Aromateapiya. As incense treat mind?

Herbs can heal the mind, even a mind to some extent. There sacred herbs that affect the mind. Therefore, fumigation ... What is incense? This means that the plant is taken, which has a benevolent character, lights and smoke it, it has spread around the apartment, clears the mind, the person enters into a state of optimism. People who are inclined to be pessimistic, they are benevolent grass can not stand on the nose. You can define ... Light the incense pack at home, if the neighbors povyprygivayut of ... of the apartments, which means that they have properly configured consciousness. For example, I have in Togliatti since experimented, I have a top-floor neighbor ran, said: "Once again zazhzhesh, I'll dymovuhu throw [laughter] in this window", and the lower came running and said, 'Where did this delicious smell?". People react very differently. This means a different state of consciousness, the desire for destruction, degradation or to the pursuit of happiness.

There benevolent herb: incense, saffron, mint, sandalwood, lavender, it is mainly those that are less common, rose, rose as well. Basically these ... if you're to use it, you can not go wrong. However, sometimes it does not incense of blissful plants and better, if you see this ... the smell of sweet odor, a pleasant sweet smell of the plant is blissful. If the smell is pungent, sharp, there is sour, bitter, mean that it is not blissful plant.

The classification of smells
Let's look at this classification of smells. If the smell ... not easy, at first a pleasant smell nice ... If this means that it is suitable for the mind, it will treat the mind, a pleasant smell. Very pleasant smell means will strongly influence the mind, to give a positive effect to the mind. Bad - it means conflict with the mind. However, the unpleasant odor does not mean that the conflict with the body ... the body. And also you should know that the smell of the taste is different. The smell can be pleasant, but the taste can be very unpleasant. Do you understand? These are different things, keep in mind. You can feel the smell very nice thing when you try your hair stand on end, there is a bitter, sour and so on. It is a completely different thing. So, smell nice, so have something ready to be used.

Further, a light scent. There is a heavy smell of ... heavy, there is easy. Moderate odor means that ... a product interacts well with the body. That is to anatomical changes, restore the anatomical, physiological ... mostly ... anatomically body will recover. It means a slight odor. (To the audience) can understand what a slight odor or not? [inaudible - answers from the audience] Huh? How how? [inaudible - answers from the audience] This refers to the whole, but the spirits of the spirits ... you sniff the smell of a light, which means that is suitable to the body.

Farther. The smell of heavy hence not suitable to the body. The smell of fresh ... fresh is suitable for the nervous system. Treats ... will treat the nervous system. A stale smell is bad change will cause changes in the nervous system. So you have to dry the products, one of the products you find that it is rotten dried, really, if you give another sniff, he would say: "No, not rotten, good." This means that a product does not suit you just for the nervous system.

Then, cool odor. Here, for example, menthol smell the smell of cool, which means that purifies the prana. Prana. Cool, there is a warm smell. Warm smell is polluting the prana. Here let's take a sugary foods, sugar, take the grind into powder and smell the morning will smell fresh, the evening will be to sniff the smell of warm. This means the sugar can not be there for the night. That's all. Very simple. The smell varies throughout the day, so the best products for diagnostic sniffing around lunch time, lunch time is the best, a little later, just before lunch time necessary to sniff products currently doing diagnostics on nutrition. You can later can be a little earlier. But not early in the morning or late in the evening. If you are a morning menu is sniffing these products in the morning, the evening menu - so the evening.

The smell is tangy, sour, bitter, and so on. All these qualities odor means that there is something that is not suited to what extent is not suitable. Even black pepper, if it is very sharp, you smell it, it will not seem sharp, if it suits you, it will smell fresh, lightness, freshness, the taste is very sharp, but the smell is fresh and pleasant. Does suited nervous system, prana, that is fresh. Rather nervous system is well suited. Black pepper may on the nervous system to operate well, it may strengthen it, to step up.

Further, it has a pleasant smell. You sniff the smell is pleasant, but there are some nuances there is a sharp, tart, and so on, bitter, sour, salty. This means that the smell of the product is right for you, but do not quite fit. You can eat, but do not get carried away, not in large numbers, little by little. If the smell is light, fresh, nice, cool, which means that it is perfect, he will treat you this food. If you're really sick, get one such product and make it one of the diet of this product and you will be cured of your disease. Separate power supply will start from that point. Separately from the stupidity, that is separate from the power of stupidity. Do not just separate, separate from stupidity. Because it is a separate food [laughs]. It is necessary to differentiate [laughs] from one another.

Now that smell unpleasant, it means that no longer fits. All unpleasant smell, but then it does not fit. However, if a strong odor from the nose, it is necessary to carry out, it can be enjoyable. This means that a product should be used in small doses, it will cure, but in micro doses, low doses should be used. Suppose asafeetida - it is a very useful spice of this, but if you close podnesete smell is very repulsive. Because it is a very strong effect, it should be used in micro doses, in small doses. If you sniff let rump, it will do nothing to smell, and if you shake the dust grains, and do not smell, if the dust gets into the nose, then it does not suit you. If you do not hit in the nose, you feel the smell normal, as if there is no dust, which means that it is suitable.

Here we assume strongly sweet and pleasant smell that means that the product does not need to eat. Very salty and pleasant - is not necessary to strongly bitter and pleasant - is not necessary. The smell ... But that does not mean taste. Clear? As much bitter product is right for you, it will have a pleasant smell, but not bitter at all, and will smell the freshness, lightness. Do you understand? To understand this classification, or not? It is very simple and very effective, it is because it is necessary to diagnose the products because if you are diagnosed by the doshas as in Ayurveda is recommended, you will notice that the doshas person are changed every two months and the products must also be changed, diet every two months is necessary to change . The sun moves, and every two months is necessary to change the diet. There are six seasons in Ayurveda. It is very difficult to trace, but if you have diagnostic kits, it is very simple, just take a sniff and everything.


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