The sense of sight. How to define the eyes treat you like a person?

Then follows the feeling - the feeling of view. It is connected with the mind. And if you look into the eyes of a man, you can see the state of mind. When a man looks at a woman's eyes, it determines there is happiness on this view of it or not. This means only the interaction of two energies and all mental. You can determine by looking at the woman, her state of mind, the state of her mind? No. A man looks at a woman, a young girl say, very beautiful. Can he identify a lot in her mind, intelligence and so on, have the quality of character? No. Why? Because his mind enters a state of pleasure and he forgets about the analysis of the study, he forgets about everything and just want to enjoy. And it automatically assumes that this girl's all right, she has a reason and there is good quality, everything.

Thus, if a man decides to study in the eyes the mind of another person, it is necessary to look at the man, not the woman. Especially it is necessary to try to look may be a woman but not young. Do you understand? Because some men are starting, here after the lecture to learn how to be a theme in the eyes, how to define the qualities of character, they conclude, that in fact is the good character mainly girls and the best ... the best character - in young girls. [Laughter] And if she is very cute smile, it is the best character she has. This is the wrong learning style. Do you understand? Uma. To study the mind should be totally biased.

So, we're with you to the ABC study of the mind will begin to learn pass. The left eye is associated with the feminine nature is related to the mind, or rather the thoughts of man, and with his emotions. The left eye. If a person is emotional, he thinks a lot, he's left eye bigger than the right. All the women in the main left eye bigger than the right. If they are feminine in its character. Farther. Right eye - it is masculinity ... is associated with the sun. It is more common in men than the left. And connected with the will and desire. The man in the right hemisphere more than the psychic energy in the mind than in women. And the woman of psychic energy more than in the left hemisphere than in men. Therefore, man can not defend himself from the woman, but a woman can not protect themselves from men.

What affects a woman looking at a man? It affects his right hemisphere of my left hemisphere. She looks into his left eye to the right eye and affects his will. Therefore, like the first man to train. First, to train a man, first he runs the roof, then the woman is already gradually as if it starts to get involved in this process of mutual relations. First man melts. Why? Because he will amazed, the woman is affected mind, he will remain with her. But her thoughts start spinning in the opposite direction. She feels that her thoughts went off somewhere to the other side, however, this does not mean that she herself does not control herself controls.

The man thought his ... go on as usual, however, he no longer control myself [laughs]. He amazed the will [laughs]. Thus, the right hemisphere is associated with the male nature, the left hemisphere is associated with the feminine nature. And if you want to explore in more detail this question, in the left ... to the outer edge of the left eye are thoughts of a man. If you want to define as it thought in relation to you good or bad, should be set with a love for this man, the only way to tune in and see the love in his left eye. If you see in the left eye such tensions, mistrust, then the bad thoughts in relation to you. If you see the harmony, so good thoughts. If you look at the inside edge of the left eye, and there you can see, even a good idea can see a strong tension. This means that a person has a bad mood today. Planets at him are that it is difficult to have a good mood. Yet his thoughts are good. The outer edge of the left eye confidentially configured internal tense.

Thus it is not necessary in advance of their loved one to blame in that he treats you badly. It is necessary to first examine the eyes to see where this negativism is on which side. And then build their accusations. Because we are often wrong. We think that it is bad for me, and he was just tired or has a bad mood today. Do you understand? Right eye, the outer part is connected to the direct-willed desire. When she wants to determine wants to get married or not young people should look to the outer edge of the right eye. There is the will. If she sees that the will is subject, as the bunny that's such a man will ... so that's very. You will see this, here I show you. [Laughter] That is, will soon make a proposal. Here. If you ...

Yet, if you want to see what it would be in life, beat or not then when already married ... married, you should look at the inner edge of the right eye. Here it is, as it were volitional tone of a man. If he is aggressive, as if there ... there here is such a suslichek a very humble here outside and the inside of the eye here [unintelligible] [laughter], it means that he will make you get off my mother and then later, when you get married ... marry. So how would a man studies. The same woman ... man also examines studies. He looks like a girl ... to the outer edge of a very humble here, ready to get married. That's all. Very humble here, very obedient. And inside, he saw that here the inner edge of the left eye ... there is some kind of aggression or insult. This means that it is right to download all my life afterwards. If there is harmony and inner and outer edge of the left eye, then a man finds a woman ... she probably suits him the mind, it will be harmony in life. If no such means can be some problems. The girl looks at right eye.

How to determine a healthy body, strong or not? It is determined by the lower eyelid. If the lower lid is very flabby, as if it is weak. This means that in the left eye ... say, it means the left side of the person has the disease. If the lower eyelid in the right eye dryablenkoe weak, which means that the person has the right side of the disease. On the upper eyelid is determined by the enthusiasm of a person or power of the mind. If the upper eyelid is very curved, strong, it means that a very optimistic person, the ability to overcome their bad karma. If the upper eyelid is weak, it is hanging, very weak force, which means that a person is not enough strong-willed, it is difficult to overcome their bad karma.


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