The five senses and their relationship to disease.

So, we have already dismantled the connection with the nature of disease. We are talking about what is the mind, and it has a subtle nature. And a mind that is out of character, has five senses. The five senses of knowledge as they say. The five senses of cognition. All the diseases that come to us, come to us in two ways, in two ways. The first way - is through the mind directly through the mind. Diseases that come through the mind, always related to our karma, that is, when we have in mind the fact they are already, they are embedded, ie the subtle body of mind there is a deep memory of all our past lives, of all manner of things we do, in all lives. Even we remember, we can recall it, but we do not remember how we remembered. According to the Vedic knowledge in the age of seven months prenatal seven-month fetus, he says five hundred past lives. When he has a mind only (seven months), he immediately begins to remember how he lived before. Then this memory (at the time of exit from the uterus), it completely disappears, because in itself this release is very ... a very big shock. However, nevertheless, we remember or not it exists. The proof that karma is, you can bring that child from birth is born already sick, can be sick from birth. If in this world there is justice, then it means he does not have to be just so sick, so he's something wrong. This means that he had past lives, for which he was suffering.

If there is no justice, then there is no need to live. If there is no justice, then why live? Therefore, the Vedas say that justice and happiness there is. You just have to know where it is. Therefore, it makes sense to live. And the knowledge that happiness is allowed to be healthy and happy. Thus, the mind is the knowledge that we have done wrong. This knowledge allows us to improve, because doing something wrong, we have to suffer for it. And this knowledge, it interacts with the planets that are above us, that is, planets have also their character, too, have subtle body of mind. Planets are much stronger than humans. And so the world by acting on us, make us sick. Virtually all diseases come through the influence of the planets. If you now something hurts, it is the effect of some of the planet. They really felt these effects, ie literally pushing the planet, literally it puts pressure on us. How strong is the impact? You can feel the way you want to eat you. The feeling of hunger desire arises from the fact that the sun rises above the horizon, when it lowered the appetite begins to disappear at night is almost no appetite whatsoever. You want to sleep at night, this is enhanced by the influence of the moon. So we are on our mind through karma.

The second type of action is carried out karma ... also gives the mind a certain mental setup man. And this installation is already carried out all the activities ... ... as if this installation or how differently say mental activity associated with mood. Those. the mood of mind gives the body the body, our mind, a certain mood. Through this spirit we interact with the world, we have the motivation. Motivation to do something, say something, to have something. And these motives act through the five senses of cognition. We learn where to find the object of pleasure, where to find happiness. Feelings in contact with the outside world, seeking happiness. And if feeling defiled bad deeds in the past, they are looking for happiness is not there where it is necessary. They are deceived. They think that this happiness really is suffering. Let the young man fell in love with the girl. He thinks that it is fortunate that this is only his happiness that the happiness of the other can not be. Here, however, he has no idea that his love also means that all of its shortcomings, which he has also copied to this girl, not only all the positive things that he wants to see. And then this is confirmed in the family life. All karma bad people work out, most people work out of bad karma in family relations. A light can be done better, something a bit dark but today? Or not? Or too? Or well. Also. So I just hallucinations. Okay then. And so.

Contact our illnesses to the five senses
So there are five senses, that virtually all of our problems, we are of the world. And we have to. How to determine what our sins are sitting in there? It is very difficult to determine this. How do we suffer? What diseases we are waiting for us? It is very difficult to determine. Yet, the behavior of the senses makes it possible to understand it. If we know that feelings are behaving in such a way, the result will be exactly the same. Those. there is a logical connection. And on this logical connection we are going to talk today.

And so there is ... in accordance with the structure of our subtle body and the gross body there is also a classification of diseases. There are diseases of the mind, there is a disease of the mind, there are feelings of illness, there is a disease prana, there are diseases of the body. From here this classification, we can see that there are five basic links like this classification. According to these five links as there are five senses, through which each of these units is transmitted to the underlying disease. For example, a disease of the mind arise from improper activity improper sense of hearing. What is the right action that is wrong? I also want to ... In order to understand this, I want to introduce to you how to view the topic. More deeply, you can understand it, if you look, what is false ego. The false ego - it is understanding yourself as a person who wants to live for yourself. The true ego, as I have said many times, this understanding of yourself as a person who wants selfless life. A person under the influence of false ego, feels unsatisfied, if something did not work for him. A person who is under the influence of a true ego, feels dissatisfied, if he had not helped anyone. And true and false ego are working with our minds simultaneously. The false ego is hurt. All types of pain (pain in the mind, the pain in your mind, feelings of pain, pain in the prana, body aches) arise solely under the influence of false ego. If a person is freed from the influence of false ego, he ceases to feel pain. Although she is completely healthy nerve tissue in this case. He does not give much of great importance, it does not feel pain.

