Michael Litvak: As a man eats himself

My story about psychological vampirism would be incomplete if I didn't tell how the person eats himself.

This story goes deep into childhood. The whole process of education is the process of instilling certain rules (guidelines, manuals), which then begin to eat the man if he blindly follows them.

In fact, we are in the Procrustean bed of written and unwritten rules. Moreover, we are so accustomed to them that takes them for their essence. And thinking that you live for yourself, live for these rules, giving them all his mental energy.

Rules (principles, guidelines) — these autocamper not give us peace even in sleep. The whole of modern psychology and psychotherapy aimed at identifying and dismantling automobilismo.

Scholars give it different names:

  • Oedipus complex (3. Freud),
  • inferiority complex (A. Adler),
  • intreccia (F. Pearl),
  • internal Parent (E. Bern),
  • the system of relations (V. Myasischev),
  • overvalued idea (many psychiatrists).

Vampires living in a man, suck out all the juice. And all psychotherapeutic system aims to banish from these human vampires to help him become himself.

Dear readers! Banish those monsters! This is a simple, but promising work.

You only need to have the courage to replace the words of a vampire ("should", "uncomfortable", "to reckon") , for the words of reason ("must", "may", "consider").

  • "I don't have, and forced to do it."
  • "I can be around smart people, will understand, not condemn".
  • "I don't consider the opinions of others, but consider it".

Remember that only by becoming yourself, you can become useful to themselves and the people!

And in order to inspire you I will give full passage "On the three metamorphoses" from the book of Nietzsche "thus spoke Zarathustra".

"Three transformations of the spirit I call you: how the spirit becomes a camel, the camel a lion and finally a child becomes a lion.

A lot of the difficult exists for the spirit, for the spirit is strong and resilient, that is capable of profound devotion to the heavy and most difficult aims his strength.

What is the severity? asks hardy spirit, becomes, like the camel on his knees and wants to get a good Packed it in on him.

What is difficult? — thus asks the hardy spirit; say, the characters that I took of it and rejoiced in its strength.

Does this mean: to be humiliated, to be forced to suffer their arrogance? To cause to Shine his madness, to mock your wisdom?

Or is it a means to escape from their field when it celebrates its victory? To climb high mountains to tempt the tempter?

Or is it this: to feed on the acorns and grass of knowledge and for the sake of truth to suffer hunger of soul?

Or does it mean: to be sick and send away comforters and make friends with the deaf, who never hear what you want?

Or it means: to descend into the dirty water, if the water of truth, and not to drive away the cold frogs and warm toads?

All the hard stuff takes a hardy spirit, like a loaded camel that hurries into its desert, and he hurries into its desert.

But in the most secluded desert the second transformation is made: here the lion becomes a spirit, he wants the freedom to yourself and the Lord to be in your own desert.

Its last Lord it here himself: the enemy wants it to become to him and its last God for the victory he wants to fight with the great dragon. Who is this great dragon whom the spirit does not want to call Lord and God? "You should" is called the great dragon. But the spirit lion says, "I want."

The scaly beast "you should", sparking Golden sparks, he is lying on the road, and each of his scales shines like gold, "you should".

Millennial values Shine on these scales; and thus saith the strongest of the dragons: "Values of all things Shine on me."

"All values have already been created and each value is me. Truly a "I want" should no longer exist!" So says the dragon.

My brothers, what use is a lion in the human spirit? Nothing satisfies Laden beast, a sober and reverent?

To create new values — that's not even a lion; but to create freedom for new creation — it can the strength of a lion.

To gain a freedom and a sacred no even to duty — for that, my brothers, you have to become a lion.

To earn the right to new values — this is the ultimate conquest of the spirit, hardy and reverent. Truly it seems to him robbery and the case of the predators.

As his Holiness liked it once "you should"; now he must see even in this sanctuary their dream to obtain freedom for his love: to become a lion for this extraction.

But tell me, my brethren, that a child can make what might not even lion? Why prey the lion must become a child?

The child is innocence and forgetfulness, a new beginning, a game, samosatene wheel, the initial movement of the Holy word of affirmation.

Yes, for the game of creation, my brothers, need the Holy word of affirmation of his will, now the spirit wants, your world is lost world.

Three transformations of the spirit I named for you: how the spirit became a camel, the camel a lion and finally the lion a child."

Many times I read this passage to his pupils and patients, and each time was deeply touched. In the audience were advancing some kind of special silence and I did not have long to explain how important this is, find your peace.

And now a few words in farewell to the donors and vampires. No you are not donors and not vampires. You just "psychological" children, emotionally immature people. This is what I said at the beginning of this Chapter.

Here are some of the indicators which make it possible to distinguish Mature from immature.

  • Immature personality tries to change other people, to adapt them to yourself.
  • A Mature person tries to change himself into on self-control.
  • With conflict on aimmature person says, "I was bullied!".
  • A Mature person says: "I have allowed over a mock".
  • Immature personality tries to change the circumstances
  • Mature to adjust to them.

Two people at the same time vacationing on the Black sea. One came with the conviction that disgusting rest, as the sea was all the time in waves, the second was convinced that well-rested, as the sea was all the time in waves. It is clear that the second can be attributed to the Mature person.

  • An immature person often knows but does not know how.
  • Mature not only knows but also knows how.

So immature person criticized, and Mature does.

  • Immature personality tries to arrange in the first place, their personal lives, and then the case. As a result, not arranged neither that, nor another, and so man becomes dependent on other people.
  • A Mature person first arranges his Affairs and becomes independent. Personal life has arranged itself.
  • The needs of a Mature personality derive from her success, of her cases.
  • Immature personality, not making cases, copies needs of a Mature personality, increasing their size. (Remember the needs of overage children sitting on the neck of their aging parents.)
  • The immature person thinks about the result,
  • and Mature about the case.
  • Immature personality wants more and deserves, and as a result often loses what he has.
  • A Mature person content with what he has, and then it arrives.
  • Immature personality wants her case gave her someone
  • Mature arranges them herself.
  • Immature personality , hopes,
  • a Mature works.
  • Immature personality tries to control other people,
  • Mature control of himself.
  • Immature personality — decoration, which wants to become a figure.
  • A Mature person — a figure that does not reflect what she looks like.
  • Immature personality at the beginning makes a decision, and then adjusts the facts to fit the solution (hence the suspicion of an immature personality).
  • A Mature person first collects the facts and then basing on them make the decision. Hence the openness of a Mature personality.
  • Immature personality wants to occupy a high position, not pursuing personal growth.
  • A Mature person cares about personal growth. High position comes by itself.
So sogrevaya! Let go and detachable! published

Author: Michael Litvak


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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