he wants to artificially maintain a optimistic. He eats sweets at night, that somehow life seemed a little honey to a little bit at least. He artificially maintains a state of happiness with the help of a sweet food in the evening. As a result, he gets a violation of hormonal functions, and he begins to grow overweight and he has a toxicity in the body (a metabolic disorder). That is a metabolic disorder, obesity, depression itself ... she kept it that too. A person who ceases to have dessert at night, have a chance to recover from depression. If he continues to do so, there is no chance to recover from depression.

Very many sweets at night causes a disorder of metabolism, hormonal functions and an increase in obesity. Synthesis processes in the body are greatly increased. The sweet taste is associated with the moon, with the activities of the moon. It is associated with the synthesis. When a person eats at night much sweet, it greatly increases the volume of the body. Why? Because it is a synthesis. Since depression in the mind, in the mind of depression, depression everywhere, happiness nowhere, it will naturally increase the stomach. Where else increase? What else increases? The brain does not have anything to increase, there is depression, there is unemployment. Here, it is necessary to increase the stomach. As a result, the fat starts to grow in humans.
Astringent taste. The reasons for lethargy, weakness

Farther. With a sweet taste to understand? Do not worry there is still everything. I have only one taste of understand. [Laughter]. Thus, the second taste - astringent. Does ... astringency is the desire to act. I do not optimistic, and the very ability to work. The ability to engage in hard ... hard work, not to get tired. Desire astringency means hardworking people. If a person loves astringent taste at lunch, it means that he is correct in his life works, he knows how to relax, stretch, work hard all his time comes. He will not get sick from it, but only get stronger. Then if the person astringent taste ... Yes, the sweet taste of energy goes up in the morning if he eats. Top rises, psychic energy rises, it becomes more reasonable. If he eats lunch sweet taste, the energy he only goes to the stomach and stops there. If he eats the sweet taste of the night, the energy is lowered.

Therefore, for example, if people want to conceive a child ... in order to increase the psychic energy of the lower centers, it is recommended that a man ... if you want to let the boy to conceive, that a man should have more power than women. A man is recommended before going to sleep, because it is necessary to conceive in the first half of the night, when it got dark ... The sun, according to the Vedas. A man should eat sweet good night to the energy dropped, and the woman, if she wants to give birth to a boy, she should fast for at this time, do not eat sweet. Here. So it according to the knowledge of the Vedas. Such information. So, astringent taste is accumulation of Prana, the psychic energy is accumulated. If a person, for example, mental labor, it is astringent foods in his mind accumulated prana means a lot of energy, a great capacity for work, a lot of opportunities to work, perseverance in labor, the fortress.

If a person is very greedy, he overwork, he wants to do more in order to have more money, he begins to feel that he needs to have astringent taste in the morning. He eats bread in the morning (astringent food), eats no sweet taste and astringent, and early in the morning. As a result of his prana exhausted. He ... he first she strongly erupts, then depleted rapidly. He goes to the samoiznosu. Such a person wears itself. He [inaudible] prana (vital energy) is quickly exhausted. He eats tart astringent food early in the morning, goes to work, the first job he works pobodree, then he feels very tired and sluggish. He depletion of prana happens. As a result, there are such diseases associated with the depletion of psychic energy, the vital energy of man, constant tiredness, lethargy, weakness, and so on.

Astringent taste in the morning. Bread, mustard and bread also has astringent taste.
 - Question from the audience - A garlic? What else do not you tell?
 - About the garlic has will be discussed in due time. [noise in the hall]. Here, that is mostly flour food. Whole grains, whole grain foods, it has astringent taste.
 - Question from the audience - Kashi?
 - Kashi, yes, all kazhi have astringent taste. Vegetables also have astringent taste. They can not be there in the morning. It is necessary to have in the morning milk, sweets and fruits and nuts. But nuts also binders is not desirable. Sweet, sour cream, if you a little energy. Sweet ... sweet food - fruits, dried fruits. Here is food morning. We told time and mode of the day at this lecture.

Further, if a person eats a binder in the evening before going to sleep, then he disappears ... prana excessively accumulates ... he lost the ability to relax. Bread for the night, he eats, he can not relax, it is, strong tension. As a result, he has a strong desire to smoke or drink coffee there something rather ... do not smoke, do not drink coffee and smoke. Smoking as a means to stay ... stress relief. A person who smokes, it does not bear the tension. I do not know how to relax. He dressed very much. At night eats flour foods. Flour food should be eaten only in the afternoon.
Sour taste. Why there is irritability? Allergies

Further, a sour taste - the third. Connected since ... that psychic energy should be cleaned. Clean energy is associated with a sour taste. When a person eats acidic foods at lunch, acidified food at lunch, it means that he is inclined to ... know how to relax. He has the ability to relax, take off their stress. The sour taste is stress relief, mental stress, physical stress. When a person eats sour early in the morning, as a result, he takes a strong ... increases the sensitivity, psychic sensitivity. Let us with allergies tend to have a morning sour, allergic associated with this organism.