For example, we can do an experiment. Look. Let's say you go to the woods, the branch bent back, you suddenly hit you in the face. Do you feel pain in the face, a small twig and it seems that it bolnovato, but basically no one to blame, so we can go further, man forgets about it in ten minutes. The pain is, however, nothing terrible has happened. And so slightly and draws attention to this man. If we take a twig, to approach another person and angrily hit him in the face with the same force, the same blow, it will remember it for a lifetime. He will be very painful in mind. Thus, in the first case, the false ego was not involved. Why? Because in this case the person ... no one sees the culprit. In the second case, the false ego was involved, and therefore, in principle, the perpetrator is. According to statistics, people who fall from the higher floors have died somewhere near the second on the third floor, they die before they fell. I have a neighbor. I lived on the ninth floor in Tolyatti as a child, I heard a strong swearing and one day there came a crash of glass and a strong cry, I rushed to the site, looked down and saw that his neighbor lying on the snow. On the ninth floor down. He lay there, then he was tired, he got up, he was very drunk. He got up, went to the elevator, rode up to the ninth floor, and there has collapsed, it turned out he crack crack formed in a vertebra. Here. Two weeks later he jumped from the second floor to the hospital escaped. Here. Those. if this person was sober, he would have died on the fly. Do you understand? But he did not die. I did as I remember, he was still alive. I was very surprised.

It turns out that the feelings they are filled with selfishness, causing severe pain and intense suffering in humans. Emotion filled with selfishness ... All our sensations of pain are related to the fact that we are properly configured in this life properly understand what is happiness. We look at life not as it should, not as it should be.
Now, if you just moved a little and released free places, people would be so easy to pass the lecture, no one would have bothered anyone. Slightly just move it. Immediately all be seated.

So, there are false ego, or the desire to live for yourself. This false ego, filling the mind, causing pain in the mind. What a pain in the mind? You all know what a pain in mind and now we'll analyze it. It turns out that when a person does not want to hear anything, he just does not want to hear it all. Truth or false? This is another question. Just I do not want to hear, because I think differently. That means the pain in mind. What is ... who is ... who is stronger than reason? What does a person with a strong mind? This means a person who is able to hear even hear even that it is unpleasant to hear. This does not mean that it is already taking this information. He studies it.

See a man with a strong mind, he learns everything he has no emotions, he studies, does any conclusion that it is necessary to examine this issue in practice, check this issue in your life, check out ... he is studying. He knows what he believes in another way, but it takes an idea, it does not reject it in advance. It means a person of strong mind. A man of weak mind, it can not accept the idea. He immediately begins to boil as soon hear some information. He can not hear. Does a weak mind.

Somehow once in lectures, on the very first lecture, maybe in your town, a very honorable man, as soon as I began to talk, he immediately got up and began to argue with me. Although he does not know me, the first time he sees me, hears. Here. As it turned out later, it is quite a serious scholar. But he could not listen to a lecture, he was sitting here so he played on the chair [laughs]. If a scholar is that he should know how to listen. Because if a person can not hear, so he is not a scientist. The scientist - is intelligence. It can be a very smart man ... The mind is a lot of knowledge, a lot of information in my head, but the mind is not the accumulation of information, the mind is something more.

Rationality means the ability to use it. This means training all the good qualities of character: patience, humility, kindness, honesty, sobriety of thought, clarity of mind, etc. The reason is this is now. Reason ... reason is practical knowledge rather than theoretical. It turns out that the person who accumulates much in the mind of his egoism, ie, or as if he believes that a knowledge of it is only in his understanding of things and other people they can not understand what is true, what the truth is, they do not understand it. I know better. Such an idea - I know better than you. I know better. This means the egoistic mind. Well, I know anyway. Can you say it or not there, I still know better. You can tell me that's here now with this scene, but I know better. So many people are listening to a lecture [laughs]. They all listen to a lecture so [laughs]. As a result, they hear zero. All lectures have a zero amount of information comes to mind [laughs].
The importance of hearing. Diseases of the mind

It turns out that there is a Vedic view of the fact that such a hearing. Listening - it is ... first person must enter in a humble state of mind and humble state of mind, he listens attentively to what they say. It is something that can not accept, it is something patients (mean interaction with egoism in the mind) something nice to hear something unpleasant, something is delighted that some resentment. But a man of strong mind just keeps listening. He knows that it is not necessary to respond to these things. This means a healthy mind.

