How to make a home a source of vitality and energy

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Our home is a space filled with a different energy, which is one of the sources of human existence. And if the energy-informational structure housing such energy-informational structure of a person who lives in it, there is a feeling of comfort, love, desire to live and create...

The energy-informational structure of housing — is it invisible lines of energy that permeate all the space of the house from the inorganic to the organic world and Vice versa. Remember, in what areas are we living in? Our houses and apartments are rectangular in shape, which contributes to the accumulation of negative energy in the corners.

In multi-storey buildings at the level of energy-fields redistributed, and design fields of neighbors to each other. From the point of view of information processes well-known English saying "my house — My fortress is not running.

If your neighbor is an alcoholic schizophrenic patients, the negative field is projected onto your house and can create a negative background information. Painting or placing crosses on the walls helps to transform negative energy into positive. The cross was given to people as a sign of responsibility, connecting the earthly and the heavenly, as well as a symbol of transformation.

There are people sensitive to a biofield of the people that surround them. They feel their body pain and malaise neighbors in the theater, in meetings, in traffic. Such people can offer the way of a harmonious stay in any company with a simultaneous improvement of the environment. Among correction techniques most often used method of Reiki.

Any housing is filled with a lot of inanimate objects (furniture, books, carpets, paintings...) that have their power and make their contribution to the energy Fund of the house, sometimes even very significant. For example, sofa, bed or couch can be saturated with information of a person who dies with certain emotions: pain, fear, despair ... loved ones from this arises the nervousness, helplessness, confusion, apathy, that also saturate the housing negative energy.

The energy field of one of the houses, premises, location where the person lives, works, is studying or resting, should not harm, but rather to strengthen the power of the person, to create comfortable living conditions, improve its performance and, in particular, the ability to learn.

Energy home depends on materials and shape. Environmentally acceptable is a tree. Choosing the right breed better coexist with human energy, align it and energizing. Next is red brick, but it is necessary to consider polarization in the geomagnetic field of the Earth. Buildings (old buildings) with a polarization of the brick absorbed the energy from the street and radiated into the room, creating energy-saturated zones, required for the normal functioning of people.

Today this experience is lost, because the brick is not branded and its polarization can be determined only by specialists radiestesia (in the inventory of professions of Ukraine is already the operator and master of dowsing, but there is the prospects for the future).

Very poor in terms of energy-block and large-panel buildings and white brick. Silicate brick emits a low frequency and creates a pathogenic zone, which negatively affect the human biofield. Hence, the disease is in a bad mood. Children in these homes, it is difficult to think and learn.

Of great importance is also the fact, what materials and what colors work conducted indoors. It should be remembered that large frequency (color) the imbalance between the radiation and aura of its owner suppresses, destroys another. (Read also the article on the effects of household items per person, and energy in the house)

Inside the apartments and houses the negative impact of the Hartman grid or geopathic zones reinforce the surrounding objects and things. These include furniture and floors with polyester-coated, linoleum and other synthetic products, crystal, appliances.

Health depends largely on your bio-field, impacted the field of objects around you, so they should be selected and placed so as not to destroy their own aura [J. Christmas].

In the civilized world, much attention is paid to the negative health effects of geopathic and electromagnetic radiation. Without the study of biolocation operator does not do any production, start to build a house or a room for animals, plant the tree, because it can bring small and unhealthy crop.

Considering the energy of the objects that were made, it should be noted that the specific vibrational energy created by the shapes and proportions of objects and much less dependent on the material from which they are made. Energy is also different symbols woven on the fabric, printed on paper or engraved on metal. A high level of energy can be stored for many centuries.

Great importance is the furniture in the apartment. Old furniture (pre-war production) made by the rule of "Golden section", which, together with high-quality materials provides the necessary range of frequencies emitted. For the life of the human body with health and hygiene standards in the room should be a certain number of positively and negatively charged ions, and pathogenic zones, very few of them.

Crystal and glassware, in addition to aesthetic disharmony, cause and energy. Interference radiation creates pathogenic zone, which includes the next room. To prevent this, it should be in each glass or vase to put two beans or two nuts, coins or buttons, then the glass fall out of the mutual resonance. Glass sideboard should additionally hang two fabrics — wool and linen. It creates a good screen and blocks the pathogenic radiation.

If energy in the house is positive, then slowly dries up bottled water a long time cut flowers, metal objects are colder, warmer... a little wooden In places with poor power radio make a short wave rather sours the milk cooled and hot water. In good places always straight and high is the flame of a candle. — the candle smokes, the light from her weak. In the house where all is well, the dog enters confidently, freely and immediately falls in one of the good angles (it is well to put the bed).

Energy spots in the room can also be checked using the scope: the positive, it will spin clockwise, and negative — against. You can check the housing also use bioenergy vladelca.

Useful for the home are animals, especially a cat, its even useful to take to bed because it relieves negative energy. A great contribution to the formation of energy-structure of the house is made of plants. (Maybe you will be interested in article about the power of pictures)

Useful plants are cactus, Japanese maple, geranium, moss, tradescantia. Tradescantia — a magnificent indicator. It is possible to determine the environment in your home. Cactus may collect the negative energy and recycle it into positive. Perfectly collects energy waste red geranium (during flowering).

Harmful (energy vampires) to monstera, cypress, arborvitae, homemade tomatoes, peppers... Particularly dangerous to health are monstera (the night of the huge leaves releases large amounts of carbon dioxide, a lot of negative energy) and ficus.

