Diets only 4 minutes per day

It often happens that pulled hard case or the desire to relax after a donated session, just do not leave time for a full fitness activities. What to do after all look good, especially in summer, is very desirable.

Japanese scientist Izumi Tabata invented in 1996, how can we help, and has developed a high-intensity short 4-minute set that helps a couple of months to get hold of a perfect figure.

This principle is called "Tabata Protocol", and we propose to take it to the note. Even if now you spend hours riding a bike, running every morning and 3 times a week, go to the gym, the situation may change, and these 4 minutes will help you to always be in good shape.

Tabata training system consists of alternating short periods of intense exercise three or four minute breaks to rest. One of the benefits of the Protocol - it exercises help maintain and even strengthen the muscles. As we know, thoughtless fasting and strict diets often lead to a decrease in muscle tissue. Tabata system loads, our muscles so that the body is given a signal - muscle mass need. As a result, it is growing in relation to fat, our silhouette becomes slimmer and vividly.

The research of Dr. Tabata found that, if engaged in by his technique, five days a week for six weeks, you can increase aerobic endurance by 14% and 28%. What does it mean? We will not only beautiful, but also energetically. And a bonus, you will agree, plus will not be exact.

Benefits for Tabata training system

The main advantage - it saves time. You do not need hours of training in order to look good in short shorts. It is enough to do 3-4 sets, each set takes just 4 minutes. In addition, you do not even need to train every day.

To keep in shape enough to only 2-3 times a week. Decreasing body fat and strengthen muscles you will notice after 4 weeks of training on the "Tabata Protocol».

training principle

4 minutes work - rest 4. 4 minutes of work need to do 8 rounds of exercises. One round is as follows: 20 seconds to carry out exercise, 10 seconds rest. During leisure, you can walk on the spot, restoring breathing and pulse.

Beginners and unsportsmanlike ladies we recommend first of all to confine one repetition of the exercise unit, more advanced can be repeated 2-3 times the base unit. As a result, the duration of your workout is 20 minutes.

You will need: to train you will certainly need a timer, which can be found on the Internet or install a special application on your smartphone (in the request must specify the "timer" Tabata Protocol "), jump rope, and, preferably, low beam

. Plan

training Warm-up: 5 minutes of intensive step in place while performing Mahi hands in different directions

. The base unit exercises:

1) Squat with jumping out: stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart. Without lifting the heels off the floor, squat as deeply as possible. Now jump out as high as possible up. During the landing roll should stop with the toe to the heel. Landing must be silent. Immediately get down to the squat position. From the exercise it looks like a repetitive jumping out of the squat position. Do not stop, do the exercise for 20 seconds, then 10 seconds of stepping on the spot.

2) Push-ups lying with a broad statement of hands: take the plank position, hands shoulder-width apart. Bend your elbows, lower your chest to the floor, elbows should be in line with the shoulder joints. Return to plank position while lifting the chest and pelvis. Taz must not sag down when the push-ups.

Try to touch the floor every time the breast, while exercise does not seem to you easy. Advanced athletes can, keeping proper pushup technique, do a small pause at the bottom push-ups when the chest touches the floor. Pause is just 1 second will allow you to significantly increase the effectiveness of the exercises. 20 seconds of push-ups, 10 seconds rest.

3) Running highly lifting knees, place hands on the pelvis width and height of the navel. While running, each time raising the leg, knee to reach for his hand. Those who easily can lift his hands and knees above. 20 seconds, perform running, lifting his knees high, followed by 10 seconds of stepping on the spot.

4) Pull-ups on a low rung: Take your hands wide enough to pull at the top of the elbows were under the palms. The lower phase of the exercise the crossbar must be above the breast, the body should be stretched in a straight line from the heels to the crown. At the time of pulling the chest should rise first. Do not try to help yourself and your feet to push the pelvis up. Try every time to get the breastbone to the crossbar. Try to make a pause of 1 second in the top of the movement, when the sternum is high. 20 seconds tighten and then relax for 10 seconds.

5) Lunge to the change of the legs in the jump: stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart, with the breath right foot Pace ago, as far as possible. Get a deep lunge. On the exhale, jump swap legs. It is important during exercise to monitor the knee front legs. It must not protrude beyond the toe of the front foot and should be directed in the same direction as the stop. Try to fall below a lunge and run legs silently replaced. Soft landing - a guarantee of security of your knees and back. 20 seconds perform lunges, followed by 10 seconds Tread.

6) running in a pose-down: stand in a pose a bracket with an emphasis on hands. From this position, turn to tighten the chest is right, then the left knee. Try to do it quickly, like running on the spot. In this exercise, it is important to keep the hips as low as possible to the floor. The faster the change of feet, the more effective the exercise is performed. Run to the bar 20 seconds with 10 seconds of rest.

7) Jumping rope: if you do not rope, just jump on the spot at a rapid pace. If there is a rope, it's time to remember his childhood. Stand with your hands, grasp the ends of the rope, the rope in the middle position of the heels. Stretch your arms forward and pull the rope.

Circular hand motion dump the middle of the rope over his head. It falls just in front of your feet, you only need to jump over it. Repeat the rotation of the rope and jump as quickly as possible. Jump 20 seconds, then 10 seconds Tread.

8) The extension of the back lying: Lie on your stomach, twist your fingers on the back of his head. Sight is directed to the floor. Lift your head and chest as high as possible off the floor. Within 20 seconds, try to keep this position. It is not as easy as it seems. 10 seconds rest.

Repeat more complex exercises 2, 3 or 4 times. Depending on your level of training.

Hitch: Sit on the heels of the pelvis, knees slightly apart. Lean forward, put his chest to his feet, and his head on the floor. Stretch your arms towards the feet. Hold for 1 minute.

As you can see, nothing extraordinary in this complex no. The trick lies in a comprehensive set of load on the muscles in our body. In addition, the exercises are performed at a high pace, which helps to burn a lot of calories.

At Tabata systems exist, however, its contraindications: pregnancy, hypertension, heart failure, atherosclerosis. And do not just comply with the Protocol on the maximum program. Start slowly, gradually add the speed and number of repetitions. This will minimize possible injuries and protect against severe pain in the muscles the next day.


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