There are diseases of the mind. Diseases of the mind mean compromised ability to listen. For example, schizophrenia - a disease of the mind. It turns out that the man who can not accept another's point of view, it is prone to mental disorders. And as if these disorders are fenced off in the direction of increasing a person from the outside world. Why is it fenced off? Because he actually ... ... practical as it is the most information ... related to the practice, with life, all the practical information it is associated with the sound anyway, because the practice is the mind. Mind - a theoretical framework. The mind is associated with the eyes. What we look at the world around us, we perceive the world in mind. We live in mind and look for us closer. We say - it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. We say so, but this is wrong. Because for us to look closer. We look, we see a man.

Yet, practical knowledge, according to the Vedas Vedic ... it does not come to mind, and the mind through the ear, through sound. And the man who realized this, he ... he sees his ears, he tries to look ears, he tries to listen. For example, they say that if you want to understand who is who, first wait until he will open his mouth. When he starts talking, you realize the person is already using the sound that comes out of it. It is not necessary with the help of view is ... Let's say you want ... you are a businessman, you want to enter into some kind of a deal, do not just simply on the facts out there on what you read in the papers, do not do that. We should sit down, talk to him first. see what kind of person. If you see that it is foolish man, so it is not necessary to build any relationship. Although on paper all is well. And so it is said in the Vedas. This is Vedic knowledge.

Sound determines everything. Thus, schizophrenia - a disease associated with a failure to listen. How to treat schizophrenia? If a person can behave in such a way that the person who suffers from schizophrenia begin to respect him, he begins to treat him respectfully (respect - is the ability to listen), then on to the man who is ill with schizophrenia do not have to tell him that he does not want to hear. But you have to tell him that the output and input it into a state of reality. We must give him knowledge of what life is. It is necessary to tell him how to behave in life. If he will listen, which means that he must respect. Thus, the psychiatrist must be a holy person, it must command respect among the mentally ill.

There are other diseases of the mind. For example, epilepsy. This is also a disease of the mind, is not a disease of the mind or body. Epilepsy is associated with violent action. A person with the wrong understanding of happiness believes that with cruelty can achieve happiness. But it is not. In fact it turns out that, having made a cruel act, a person dooms himself to the fact that life will treat him very harshly, but in the future, not the present. And these people are very badly himself leading that brutally behave with other people, often they beat someone, they get in the next life epilepsy. It is a disease of the mind.

Epilepsy is treated with humility. A person who develops humility, he overcomes epilepsy. If he is able to do this. However, it is impossible to develop the humility of not adopting it at someone, because the mind is the ultimate substance. Let's ... let's say we can deduce from the swamp with the help of pulling his hair? Can or not? No. Similarly, the mind itself can not be cleaned. Because he is dirty and he himself controls, ie as it is the ultimate substance. The mind controls the mind, the mind controls the senses, the mind controls the body. Everything is controlled by the mind. Our scientists believe that everything is controlled by the heart. But what controls the heart? They say - "nervous system." What controls the nervous system? All this knowledge is complete. I say - "And the nervous system controls the heart." Circulation of energy in nature is obtained. [laughs]

It appears that the nervous system controls the prana or vital energy that we get as a result of the desire to live. The desire to live there in the mind, a desire to live encourages the activities of the respiratory center, and there is breath. the desire to live ... That's when ... If you do not believe that's simply not take breathing for a long time, you will have the desire to live. It will make you breathe, you can not even breathe. It is the desire to live is in the mind. It encourages the activities of prana (vital energy). The vital energy is in contact with the nervous system and causes it to move. Prana enters the seven chakras (psychic centers) at the same time. Here. Prana also controls the mind, as we have said, the activity of prana controls the mind, and the mind controls the activity of the mind. The mind is prone ... like under the control of the soul and the Supersoul. But this we do not say today, it is a difficult subject.

So, the mind - is the main substance. Here.



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