Remember that each plant is accustomed to its ecological niche in a particular region of the Earth. Cacti, Fig trees, oleanders, orchids, palm trees and many other species have taken root in our apartments. In the region they are harmonious components of the energy and environmental balance. In our apartments these colors do not have enough energy, so they join her at the expense of people. Low vitality, headache, sickness is the result of the presence of such a "friend" in the apartment. To pathogenic plants not included aloe. It is harmoniously adapted to the new region and has become an indispensable drug.

Beware of the flowers to bring home in the festive days. In particular, energy of wild flowers — violets, daisies — are healthier than others (roses, tulips), she is healing, and affects a person soothingly. (See also article about the impact of music per person)

In nature, there are many formulations that have very large positive charge: Sandstone, processed marble. Negative energy are some gems, granite, quartz. A huge source of positive energy is fire. It is believed that an odd number of lights, which is used in different cultures, complement each other and create a favorable positive environment. (About the power of stones and healing stones you can learn more in this article)

Energy housing (house) is possible to adjust [Semenov]. In the negative areas with strong activity put small pieces of aspen, birch, fir or oak — a tree will absorb a large part of the negative vibes, maple, cherry, Rowan and juniper can even convert negative energy into positive. Universal traps for negative energy is poplar, Linden, pine — they'll take the excess and add the required energy in the energy structures of your home. You should also be careful with the mulberry, the beech, which can sometimes extend to the housing is not very good energetic substances.

Weak negative effect of terrestrial radiation can be derived from housing with water: on the negative spots, place a container of water (the bigger the stain, the more water) at night and in the morning-take it out and pour a thin layer so it quickly evaporated. A strong negative can be removed with water, which lowered the silver coin or the egg (live, fertilized). Can a raw egg to ride in unclean spots (from the edges to the center) and buried in the ground.

In your house, you have to create for themselves and their children favorable conditions for active and healthy assimilation of life-giving energy, replace it with bad energy that destroys your health and mind.

In every home you can create healing energy area. To do this, find a positive area in the apartment (better in full sun). Place the plant here, generating positive energy and a piece of wood, which absorbs negative. Sit so that the light fell on the left. Right ahead and place the plant generator, and behind you is a tree-absorber. In a positive place can stand or hang any product is yellow-green tones (carpet, still life). After some time, the rod-absorber burn (on fire don't look).

All the things that are found in homes: furniture, appliances, clothing can accumulate in your field of aggressive information to their owners and have a negative impact on people who accidentally used these items.

It is known that a bad influence on people sharp corners of table or other household interior. There is a method of calming children, putting them at the corner of the room. After 1-2 min. the child let go of the place of punishment, and his pranks are. And explains it this way: when an excited child put into the corner of the room, the accumulated negative energy is extracted from him outside. The child's body when cleaned, drops into the corner of negative energy. Better to cleaning corner was directed outward and not into the adjoining room or corridor.

Important to protect the home and make it energy capacity to decrease, and any visits bad or burdened by the problems and diseases of people, will be to divert part of the energy field of the house. The house will be filled with dark energy, which provokes accidents, disease, disaster. What is the solution? Do not let those who bear the bad information, not to accept gifts people are sick or unhappy. Not to have such visitors, no business. When the bad man went to light a Church candle.

It is impossible for such people anything. Not to take anything, because a good thing will come back soaked in bad energy. And when among your friends or relatives, there are people who have all the things for whatever they were taken, are bad — try as little as possible to communicate with them, because any contact with such energetically unbalanced personalities strike on your power grid.

Not only gossip will bring to your home the destructive information. The same result gives a preview of television programs that carry negative information. The films also possess negative energy, and "soap Opera" is the perfect type of negative information that we are not only alien, but is absolutely contraindicated. "Soap Opera" clutter the mind with unnecessary information forced to not only spend time, but also evoke some feelings, tie the viewer to an imaginary world. He begins to "work" on the vacuum pumps in it's own energy... energy and destroys your own home.

Our mentality is not characterized by a high degree of aggressiveness, so in the genetic memory of the people have no inherent means of protecting the psyche from aggression, provoked by the TV series. Through this alien pseudo-culture makes on us and our children much greater influence than people of Western countries. It is established that if for a long time are deposited in memory only images of hatred and violence (on TV), then, at best, it will reflect on our dreams, at worst — can make us slaves to these images. And that is our less secure, more vulnerable — psyche, we become puppets.

After a commercial break, it is desirable to have a rest in order to restore the disturbed energy field. And even better is not to watch, because it pulls not only useful energy, but also exposes the protective dome of our house. When there is no agreement between the person and the house in which he lives, nothing good will happen. House, as any holistic energy-informational structure, immediately responds to the change of your energy.

If you came home angry, and curse the head, in the bright atmosphere of the room wedged unclean fatal spot. And if the anger is growing day by day, it's punishing the owner. Therefore, home (apartment, house) you need to maintain good energy, to worry about cleanliness, not only in business, but not think about the bad. If you are happy with yourself and husband, and children, and home, I feel only a deep and abiding joy, no disharmony can be. In a nice house and walls help to live.

It depends on us what we do, good or evil servant, full of indignation through the behavior of the host. Not in a clean safe home to drag from the outside world, anger and discontent. If the day is bad, try on the way home to dispel negative energy. How to do it?

Imagine that all your anger, dissatisfaction and resentment uncoiled in a tangle like a thread. Going home, hold this ball in front of him and fold him bad energy on trees or posts until the coil there will be no revolution. Then go back and say, "become the evil energy to good." Thus, our house is not only the place where we live (the place of residence of passport). This private microcosm, where there is always good where you can shelter from the weather, to get the desired respite, to gather strength, through the tough times.

It is clear that home should be a place where one will find all the necessities of life, struggle and victories.

After returning home, say "Hello, House! So I came back...".





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