As we pick up and give energy

We always think that the vampires - these are some other people, friends, relatives, colleagues. And we certainly do not, we are good and kind. And all of us and would like to have a drink.

Let's deal with the basics of energy, otherwise I am afraid that we'll slide into thinking of superiority, which only leads to problems and degradation.

What are energy vampires?

Vampires - these are people with low personal energetikizaschet presence of destructive internal programs that just do not allow them to accumulate their own energy.

They feed on a certain energy, mostly negative. They provoke others on display of emotions, which promote the release of a certain energy. Taking this energy, they feel good and satisfied.

So, the first postulate, for many new.

Otvampirit drink and energy can be only one who himself periodically vampire. If a person is not in itself a vampire and live a self-sufficient life, it does not depend on someone emotionally and keeps the inner core, then pick up his energy is impossible. Nothing. If you "drink", then you periodically someone "drink."

As we take away energy?

The most common way a vampire "to eat" - is to provoke someone to negative emotions, this can tell us about the crisis, about the difficult situation in the country can be said to a friend that she has recovered and looks bad, that her man is bad and unworthy behaved, You can load a negative person, anything, if only he felt bad, sad, hard. This is the first level, you might say, the first light meal.

The second level - you need to bring man to the strong emotions, to fear, tears, anger, rage, failure, psychosis and wild aggression. Then in a quiet voice say, "Well, what are you so nervous?". Consider that this second, quite a decent meal with a side dish.

There are vampires who live in the power of provocation and controversy, they like to drive a wedge between loved ones, because there is a lot of energy, there is something to make money. And there are good intrigue, scandal, hints. There are women who love to break the family, I advised these several times.

This happens unconsciously. As soon as she takes a man of the family, creating there a lot of heavy emotions, scandals, the pain, the man stops her to be interesting and she realizes that "this is not mine ', then some time living on this negative, and then re-starts in search of a victim.

Typical vampirism - a "sporting interest". A woman or a man seeking attention and strong emotions from the opposite sex, then parted. Naturally, after that their ex-partners are fed for a long time his pain, care, suffering, feelings and bitterness. Here it is more than enough emotion, "you eat, do not want to."

Provocative behavior or appearance when a vampire is behaving provocatively, or looks like, which causes a lot of emotion in others. This vampire-daffodil, which takes the energy expense of their appearance and behavior, for example, bright clothes, chains, excessive makeup, Slang, mat, laughter, look askance or fashionable pretentiousness. I met these women, and in reality it was quite adequate people with worthy professions, with their families, but they fed themselves expense of attention to other, even more bright and vulgar dressing.

Feeling sorry for yourself and provocation of the feelings of self-pity - it is also make-up, such people usually complain about life, dramatize, try to represent all shades of suffering and pain. If you start to pity them, then consider that loses its energy. People can sympathize and empathize, but regret is dangerous, because this way we feed their weakness rather than their strength.

Guilt. Well here we are all masters. To achieve from the man, that he felt guilty, which means to create an energy bridge, through which it will feed you with their energy.

rescuer syndrome, oddly enough, is also a way to nourished, though seemingly very noble. Such people are always eager to help someone, do go with a bunch of injuries, insults, but lectures and workshops primarily distribute girlfriends, all give the book, trying to tell everyone how to live. If one of their victims does decide to change and begin to grow, then it falls to the rescuer of the energy sold.

The role of rescuer - it is also a kind of energy vampirism, after saving a person, we are given a huge amount of energy, and many so hooked on it that their whole life becomes a planting of good in the worst sense.

Vampires are not always are aware in their behavior, and many manipulations crank unconsciously, they do not think, 'Now Masha will bring to tears, and I will feel good! ". Thoughts quite different: "It must be said Masha truth about how she recovered!". You see?

Why vampires?

Very often, we begin to take energy from others and choose a way of being, because we have a powerful energy holes themselves, which successfully merged our own vital energy.

There are many craters, where it goes, our energy, and all of them are destructive: life in stress, habit condemn, categorical, empty talk about anything, excessive haste, excitement, life in the past, life in the future, trying to adjust to all and be good - all it takes energy from the present, and we are forced to either run on the trainings, which will give us the energy doping, or suck the energy out of people.

How do you know that I'm a vampire?

The main understanding of his vampirism is a sense of emotional dependence on people or events.

When you start to feel the break-up without the presence of certain emotions in their lives.

For example, when you feel the emptiness, really want to call a friend and tell her about how you feel bad.
Or if you feel lack of energy, and you think: "I have not had a relationship, I need a man."
Or you lack vitality, and you start to provoke a scandal out of nowhere, throwing their families into strong emotions.
Or do you feel an irresistible urge to tell somebody, "the truth."
When you think fair and important to discuss someone give a negative assessment of its activities.
After the terrible scandals vampire feels great, it is not at all exhausting, in fact, on the contrary, he cheers up and begins to help everyone.

His vampirism can be traced in some examples, such as when you are about someone saying "some important truth," and your opponent says: "Let's not discuss it. I think it's not worthy! ".
Vampire offended, it will not by itself, it will be bad and hard, because he was not allowed to be filled with negativity.

If you tell something heavy and burning, and the source does not react with strong emotions. Vampire is furious, because, again, their manipulation is not successful. And this irritation comes up unconsciously, and the vampire himself can not understand what it so much angry.

Why should we give up the role of a vampire?

Way of the Vampire - this is the path dependence and withdrawal of inner freedom, it is constantly growing within the hole, which is necessary to meet the more and more victims, the people of scandals. This person, shackled emotional dependency, rarely prosper in addition vampires, and even if it happens to them, they live in constant fear because they do not have the internal resources to create abundance and prosperity.

Being a vampire - it means to give up self-development as a healthy whole person. But we're all here just for that!

Pay attention to your focus of attention in life.

Vampires always feed their donors, so they love to be outside in my mind, they like to think and analyze, discuss other people's lives, they are watching those who have what's going on. self-sufficient personality for more attention is in himself, in his desires, for their own purposes and intentions, and only a small fraction of the attention goes to the outside to implement their ideas and building relationships with people.

If you find yourself in any of these items and you have the courage to admit a destructive program, this in itself is an important understanding, which will help you get rid of these negative programs.

Then take a look at your life and find those holes through which you lose your own.
And give up on them consciously abstain from condemnation, empty talk, categorical, constant unrest and haste.

Forgive the past and let it go. And let go of people who are destroying you ...

Over time, your integrity will be restored, and you will see that you are no longer interested to be a vampire, your focus of attention will be a positive and abundant.

And together with the inner wholeness in your life knock your desires and more good people!


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