Geopathic zones: the impact of nodes Hartman per person

Such phenomena as stress, irritability and chronic fatigue so tightly into our daily lives that this is no surprise. We're all in this for so long "stew" that even hard to remember where this all started. Some blame the environment, others see this as a fee for the civility, and others, are blaming all kinds of "dark forces".

Some researchers have an opinion on the criteria of understanding the world, is often sharply different from the usual. Because we know little about the works of these scientists. Here, for example, what we know about E. Hartman?

This scientist discovered the planetary network, which was named in his honor. The Hartmann net it is the culprit of all these problems of mankind. Surfing the Internet you can find mostly very contradictory and confusing information on this issue. Most think this is nonsense, because it is scientifically this has not been confirmed, but all denials of the mass.

Official information about the network Hartmanso opening it was committed by a group under the leadership of the aforementioned scientist in the 40-ies of the last century. According to the scientist, the danger is posed by sites or geopathic zones. But this is closer, isn't it? It is the knots of the Hartman cause people to have such a terrible disease as cancer. If our scientist looked a little deeper, maybe his work would bring real benefits. Now there is a hypothesis that cancer is a result of the decrease in atmospheric pressure. Get this hypothesis the distribution and cause of deforestation would be clear.

Evidence for the existence of the Hartman gridhere lies the real mystery. There are eyewitnesses who claim they saw with their own eyes the pattern. But this is not reliable at 100%... the Most compelling argument for the existence of the grid, in my opinion, is discovered during the excavations of the Greek cities of Foundation lines that mimic the lines of the grid. The nodes themselves are easily detected by psychics, "nemocnicni" and... cats. Will notice that science has not denied the existence of this phenomenon. That's only their explanation is boring and most importantly not provides insight into the reasons for the existence of this phenomenon.

The influence of the nodes Hartman (geopathogenic zones) on the peopleThere probably, and so all clear for now about this even on TV without getting tired say. But, most interestingly, these points have a certain cyclicity. Result the results of one of experiments:

From 3 to 7 hours a wanton aggression in people, placed in the nodes of Hartman;

From 7 to 11 – unexplained anxiety;

11 to 15 – craving for alcohol;

From 15 to 19 – a person has feelings of jealousy;

From 19 to 23 strange longing;

From 23 to 3 fear.

Then the cycle repeats itself. If you notice a certain analogy with their behavior or the behavior of their loved ones, it is necessary to get out of this geopathic zones.

How to determine the location of geopathic zones?Geopathic zones are areas which intersect and overlap with the different types of radiation from the Earth's surface. There are several types of radiation — this is radiation from several types of energy grids:

E. Hartman (2m x 2.5 m), F. Peiro (4m x 4m), M. curry (5m x 6m), Z. Whitman (16m x 16m) as well As from underground water streams, geological faults. The result is a complex mesh representing a number of separate vzaimoperesekajushchiesja vertical walls with a width of about 20 — 60 cm and poles — at the intersection (nodes). Walls, floors and roofs for them is not a barrier, radiation pass freely through them.

Some researchers believe that the basis of the damaging effect of geopathic zones lies the modulating effect of groundwater flow on gamma radiation emanating from the deep granitic rock. It is also expected that the basis of geopathic zones and their dangerous and unusual radiation anomalies are in the electromagnetic and gravitational fields of the Earth, forming a standing electromagnetic waves and gravitational waves

Today's most widespread idea of geopathogenic zones and their sources can be represented in the form of a drawing:





As you can see in the figure marked with lines of different grids, intersecting in various places. Overlay grids — these are the kinds of geopathogenic zones, which we will try to learn to find by dowsing.

However, shown in the figure, the representation is INCOMPLETE.


It does not take into account, in particular, that the Earth has a spherical shape. And the nodes of the overlay, which on the surface have dimensions of, say, 2 by 2 meters, at the height of the fifth floor will be at a different distance from each other. And on the tenth floor, this distance will increase even more — and so on. So if you are in the Internet or in books meet the quote type

The main grid in its importance to human health is a global grid network that focuses: from East to West and 2.5 m North to South and 2m forms of geopathogenic nodes at the intersections. The height of the nodes is boundless. This rectangular "chessboard" covers the entire surface of the globe and not only covers, but goes up. So, on the ninth or sixteenth floors, and above it is defined exactly the same as at the surface.

The first sign of the presence of geopathic zones — a bad dream. In this case, it is possible to define geopathogenic zone on a bunk.

These zones are thin feel children and animals. For example, children and dogs will avoid geopathogenic zones. The dog will never sleep in this area. A child will never play on this site.

Another thing — cats. Since they feed on negative energy, your favorite places — this is just geopathogenic zones. Therefore it is necessary only to observe their Pets.

To identify geopathic zones using dowsing tools (pendulum, frame). You can use the services bioenergy or ecologist.

Method of detecting geopathogenic zones:

With increasing height above the Earth's surface not only increases the distance between the intersections of the energy grid, but will increase the width of geopathic bands themselves, and if not the next paragraph, at a certain critical distance of the energy grid would become so broad that "free" space would disappear, and the entire surface at this height would be a solid geopathic area.

However, "the height of the nodes of the boundless" (an expression from the previous quotes) is an artistic generalization, which refers more to marketing than to reality. Any energy, if she somehow manifested in the physical world follow the laws of this physical world. And hence, the intensity of geopathogenic nodes, the maximum on the Earth's surface, with the distance from the source will fall back proporcionalno the square (or cube) of the distance — that is, very, very quickly.

Accordingly, there is a certain altitude at which geopathic nodes of the power grids play no role and did not occur.It is no wonder that people constantly want to climb higher, climb into the mountains, trying to build a high-rise building, skyscrapers — an intuitive sense that the top of the safer fuels new architects to create masterpieces height in kilometers. What is the practical benefit of this clarification? At least, if you come to "expert on geopathic zones" and on the 16th floor you will find the cells are exactly the sameas on the Earth's surface), then you will know that before you quack and do not give him money



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