The sharp corners of human Nature that we choose

Nature in the narrow sense of the word (in everyday speech) is a natural human features of his behavior, situational making it easy or difficult for others.

If you warn: "This is a man of character!", you need to be prepared for the fact that you with him may not be easy. The character is a "sharp corners" of a person.

Strong character — the ability of a person to manifest his power: to assert its position, to defend their point of view, their interests.

"Rested... Character!" "He's got character!" — means "I Have strong, tough character." The "gentle nature" is synonymous with "no character".

In a broader sense, the word "character" is used as a synonym for "psycho". In this case, the character is called the set of sustainable behaviors and the natural response of a person in a certain situation.

Accordingly, as character traits, talking about the fact that there are people by the nature of the (psycho) quiet and nervous, thoughtful and impulsive, determined and hesitant, people-sprinters and stayers — the options are countless.

Character can be defined and as a set of behavioural traits that allow to predict human behavior. All traits can be divided into three groups — good traits, problematic traits and traits that cannot be confidently attributed either to good or to problem. Their aptly named — character traits.

Traits say something about the person as an organism, not as human beings. Traits reflect the way a person in a given situation (natural behaviours), and personality traits — something for which it is acting (motives and direction of behavior).

A person may have multiple characters for different situations. Sometimes this is reflected by the concept of mood: one mood one character in a different mood another. Any absolutely people in different situations behave more openly and resilient, tougher, more confident. Another thing is that it happens often instinctively (read the template) and not very well understood.

The basis of character (traits) are the dynamics, the will and habits. Dynamic is the pattern of action depicted by involuntary situational motivation. How people will react in a situation of attack will become confused and cry? Drapanut what is urine? Go to meet the offender? Depending on the triggered dynamics in man different people will define his character: "soldier", "coward", "Baba"... the Will - the ability to gather forces to achieve their goals. Determined man — a man of character. People weak-willed and spineless people are practically synonyms. Habits are developed over time patterns of stiff turns jovial nature. "Sow a habit and reap a character".

The severity of nature is a special feature. Level of character traits the characters share on average ("normal", with a particular Accentuation of character) and beyond the norms (the nature of the Psychopath).

Curious: the more developed a person is, the more it is similar in its strengths in other developed people. His character mandatory expressed are positive, constructive, responsibility, will and energy — and the list goes on, all of the standard strengths of character. As well as other developed people, they do not have problematic features, and in this sense, all developed people are similar to each other. Developed people only differ in the features — features which can be referred neither to strong nor to the problem. Indeed, the tendency to rivalry is a good thing or a bad thing? When...

Where does the character?Nature formed (or forged, consciously constructed) in the process of life of an individual from four sources: genetics, upbringing, environment and your own choice of the person. As for genetics and all that are called innate, that nature really can have a genetic basis and inherited. However, it is important to remember that genes only determine a tendency of the person toward something, and not a predetermination of his behavior. Nature is not only innate, but priobretenie. The most important in the formation of character is education, and to acquire the traits of the person starts as a child — but at first unconsciously. Children are forming your character, choosing from infancy a means of influencing parents. Parents form the character of children, reinforcing certain behaviors. As a rule, unconsciously backing up. At older ages, the acquisition and renewal of traits can occur consciously and not. It is useful to assume that the character is, first and foremost, our habits, and then the adult man may have to answer for your character.

There is a good phrase: "After thirty years every man is responsible for his face". True, to an even greater extent every adult is responsible for his character. The fact that the nature you cannot change is a myth. Nature is not a rigid system, it defines only a tendency to act one way or another. Your character can be corrected, the character can be changed, its nature can be controlled. and once — and just select your character under the requirements of a given situation.

We emphasize: a strong and developed person, the person personality, his character — that's his choice. published

Author: N. Goats



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