Increasing the sensitivity of the organism, so acidic foods in the morning. Man becomes a very sensitive, pull, if he likes to have a sour morning. Why he loves sour in the morning to eat? Because he wants to keep yourself in that state of consciousness, he has a taste for happiness. Not just a man loves something there for some time. So there is already a violation of the sense of taste. It is a violation of the sense of taste will lead to disease. What disease? Allergic diseases, greatly increased sensitivity to all the annoying factors, inflammatory fast, arising from a sour taste in the morning. Further, when one evening ... loved sour to eat in the evening before going to bed, it means that he tends to be very touchy or an angry person. He is very offended by fate to people to work on something very offended, health, money, something you have to be offended. A man so much offended by something he will have sour overnight. As a result, he defiles his prana. As a result of food person strongly upsets the body's functions from this.

Acidic foods at night causes disorder in the body. You can not ... can not be the body to function properly as a result, there is no such possibility. Severe metabolic disorder, a mental defilement, bad thoughts are very, very strong mistrust, a strong tendency to consider yourself a zombie, smoothed, Zavora how? Zavorochennym, otvorochennym, heaped up [laughs] ... privorozhennym agile. That's everything from a sour taste for the night is coming. [inaudible - voices in the hall] Frozen [laughs] - it is more. Now this is not going to talk.

The sharp taste. Problems with concentration

So. Then, sharp taste. Spicy flavor is already associated with a tendency to be an active person. Prana is activated in this case, a tendency to quickly activate the prana, temperament, increasing temperament, fiery man, the ability to transform their thoughts, their ideas to life, as it were to succeed. The ability to succeed is pungent taste. If a person eats spicy lunch, podostryaet food at lunch, so he tends to penetrate very deeply into things, trying to understand the world more deeply. At lunch he loves witty eat food. Here. A man who loves sharp in the morning ... eat spicy in the morning, which means that it will have ... the mind is a very caustic. There is a character zhelochnom say gall character, caustic mind - is acutely observes the shortcomings of other people. As a result, it will be sharp in the liver and gall bladder, pancreas, stomach and so on. That is gastritis sorts, all sorts of nasty things to his digestive system will in this regard. Spicy food in the morning. And the desire to notice the flaws in others are very strong people.

Further, spicy food in the evening, a strong desire to sharp little evening meal meant dullness, then there is a strong decrease in the ability to concentrate as a result will be transformed into psychic energy. The man who strongly spicy food at night eating in the evening, which means that it will be inhibited. If he has such a tendency, then it will not respond immediately. He will say something, he then: "Huh?" - After some time will respond. Means exhausted concentration, the ability to concentrate is reduced greatly. Here.

The salty taste. Sleep problems

Further, the salty taste is associated with an increase in tonic effect on ... prana tone. Tone refers to the ability to work long time without fatigue, the possibility of long ... long labor. The man who loves salty food lunch ... lunch salty foods means that it can maintain the tone of the whole day and in the morning and in the evening, a good worker. If a person loves to eat salty food in the morning which means that it ... it will have excess skin tone and very overwork, it would be a strong overvoltage tone will result in hypertension. Hypertensive heart disease is a busy tone is very strong. Blood pressure will rise. Or there will be a tension, neuritis develop.

Further, if a person is strong ... strong tone of a night - which means that he can not rest his broken rest, sleep disturbed, it will be exhausted very relaxed person. He will be very weakened mind and as a result of the moon on his skin will become effective and it will be constantly rushing in a dream, he will have a very sensitive sleep, memory decline, the body will be malleable to disease. Protective forces in the body is very small, small and all the stress and the body breaks down. Salty like most people, who tend to overwork at the wrong time. Sour no time like most people, who tend to be offended or to forgive others. The binder does not have time to tend to people who are very stubborn in life tend to be stubborn. Sweet does not just eat the people who are not inclined to perform their duties, do not hold the floor. And bitter ...

Bitter taste
The bitter taste. A man who loves podgorchit food at lunch means that he has difficulties in life and he likes to deal with them. The difficulty is the bad environment, bad situation, some things that cause difficulties. Further, a bitter taste in the morning means that the person is afraid of difficulties, very afraid and why he wants to eat the bitter morning, and that he there? It arises depression, tendency to perceive much difficulty, it becomes highly susceptible to difficulties. He sees little difficulty, immediately breaks. Bitter taste gives a quality of character. What causes this disease? Diseases associated with an anguish in some areas of the body. Features break sharply, hurt therewith heart, liver hurt therewith there and so on, stomach hurt therewith. A little overeaten, and everything is ready, ambulance.

Bitter food in the evening ... a strong desire to have a bitter evening means that a person is immersed in sorrow, life has broken him. When a person dies somebody close, he wants to have a bitter night. This is a sign. Bitter and sour - offended by the fate means. Bitter and sour are, then we must forgive destiny, do not assume that there was an injustice of some sort. If a person loves the night there, and bitter and sour at the same time, it is a very bad sign, it means completely broken man. Mean big problems are coming into his life. Unless bitter or sour it is only half the trouble still. Bitter ate a little calmed down, everything came out of the corkscrew. A bitter and sour is a long process that will last for a long time that's all. Depression is depression, bitter taste for the night.

Bold taste

Thus, the sense of taste is associated with the movement of prana and also by the attitude of the senses to the world. Very greedy person ... very greedy person loves and fatty foods. Bold indicates a strong taste of greed. The less greedy, the less fat loves people.


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